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Tips for packing your kitchen cabinets with ease

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One of the greatest life-changing events is right behind the corner. A home moving. There are countless stages to go through, and not much time to cover it all. If not done right, it can result in stress and never-ending headaches. Although, it is not that hard if you organize adequately. Assembling a moving checklist is the key to success. Usually on the top of the list is the tedious packing process, and we will assist you with that. Today, we are packing your kitchen cabinets with ease. Let us begin!

Proper packing materials for packing your kitchen cabinets with ease!

Out of all the areas of your home, the kitchen is probably the most complicated one to pack. Therefore, you need to plan upfront and gather all the packing materials you’ll need. Visit your nearest store and obtain the essential materials. You need a bunch of moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. Also, a packing tape, packing paper, labels, blister pack, and box cutter. There are many more, but the choice is purely yours. You can stretch your budget and buy higher quality ones. But keep in mind that those are more expensive. If you want to avoid unwanted moving expenses, stick to the essentials and basics. Those are sufficient to complete the task ahead.

Packing supplies
The cardboard box is the absolute king of each moving endeavor!

Keep in mind that the kitchen contains appliances and a lot of ceramics, glass, and other fragile and easily breakable items. Think twice if you want to do this part yourself, or to hire a professional helping hand. We can recommend packing services Miami as a great way to cover this stage of the move. You can supervise while someone else is doing the hard and delicate work. Cheaply and affordably.

All the materials you’ll need

  • Box Cutter or Scissors – It is imperative to have one or the other near you all the time for all the tape and cardboard on your hands.
  • Packing tape – A great helper when you want to seal your moving box. Apply several layers for better protection.
  • Cushion – Crumpled packing paper or a newspaper is a great tool to fil in the gaps between items. However, you can always use the old cloth, towels, blankets, and rags that are already in your home. They will serve as a cushion and a base for your boxes.
  • Blister pack – This is a great tool to wrap your fragile items individually and make them safer. Although, keep in mind this one is a bit more expensive.
  • Label everything – After you pack a moving box, do not forget to label it. Use the dark marker to write the content on the label. It will raise awareness of the content inside. A simple word “FRAGILE” will do the trick.

Where to begin?

Packing your kitchen cabinets with ease will come twice easier if you inspect the content before you begin. This way you’ll know how much materials you need, and which items are not useful anymore. Some of your old plates serve their time and you can maybe throw them away. Therefore, check your pans, pots, cups, and china. Some you can even gift to others or donate to a local shelter. This approach will reduce the moving costs and make it all easier to pack. Fewer items you must pack, fewer headaches.

After you are done with downsizing and decluttering, start with the fragile items first, and get them out of the way. You shouldn’t be marching around the kitchen while surrounded by fragile items scattered around the place. Then, cover all the medium-sized plastic and metal objects, along with sharp objects such as knives. And finally, pack all the perishables in separate boxes since you’ll need them as soon as you are in your new home.

Don’t forget the kitchen appliances.

No matter how many appliances you possess, there is a certain way to handle all of them. Firstly, keep in mind that water and electricity do not match. Therefore, unplug your appliances before you start disassembling and packing. Remove the cords and batteries and secure them in a safe place. You do not want to lose those. Then, empty the liquids from the unit, clean and dry it. And finally, remove the extra pieces such as small plastic objects, blades, plastic covers, etc. Clean it all and make it ready for the journey. Also, it would be really good if you have the original boxes the appliance came with.

Kitchen appliances
Be careful while packing your kitchen appliances.

One more thing, we should mention that any household and kitchen appliances should be handled with care. Such items can be easily damaged and you can endanger yourself as well. Hence, read the instruction manuals and handle with special care.

Let us together start packing your kitchen cabinets with ease

Now when we know more, let us pack step by step. Start with the cushion base on the bottom of each box. It is important how we do this since it will protect your items from bumps and bruises. Use your cushions for this part of the packing process. Next is to wrap the individual pieces that are especially fragile and place them inside the box. Fill in the gaps with crumpled paper and you are good to go. Also, keep in mind that glass and metal do not go well together, so keep them separate. Boxes should contain similar items, to lower the chance of breaking due to collision.

Packing your kitchen cabinets with ease
There are many small objects in your kitchen. Better start packing on time!

Now, your bowls, pots, and other hollow objects can be filled in to achieve the box inside a box effect. Place random kitchen items inside to use the extra space. Some pots can stack nicely, and others might be robust and oddly shaped, so fill them in with something that is not so easily breakable. Also, avoid overstuffing your boxes. A huge mistake would be to pack everything nicely and carefully and then to have your box break-in due to being too heavy. Keep your boxes under 40-45lbs. Finally, all utensils, knives, and sharp objects should be wrapped up in a towel or a blanket and carried over. You can even put them all in a bag or any kind of box. Just make sure that they are out of the way. Safety always comes first.

Do you need some help?

You can enjoy packing your kitchen cabinets with ease, but what if we tell you that you can skip it altogether? As we already mentioned, the packing service movers provide is a great way to make it all safer and easier. It will come much cheaper if you avoid breaking your grandma’s china instead of taking a risk. Next to the packing service, moving companies offer a variety of moving services for you to utilize. You can purchase a moving package that will cover all your needs and make this transition easy as it can be. Check out the residential movers Miami as one of the best local choices. Hire a moving team that will transport your belongings with the utmost care and devotion. All cheap, safe, and efficient.

After reading this guide, you’ll excel in packing your kitchen cabinets with ease. As long as you organize adequately and spare some time for fragile packing, you’ll be fine. Just do not forget to label your boxes to make it all easier for everyone. And do not overstuff and expose your items to unnecessary risk. One or two more boxes won’t make any difference. Good luck and safe packing!

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