How to store away winter clothing

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Finally, the winter period is coming to an end. This means that it is time to unpack your spring and summer clothes. But also, to store away your winter clothes. You will have some cleaning, packing and folding on your hands. The whole process is time-consuming and tiresome, but you can do it very efficiently without losing much time and energy. We are bringing you the guide for the best way on how to store away winter clothing.

Decluttering of your home

First of all, you will need to shuffle through the seasonal belongings before storing them away. Home decluttering should be done each season, so you won’t end up hoarding unwanted items. Check item by item and decide on which one will stay and which one will go. This is the best moment to make separate piles and sort items into categories. You probably have many pairs of winter shoes and boots, along with scarfs, hats, and gloves. If we add to that the same items for each member of your household, that would make the pile bigger. You don’t want to spend many hours cleaning and folding items that you probably never going to use. Not to mention that they take a lot of precious space. Take several hours and do this the proper way before you store away winter clothing.

Before you store away winter clothing declutter your wardrobe
Declutter your wardrobe before storing winter clothes

Clean and preserve

Items you are storing away should stay in the same condition for the next winter period. You should use the same way of storing and packing like the one you used when you had your move. You probably packed your belongings yourself or hired a moving company that provided packing services. Whatever is the case, you should do it right and avoid damage over time. Firstly, wash all your clothes and be sure they are dry before packing. Clean all your shoes and use a protective wax or spray for leather pieces of clothing and footwear. Stuff your boots with crumpled paper so they keep the original shape.

In this case, humidity is your worst enemy and you should use humidity packs for every box and bin. Stuff some into the pockets of your sweaters, jackets, and boots as well. You can use moth repellent to protect your clothing and scented sachets to keep them fresh. Finally, choose a dry, dark and cold place to store away winter clothing.

Winter footwear
Clean your winter footwear before you pack them for storing

Where to store away winter clothing?

As we mentioned already, it is important where you store your seasonal items. It is good if you manage to store everything in one room. Sadly, due to the number of boxes and hangers, and size of your items, sometimes that is impossible. Also, the room, you are storing your items in, should have the right temperature and low humidity if possible. All mentioned leaves us with several options.

  • Big itemsIf you have a big closet for storing, then you are the lucky one. Usually, the biggest problem is bulky items, like winter jackets and ski pants. You should hang them on a rack or fold in a plastic bag or a box. If you are using hangers, you can put some lighter clothes on, and then your jackets over. This way you use one hanger for multiple items which will save a lot of space. Be mindful of the weight and avoid breaking your hanging pole.
  • Winter footwear – You should clean and protect all your seasonal boots and shoes before storing. Fill them with crumpled paper and carton and line them up on the bottom shelves of your closet. Or if you decide to use sizeable plastic bins, that is the option as well. Best place for storing is a garage or the attic.
  • Accessories of all sizesLastly, you must take care of your hats, gloves, and scarfs. Use a closet with a bunch of drawers or place them in boxes and plastic bins. It would be great if you have leftover moving boxes or any other boxes. If stacked together and on top of each other, boxes and bins can mimic a drawer closet very well. Most important is that you can move it anywhere you want.
Girl with gloves and winter hat
Winter accessories should be packed separately

Use your space wisely

Sometimes it can be a problem to store everything the way it should be. How much space you have will always be a key factor when you decide to store away winter clothing. You don’t want to make another attic out of your guest room. That is why you need to use your space efficiently. For instance, you can use your suitcases that are already sitting there in the closet waiting for your vacation. Fill them with seasonal clothing and put back in the closet. Just be sure that everything is clean and dust free. Another great way is to use vacuum bags. Put your bulky clothes in a plastic vacuum bag and suck the air out with the vacuum cleaner. They will shrink down to a regular clothing size and you can stack them anywhere you want.

Clothes in suitcase
Store your winter clothes in empty vacation suitcase

But if you have no space to spare or you have too many items overall, you must find a solution. A great option is to start renting a storage unit. We can recommend Miami storage as an ultimate solution to your lacking space problem. One of the best in the area, offering a plethora of choices, yet most affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to become a storage unit owner. You’ll be able to store all seasonal items, not only clothing. As well as old furniture and any other items you desire. It can be a great extension of your household with countless practical uses. Try it out.

Some items just have to go

Remember the time when you were sorting your items on their designated piles? Now when you stored away from your winter clothing, one pile is left for you. A pile with items that you do not need anymore. Those can be unpaired items like a glove that is missing its sibling. Or outdated, damaged and outgrown clothes. What to do with those you might ask. Ok, first and the easiest is just throw them away. Or maybe you prefer donating your clothes to charity or the nearest shelter. There is always the option to gift items to your friends or neighbors. And for last, you can sell them online or to a local second-hand shop or make your own garage sale. Whatever makes you the happiest. Everything is better than to drag them around the house for years.

Now you know the basic ways on how to store away winter clothing. These tips and tricks can be applied to any seasonal equipment. And storing in general. Use it wisely and enjoy the promising summer ahead while your winter clothes are safe and moth free.

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