Top places for freelancers in Florida

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Doing a freelancer job is the absolute best job you can do. I remember my years working as a freelancer and they were magnificent. The new age we live in allows for this to be very possible. As long as you have a laptop and access to the internet, you can be wherever you’d like to be. I traveled a lot during my freelance years. I’ve seen nearly all the States and traveled to Europe and Asia. All the while doing this I was ‘full time’ employed as a freelancer. The best thing was that I did not have any working hours, just weekly deadlines. This allowed me to move around and be ‘unavailable’ for days at a time. But, one of the best memories was being a freelancer in Florida. I’ll share my experience with the top places for freelancers in Florida!

The climate in Florida maybe isn’t for everyone, but for me it was amazing. Depending on which places you are in, you get the best of both worlds. I’ve had really good experiences with moving companies Hallandale beach when I was moving about. A well-paid job, that you like and can do whenever you want and the people, parties and everything else that comes with Florida! Plus, most of these places for freelancers in Florida have access to the ocean, and it does not get much better than that.  So, let’s get into the best experience I had as a freelancer in Florida!

laptop on a desk
As a freelancer, you can work anytime, anywhere. 

Top places for freelancers in Florida – a travelers guide

This is more aligned with people who wish to move about Florida and not settle down. This is, of course, best suited for freelancers since their office and source of income is anywhere where there’s the internet. The best experience for me was, of course, in the most urban and rural areas. Big cities offer plenty of hotspots to work from as well as more than a few things to do. We will cover my top three favorite cities that I deem the best places for freelancers in Florida.

Again, moving companies in Florida made this experience infinitely more manageable. Of course, your perception might be slightly different as you maybe love more quiet places. For me, this was not the case. I loved the noise, and I loved the clatter. This is what sparks my creativity and this is where I am the happiest. Or at least I was when I was much younger than I am now.

I’ll go through the cities I loved and share the experience I had in them. Hopefully, this will spark some interest in future young freelancer souls! I hope many have the solid experience I had!


Of course, at the top of the list, we have Miami. This place is simply a dream. Everything about it is simply spectacular. I loved it so much that I was very close to placing my roots there. Of course, great influence on my bias opinion had a girl I met, who spun my mind entirely. But this is the thing about Miami – the energy is so great that it makes it almost simple to fall in love. People are in love, everyone around me.

This energy is very difficult to explain, it is just something that you need to feel to understand. The sounds are amazing, the mixture of culture made sure of this. Miami is definitely one of the most charming cities in Florida. The taste of food and the smells you can feel walking down each street are remarkable and unique. If you are a freelancer I can freely say that Miami is one of the top places for freelancers in Florida.

Miami beach
Make the most of your profession. Work from the Miami beach!

You will be able to work on the beach during the day, finishing everything on time. Later on, you will be able to absorb this city with arms wide open. Simply gorgeous.


This is a more urban city than Miami. It has that feel of a real city, but with so many interesting things to explore. Tampa is in my top three places, and I enjoyed the strong cultural venues there. Now, if cultural events and locations are not really your cup of tea, Tampa can get a tad dull. Moreso, this is because more and more people are retiring in Tampa. But, if this is something that can spark your imagination and creativyt you will simply love Tampa, maybe as much as I did.

Even though a lot of retirees are moving to Tampa, you can still find a lot of young people lurking about. Coffee shops and bistros that are at every corner will always have young people you can meet and get together with. People are open and friendly. I never had a single bad experience. However, I am a very social person and I met everyone randomly approaching them. But, if this is your thing and you can do this – you will be greatly accepted.

Tampa skyline
Tampa, where new meets the old, a perfect mixture of tradition and innovation.


Last on our list of the best places for freelancers in Florida we have Orlando. And this should not come as a surprise. Home to Walt Disney World and the Florida Universal Studio, Orlando has plenty to offer. There are countless events in this big city. The nightlife is great and you have many establishments you can get in during the day in order to do your work (if you don’t want to stick to your place of residence). It is also one of the best places for startups in Florida. Of all the places, the nightlife was simply amazing in Orlando, and the place is packed with young people. Plus, need I mention how many times I went to Disney World? I couldn’t get enough of the place!

Top places for freelancers in Florida – summation

Basically, Florida is packed with places for freelancers. If you are looking for peace and quiet, with amazing nature and outdoor activities you’ll love Lakeland. If you want parties, beaches and spring break for 365 days a year – Miami will be your show! There’s something for everyone!

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