Tips for hiring piano movers

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Hiring piano movers can be challenging. That’s why you need to have as much information as possible before hiring local movers in Miami. Relocation itself requires a lot of preparation. The same goes for piano moving. You need to hire a professional company and measure the piano. How about moving insurance? Do you know what the weight of your piano is? All this should influence your piano moving. Be aware of it and start months in advance. Then you will have the time to compare the prices and the conditions that companies offer. So, let’s get going.

When hiring piano movers you should have a strategy

Yes, you need to have a strategy for this demanding task. So, tips on how to protect valuable and fragile items are more than necessary. Start with having a clear goal of what you want to do. This means to write down your goal and break it down into ways of achieving it. One by one, you should complete all tasks in a timely manner. If you know that you want to do it next summer, start searching for the right company already. See what the prices are. Is there anything specific you need to know when hiring piano movers? Check the reviews of the company. Relocation of any kind is more expensive in the summer than in other seasons, so plan it well. Did you already measure your piano?

Do you need a moving insurance when hiring piano movers?
Write down the steps of hiring piano movers.

You need to avoid the mistakes we make when moving. That’s why you need a plan, to be structured and organized. Learn from other peoples’ mistakes. If you plan to do something in two weeks, stick to it and do it in two weeks. Put it as a priority on your list. It will keep you on the good track. Consult the moving company and have your questions ready. You can end up changing your plan completely. The company’s representative can advise you on a second opinion. They will know what the best option is based on your needs. Exchange your thoughts and finalize your idea when hiring piano movers. Moving straps, wooden dolly, and manpower, what else you should have, a broken vase? Nope.

Prepare your home when hiring piano movers

If you made a decision on choosing the right company, now you have to prepare your home. That includes you knowing how to handle heavy furniture. Why? Because you don’t want to risk damaging your house when moving a piano. You should remove all the obstacles on the way. When hiring piano movers, you need to agree on the moving route of the piano. So, if the piano is located on the second floor, you shouldn’t worry. Pay attention to the edgy corners and cover the vulnerable spots in the house. Be sure that the piano can pass the doors and corridors. Measure it all and prepare yourself before the piano movers come.  You can even ask them what to do before so that you can speed up the process. Do you know how to decompose the piano?

Place the piano parts in separate bags
Decompose the piano.

When talking about the piano, one should know there are different kinds of the piano. They also weigh very differently, not to mention the parts of the instrument itself. You are planning to move an instrument that has more around 12,000 parts and can weight more than 1,000 lb. So, to do that you first need to have the manpower. Discuss with the moving company how many people are necessary to execute the piano moving. It will depend on how much the piano weighs and what the brand is. So, measure the piano and take a picture of it as well. If you are not an expert, don’t try to decompose the piano. If you are, do as much as you can. At least, remove the notes from the piano, the rugs, the vase and everything surrounding it.

Most of piano’s weight is on one side of the piano

Exactly, most of the piano’s weight is on one side of the piano. That’s why you should not tilt it too much. If you haven’t removed the pedals, do it already. Remember that you have only one shot. So, have a lot of patience and don’t rush. Haste makes waste. If you make one mistake, there’s no going back. Be sure that the straps are tight enough and that the floor is not slippery. Pay attention to how you are going to place the piano in the truck. Cover it with blankets and secure the moving straps. The traffic in Miami can be challenging as well. Your moving company should already draw your attention to it. The day of the week is also important when moving a piano.

Do not stress about moving a piano
Have your questions ready.

Here you have the tip of the iceberg when hiring piano movers. Compare the prices of the moving companies, check the terms and conditions. As well, the reviews of the company will influence the choice you are going to make. Then there goes the technical part, the moving straps, the wooden dolly to move the piano etc. For all that you want to be sure to hire professionals such as Miami movers for less. Someone that has experience with piano moving and willingness to help. Someone who’s insured as well. So, get that sip of coffee and start planning with more details.

Yup, do you know what type of moving boxes you need for the piano parts? Don’t be surprised if the piano doesn’t sound like it used to be. That’s normal, give it some time for the cords to be back where they used to be.

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