How to avoid packing and moving injuries

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When you are in the process of moving, tips and tricks on how to avoid packing and moving injuries. And maybe you think that it is irrelevant. But the experience from so many people who have moved over the years says differently. These types of injuries are very common, and you need to take them seriously. That is why we will try and explain to you what are the most common packing and moving injuries, and ways to avoid them. Stay tuned.

Most common packing and moving injuries

There are injuries when you are moving that are common. People who are moving are usually having problems with these type of injuries:

  • Sprayed back
  • Broken Toes
  • Sprayed ankle
  • Broken hand
  • Knee pain

These are some of the injuries that some people get when moving. Doesn’t sound fun, right? Also, the last thing you need when you are packing and moving is an injury. Once you sustain an injury, you will no longer be able to pack. Or at least to move heavy boxes and similar. That is why you should know how to avoid packing and moving injuries. It is actually pretty easy, simply keep in mind that you cannot move a piano, for example, all by yourself and you are good to go.

Ways to avoid injuries when packing and moving

As there are injuries that you can sustain in the process of moving, there are ways to avoid them as well. When it comes to sprayed backs, the way in which you can avoid this painful injury is to simply do a squat. It is that simple. When you are about to pick up a box you should do it from a squat, do not bend your back. Banding you back would only result in huge back pain and spray, which means that you won’t be able to continue with the moving, not to mention the excruciating pain.

animation of back pain
Back pain can delay your relocation

So, if you are not that into doing squats, just think about the injury you can sustain from picking up the moving box by bending your back, and you will do a squat in no time. Also, it would be good if you prepare your body for this activity. Do a couple of squats just because of the exercise.

Broken bones

The broken bone is probably the worst injury you can sustain while moving. Packing and moving injuries are not a joke. It is really easy to break a toe, a finger, even your leg if you are not careful. This happens in no time by dropping the heavy box on your leg. A way in which you can prevent this from happening is not to carry the easiest boxes, you can still get hurt. The way to avoid this type of injury is to have some closed shoes. No flip-flops and sandals of any kind. Sneakers are the way to go. Also, when you put sneakers on your legs, make sure that the shoelaces are tight and good to go. You don’t want to trip and break something else or hurt yourself in any way by having your shoelaces untangled.

flip flops
Make sure you avoid flip flops

Sprayed ankle

The sprayed ankle is so common among packing and moving injuries. The main reason for its popularity is that people tend to leave the passage through which they have to go through uncleaned. Moving can be a really messy process and things such as boxes, packing material etc., will be all over your current house. However, this cannot happen for one huge reason. You will get injured.

hand on a scan
Broken bones are very often moving injury

Imagine this scenario: Lifting a box, suitcase or whatever and going carefree through the hallway, all of a sudden you are tripping over, well, numerous of things. You can trip over another box, over your pet or even over your kid. In this case, you are not only endangering your safety but the safety of your loved ones as well. So, the moral of the story is that you should move your children and pets somewhere safe, and other things that may trip you simply move aside.

Other injuries

There are a lot of other injuries you may sustain while moving. Even not so serious, it is not like you need them. You can cut yourself on some sharp object a nail and similar. If you cut yourself on a rusty nail, you will definitely have to go to emergency for a shot and bandage. You will lose precious time and you will be in pain to continue. So, prevent this from happening by having suitable clothes on you when moving. We already said that when it comes to shoes you need to have sneakers when it comes to clothing you need to be dressed for the occasion.

Wear something somewhat thick, some tracksuit that is not made from thin material, or jeans. If you have something thicker on you, chances are that you won’t get any undesirable cuts. When it comes to moving, it can be really simple, if you make it simple, by following these tips and trick and having good moving insurance.

How to avoid packing and moving injuries

Moving, in all of its glory can be really hard. Not only physically, but psychologically as well. That is why you have to give yourself time for everything. From planning to the way you will transfer the last box to the moving truck. Everything should be planned in advance. If you make everything fast, you are bound to make mistakes. And these are leading to packing and moving injuries. Avoid getting hurt when moving at all costs, and one sure way to do it is to simply hire professional movers Boca Raton who will professionally do all of this heavy lifting and more for you.

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