The secret to staying in touch after a long distance move

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When you prepare to move a long distance, you have to think about a lot of things. However, the logistics of the move may seem easy when you think about leaving your friends and family. The people you love may not be so close anymore. This is usually the worst part of such a move. On the other hand, with the technology available to us today, it doesn’t have to be such a tragedy. In this guide, we will show you ways in which you can stay in touch after a long distance move. Some of them might be obvious, while others are less conventional. Either way, read on to find out how you can keep those friendships and family ties alive even after you move.

Social media is a great way of staying in touch after a long distance move

With smartphones all around us, we are able to keep in touch with people 24/7. This goes for people living in the same city as well. So after a long distance move, it should be easy to find out what your loved ones are up to through Facebook. On the other hand, you can ask them to post videos on YouTube, and you can do the same. This is a great way to see their face and hear their voice if you can’t see them in person. Moreover, Instagram is an excellent idea if you want to see where they are traveling to or simply what they are having for breakfast. Remember that the Internet can be used in many ways, so do some research of your own to find other interesting websites.

Most tablets have webcams so you can stay in touch after a long distance move.
Your friends will be happy to see that you are doing well.

While moving away is hard, you need to think about how you will move. Hiring professional long distance movers Miami is always a good idea, especially if you are in a rush. Also, professionals know how to handle your items and will save you the risk of injury, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

Have regular phone calls

It is understandable that everyone is busy with their own lives. The house, the kids, the career – it can add up. However, if you want to stay in touch with your friends, you should make an effort. Long phone calls each night are probably out of your reach, but you can set up a regular time once a week to chat. Before you move, talk to your friends and see what everyone’s schedule looks like. Surely you can find an hour of free time a week that you can use to fill each other in on your lives. Additionally, if you have many friends, you can set up conference calls. Use a platform such as Skype, so that you can use the webcam as well.

You can call them from your mobile phone.
It doesn’t have to be a long call – any time you can set aside is good.

When you are moving, always look into the company you are hiring. There are some fraudulent companies that will scam you out of your money. Make sure that you hire reliable moving companies Davie FL in order to have a safe and secure move.

Stay in touch after a long distance move through photos

If you simply can’t make time for messages or phone calls, sending each other photos is a great solution. There are some very Instagrammable places in Florida which you can take pictures of. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be anything too big. Sharing a simple photo of your outfit or ride to work can mean a lot. Likewise, ask your friends to send you photos as well. If they have any kids, you can see how much they grow through these weekly or monthly updates.

When you are trying to stay in touch after a long distance move, remember that your loved ones want to see you happy in your new home and city. Moreover, if you have any inside jokes, this is a great time to make use of them. You can add filters to your photos to make each other laugh. Just letting them know that you are thinking of them will be enough to stay in contact.

You can send them a letter or a care package

Social media and phone calls are excellent for staying in touch after a long distance move, but they are not very personal. Remember the time when people used to send each other real mail, instead of electronic? Writing a letter is a unique way to keep your loved ones updated on your life. Seeing your handwriting is sure to put a smile on their faces. Also, you can send them a postcard from your city with pictures of some of the most interesting places.

Make sure your handwriting is legible.
You can use your own stationary to make it even more personal.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can send your friends and family care packages. Fill them up with goodies from your state or city, to give them a taste of your new home. Moreover, while you mentally prepare for a long distance move, you should take note of the things your loved ones enjoy. You can pack these boxes with things you know they like, such as books from their favorite author or CDs of their favorite singer. Additionally, make sure to put some photos in there as well. Take pictures of your city and your family members, as well as of the new friends you make there.

Plan a trip in order to stay in touch after a long distance move

Even though you have moved far away, you should make time to take a trip back home. While there are many ways of staying in touch after a long distance move, nothing is better than actually seeing the people you love. Let your friends and family know that you are coming so that they can set aside days to see you. On the other hand, you can invite them over to your new home. If you don’t have the room, you can put them up in a hotel and spend those days sightseeing or simply talking. Finally, you can organize a trip to a totally different place. For example, you can find something that is halfway between you and set a meeting there. A fun, relaxing weekend with the people you have missed can be very good for your body and your soul.


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