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Miami Movers for Less Reviews

At Miami Movers for Less, we are known for our professionalism and outstanding customer service. But don't just take our word for it—we invite you read the many Yelp reviews and other ratings provided by our numerous customers since our founding in 2007. We are so thankful to our customers for reviewing our Miami moving and packing company, as well as our storage facility and other services. In these reviews, you'll find many first-hand stories from customers who have depended on us for local or long-distance moving. These reviews provide a great prospective of our company that you just can't get from an ordinary brochure or website. Browse through their stories below to see why we're known as some of the best movers in Miami!

And yet another case of moving job done right. Second time I use this movers. This same company moved me last year from Fort Lauderdale to New York. I got relocated for employment reasons. Last year I got a new job in NYC but it did not work out well for me. I cannot handle living in Manhattan. I decided to try it but its not for me. I cannot stand its hassle. I am happy to get back to Sunny Florida! Miami Movers For Less just finished my move yesterday - just in time for Holidays! They moved me to my new condo in Hollywood and did a great job. I am happy to be back to FL. They also kept few of my things in their storage in Miami Gardens. In addition they did a furniture delivery for me from one of the stores in Sunny Isles  and they also brought me a 100 gallon fish talk from Aventura. I am very thankful. Goal was to finish until Xmas and they did it all, in time and with the same quality! Merry Xmas
Another moving job went perfectly fine. I had this movers do a furniture delivery for me last year from Miami to my condo in Hollywood. This time i decided to get my small office move done by this guys. I was renting  Surprisingly as it may seem with moving companies changing their workers like every month, i was expecting same thing this time - completely new people to talk to. However, same sales person answered the phone - Rey! Another nice surprise that their system found my previous move and Rey offered me a Loyalty Discount! This was a nice present just in time for the holidays.  I was renting a small office space in Hallandale Beach (by the post office) and was moving just few miles away to Sunny Isles. Two guys showed up last Saturday morning and it took them around 5 hours to load everything in the truck. Together with unloading which took around 3 hours due to the fact, that my new office is on a ground floor I was charged $595 and was given travel time for free together with a set of boxes! i think this is a very good deal and I am happy that I saved contact info for this movers. The only small complaint I have was the fact that they did not connect my office appliances correctly and my printer was not working after the move together with my DSL modem. It turned out that they simply put it in a wrong plug. Not a big deal as I was able to figure this out myself
I had an initial problem and it was resolved..they do care what customers think and are happy
Multiple items were broken during my move.  The movers likely knew my bike was broke because the wheel no longer spins and didn't even mention it.  

Also, the movers stopped for lunch while on the clock on the drive to the new house - so something to watch out for.  The move also just took longer than it normally would.  

Also they are going to charge you for 10 rolls of tape @$4 per (even though all the boxes were already taped) and for putting your smaller boxes into their larger wardrobe boxes @$10 per box.  

I'm not sure how this is rated 4.5 stars.  Maybe each crew is different.
I had a short move 2 weeks ago from downtown FTL over to Plantation for a large 1BR apartment and these guys were great! From the very beginning, Rey gave me a great deal and showed amazing customer service throughout the entire process. The 2 movers came in the 1hr window as scheduled, took no breaks, and really kept it all moving. I offered them some water and it was almost like they couldn't even waste time drinking it! They wrapped and packed everything very thoroughly and I had no concerns about the safety of my delicate furniture. From start to finish, Miami Movers made this a very easy process for me and my wife and we would definitely use them again in the future.

