What to do in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019

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Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved American holidays and it reaches way back, to the roots of our nation, from the times of pilgrims. This day marks the end of a successful harvest.  It happens every fourth Thursday of November.  In 2019, it’s going to be on November 28th. This day means being home, with your family and spending some quality time together. Also, the days before the Thanksgiving day, and the ones that come after it, are mostly used for shopping and having fun. That is why there are o many events in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019. Black Friday is one of the events that follow Thanksgiving day, so you know the holiday season unofficially starts at that time. Miami has a long history of celebrating Thanksgiving so it’s a great place to be at in this period of the year.

Shopping is a must in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019.

Moving to Miami is great, but if you think about all the shopping opportunities in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019, you will realize that moving here is a must. Hire the best moving companies Hallandale Beach has to offer, to have a stress free move. They are affordable too so you will have extra money for shopping. Black Friday is the perfect time to go shopping for anything you need to equip your new home.

Miami for Thanksgiving 2019.- shopping bags
Thanksgiving is a perfect time to do some shopping

Music events

2019. Thanksgiving is the day when Ariana Grande kicks off her world tour called “Sweetener”. You might be interested to go check out this musical event. If you are a fan, you will certainly have a great time seeing the spectacle of this scale in Miami. It actually starts on November 27th, but it will mark Thanksgiving Day as well. Escape to the Margaritaville is another great musical event that will make this Thanksgiving day unforgettable for you. Make sure you check it out. In 2019., it will be available for you from November 19th to December 1st.

Sports events

Miami for Thanksgiving 2019. is a great time for sports fans. If you are more into spending Thanksgiving day with your family at home, you should watch the games that are going to be available for watching at this time. Sports events are important part of Florida culture, so if you enjoy them, and would like to move to Florida, local movers Florida are there for you. Also, on November 30th, there is a game at BB&T Center, Sunrise, where the Florida Panthers will be playing against the Nashville Predators.

Miami for Thanksgiving- ice hockey player
If you like sports, there will be some great games to watch around Thanksgiving

Events in Miami you should check out

Miami is known for all kinds of events that are known all over the USA, and many of them are happening right around Thanksgiving time. Miami for Thanksgiving 2019. is a great time for everybody. It’s one of the reasons Miami is on the list of the most charming cities in Florida. Make sure you inform about all of them so you don’t miss out on anything. Some of the events to check out are:

  • The 4th annual Fall Crawl where you can visit bars in Miami
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise is one of the most visited events from the list of the things to do in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019.
  • FREE 4 ALL- a great musical and party event with the free entrance

Save money on the attraction admission in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019.

Make sure you check out Go Miami and check out all the attractions Miami has to offer at this time. If you find out everything about the events that you are interested in. You can save up to 55% of the price compared to buying tickets at the gate. This is not a small amount of money if you decide to see many events or give tickets away as a present. Some of the events below are not included on the Go Miami tickets so make sure you check out events that are here.

Jar with coins
You can save some money while enjoying the Thanksgiving in Miami

The 4th annual Fall Crawl- Thanksgiving Eve Bar Crawl

On Wednesday, November 27th, the Thanks Eve Bar Crawl takes place. This is a really nice event for everyone that likes to go out and just relax with some friends. The ticket for this event gets you 5 free drinks, snacks, and candy and drink specials at all the pubs that join the event. You get your ticket and freely go from bar to bar with your friends. It can be an adventure to remember for you and your friends.

Go on the Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise aboard the Venetian Lady

If you want to enjoy Thanksgiving at the fullest, in the company of your friends and family, this is the place. On this cruise, your only job is to enjoy the food and fun. Food is traditional Thanksgiving serving, with turkey, ham and pies. Cleaning and entertaining are left for others to take care of. You just get aboard and enjoy this whole day. The cruise starts on November 28th.

FREE 4 ALL – the biggest free event in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019.

If you like this kind of event, you should check out FREE 4 ALL. It’s a free entry event. The DJ QWON x DJ JEFF x DJ REDWOOD will be in charge of the music for the evening. You can use this event to find new friends once you move to Florida. November 29th is the date you can enjoy this event with family and friends. Location is the 13420 NW 7th Avenue.

A party
FREE 4 ALL is a great event and the entrance is free

7  Night Eastern Caribbean After Thanksgiving Singles Cruise

If you like cruises and are free from November 30th, this is just the event for you. The ship Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is a luxury ship that will be the perfect place for you to enjoy. Make sure you check this event on the list of things to see in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019. You won’t be sorry.

If you need something to do in Miami for Thanksgiving 2019., you can be sure that there will always be something you’ll like. Miami is a perfect place for everybody since there is something for each taste. All you have to do is relax and explore the possibilities that you have, and you can bet- they are endless. If you like to stay home, there is always a movie or a game you can watch. If you like to party, there are parties all over Miami for you to crash. Plus, attraction admission is great for saving some money.

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