Step-by-step guide to moving from Aventura to Weston

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It’s about a 35-mile drive from Weston to Miami. This picture-perfect community boasts top-notch educational institutions, a dynamic nightlife, beautiful parks, and exciting attractions. Even though most buyers only look in Miami, Weston has become popular among local families. Therefore Weston attracts families and young professionals because of its many housing options and low prices compared to other Miami neighborhoods like Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. Moving company Aventura can confirm this since they have many families that want to move to Weston and hire them for help. Savanna, a popular community, has homes starting at $320,000, while a mansion in the nearby Windmill Ranches will set you back $5 million. In this guide, we will show you what both cities offer and then you can decide whether moving from Aventura to Weston is the right choice.

Reasons why Weston was voted as the 8th best place to live in 2016

  • Residents in Weston have access to a large amount of green space, which is unusual for American cities. About 25 miles to the east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west are the Everglades, a resource so iconic that it is depicted on the municipal crest of Weston. Weston also features a 100-acre regional park in addition to a dozen sports fields and over 50 miles of bike routes.
  • This master-planned neighborhood is convenient to both Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and it is home to numerous employers, like the Cleveland Clinic Florida and Ultimate Software, therefore it provides a wide range of job opportunities.
  • Weston ranks top in terms of economic opportunity, which is influenced by consumer purchasing power. This means that homeowners can afford to spend a less percentage of their annual income (the national median is $99,690) on housing than people in most other sections of the country.
  • The public schools in this family-friendly area have all received an “A” grade from the Florida Department of Education. Pam Fishman, a stay-at-home mom and New York City transplant, adds, “Weston provides a very great quality of life.”
a school that your children will be atending when moving from Aventura to Weston
Schools will be a lot better and your children will love them

A-rated public schools

One of the main draws of Weston, Florida as a place to settle down and raise a family is the quality of its schools. Some of the best public and private schools in Miami can be found in this area, and they provide a diverse and exciting curriculum that features exciting and engaging offerings like soccer, baseball, swimming, and dancing. The importance of parental involvement in their children’s schooling cannot be overstated. Public schools in Weston are rated the best in Great Schools, while almost all of the private schools in the area also receive A’s. Since there are so many good schools. Many families employ Weston movers and move there when their kids start going to school.

Weston real estate

The massive landscaping in Weston is undeniably one of the city’s best features, with rows of large Royal Palms and city entry signs surrounded by lush vegetation. This landscaping also encompasses the city’s berms, medians, and rights-of-way. The city’s cleanliness serves as an example for residents to maintain their own homes. Thanks to careful planning, this area has become one of South Florida’s most desirable places to live and work. Most of the homes in Weston are quite new, much like the city itself, so you won’t have to deal with the problems that often arise in older homes. Local movers Florida can help you find a neighborhood you like but real estate should be left to professionals.

We think Botaniko is one of Weston’s most exciting developments at the moment. There is a gated neighborhood called Botaniko located close to Weston. There are 125 modern, high-end, single-family homes in this exclusive community. The goal in creating Botaniko Weston was for it to be a place that multiple generations of a family could enjoy together. Because of its proximity to large swaths of greenery, it offers residents and visitors a high quality of life and stunning scenery that is unmatched in the area.

a key in the lock
Be sure to consult a real estate agent before moving from Aventura to Weston

Things you will give up by moving from Aventura to Weston

Located in northeast Miami-Dade County between Biscayne Boulevard and the Intracoastal Waterway. Aventura is around 13 miles north of Downtown Miami and 15 miles south of Fort Lauderdale. With a current population of over 36,000. This area has quickly become one of Miami’s most desired places to call home.

There is much more to see and do in this charming city. Aventura’s convenient location, tranquil atmosphere, proximity to stunning beaches, many parks, and diverse selection of housing options bring people from all over the world. Miami Beach movers will tell you how reluctant people are when they have to move from Aventura.

Moving away from the cost

There’s a good probability that if you’re moving from Aventura to Weston, you will see the ocean a lot less. What Aventura offers is an ocean view every day. It’s no surprise, Aventura is located near the water. Furthermore, it is a suburban city. This would indicate that there are not very many visitors. As a result of the high volume of visitors, the beach often becomes disorganized and unsanitary. You won’t find this kind of thing in Aventura. All of Aventura’s beaches are spotless. You may unwind on soft, white sand beaches. You can unwind after a long day at one of the many beachside bars or eateries.

You’ll be able to participate in any number of water sports. Whenever you like thanks to your proximity to the beach. Numerous water sports, including surfing, diving, and swimming, are offered. Therefore parents will benefit greatly from this. As the vast majority of children like going to the beach and participating in these pursuits. And if you’re planning to retire, you’ll be spending a lot of time on these beaches. If you still decide to move away, then long distance movers Florida can be of great help during the move.

a beach with white sand
Some people can’t move away from the coast

Real estate is a bit different

Aventura’s real estate options span the spectrum from affordable single-family homes to lavish high-rise complexes. Gated enclaves like Chateau Gardens and Portsview. The Waterways is home to some of the area’s most coveted real estate. Including upscale single-family homes and mansions with canal access. Housing options, such as single-family homes and low-rise condos, are more affordable away from the ocean. Just be sure to check on Better Business Bureau before hiring any company. For real estate or a moving company. It doesn’t matter for what reason. Be sure to stay safe.

In conclusion

Though Weston and Aventura are very close. They are just 18.99 miles apart. In the southeast direction and 29 miles (46.67 kilometers) by car, following the I-595 E route. You will not feel that different when you move. Though there are substantial differences that might have initiated the need for a move. Schools are one of them. If you want your child to have a better education in an excellent public school then moving from Aventura to Weston with the help of Miami Movers For Less is the way to go.

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