They were awesome! Very quick and efficient! We would use them again!
This is the best moving company in the city of Miami. I moved from an apartment to a two story town-home.
Murat and his team showed up and started moving everything so fast and efficiently that I was shocked of how good they were.
"I even told my husband: I feel like if I dont get out of their way, I will be shrink wrapped and moved as well" LOL.
They were very professional and courteous. Brought all documentation with them and moved all my furniture carefully and promptly.
They do not sit around, as a matter of fact, they did not take a single break until my move was completely done!
I definitely recommend them. Outstanding service!
They were super fast and made sure everything was wrapped nice. And they were really nice people! Thank you guys so much for making my move easy!!
I think the overall service is 2 to 2.5 stars! The movers are hard working and they deserve 4 to 4.5 stars, sometimes they work slower, but they are human and they become tired too! This is the second time I used movers for less and the first time they were 4 stars, but this time they arrived 20 minutes late and we live in a condo, so we had a limited time to use the elevator and because of that when they started their actual work, we lost 45 minutes of the 3 hours elevator period! So they couldn't finish the job although I paid more than 800 bucks for this service! When I brought the issue of late arrival to the managers attention, he was rude and he didn't accept the fact that his staff arrived late! He also told me he'll charge me for the time that I was  on phone and discussing this issue with him and his workers were sitting there. When I told him I'm going to share my experience online he threatened to sue me if I write a bad review for him! Later he emailed me and said he will not charge me for our phone conversation , but when I emailed him back, he didn't respond! They are very good when they are selling their product to you, but when an issue arises, you shouldn't expect anything friendly from them!
I used these guys twice in one week and wouldn't hesitate doing it again! I got a recommendation from a friend, and this team didn't disappoint. Due to a gap in between closing on my home and my lease ending, I had to put my stuff into storage. Not only did the two guys that showed up pack quickly and efficiently, they also offer storage at a fairly reasonable price. They took care of everything in a few hours and I didn't have to worry about anything else. When I was able to get into my place, the team arrived promptly, and also navigated some crappy weather and got everything in quickly. They quickly assembled everything that needed to be put together. Highly recommend!
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Why moving company reviews matter to us

We're proud of our many 5-star reviews. But this feedback is more than just flattering—it's very helpful! We use these reviews to constantly improve our service. Constructive criticism helps us to analyze our processes and make improvements to our training and core business values. Even when a customer gives us a glowing 5-star review, it helps us to identify what we're doing right, so that we can replicate that great experience for every other customer.

As you can see, most of our customers are happy with out moving service provided to them. Almost all customers rate us as a 5 star moving company. This means what we are indeed doing moving in a right way. The only way we can prove it to you, as a future customer, is if you give us a chance to provide you with a high quality moving, packing or storage services. Than you can judge us yourself. We have been doing moving since 2007. We increased our truck fleet, number of locations and and employees exponentially during those years. You can also check our record on Better Business Bureau site and Google+  With everyday that we spent working hard to make our moving customers happy, we learn. We learn by doing a move or packing and most of all we learn by listening. Yes, simply listening to our customers, hear them, listen to what they have to say and we thank them for a feedback provided, regardless if its negative or positive.

Based on customer complaints or compliments, we build a plan that will let us reach our goals of becoming one of the biggest and most recognized and affordable moving companies in South Florida and in United States! We are able to offer our valuable customers with full range of moving, packing and storage services. We can also bundle Full Moving Insurance service with any move. Please give us a call, start a chat session or email us to allow us to offer you most competitive quote on a market. Weather you need to move a small studio from one building to another across the street, if you have a 500 people office that needs to be relocated to Brickell or if you got that dream job in California and want to more your whole house there – we are here to help you do it all.

For ex, if you need your items stored for a few month, we would like to let you know, that every move comes with a free month of storage. We can keep your items in a storage until you find that perfect house or apartment and once you are ready to move, please let us know. We guarantee delivery almost anywhere in continental USA. Please give us a call and let us know of your moving plans. Friendly reminder – earlier you book, better chance to get your items to their destination in time. Especially, if we are talking about moving season, we suggest booking at least one month prior. if you live in a high rise, you will need to make an elevator reservation from your building management. Also, you will most likely need to get an insurance certificate. We can provide you with an insurance certificate to be given to the building manager. Thank you for considering our moving company. Let us prove that we are indeed a real professional movers in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

Miami movers reviews