Top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate

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Are you moving to Florida? Or maybe, you are just considering some options there? Maybe, you would like to have something there, so that you can go and retire eventually. Whatever it is, you came to the right place. Here, we will try and give you some of the Top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate. One of the great ways to earn money by not doing much. However, for something like this you will definitely need a good starting capital. Basically, you need some money to start making money. By becoming a landlord of a real estate in Florida, you will definitely resolve some things for the future as well. No better place to retire than Florida, and if you to make that decision one day, make sure to hire Hialeah movers for the best moving experience.

Top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate
Florida seems like a perfect place to own a property

Why should you invest?

Before we start counting top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate, you should think about the reasons why you should do this. Having everything clear in your head about this is a way to go. It is important for you to know that there are some responsibilities that come with being a landlord. You have to be careful to who you are renting the house, apartment or an office place to. Also, always prepare a contract where you will put everything that the tenant will be in charge of.

If the person who wants to rent a real estate from you doesn’t agree with the contract just keep looking. It is not hard to find the right person to whom you will sublet a real estate when you are at Florida. Investing in a real estate in Florida is definitely something that will pay off in a long run. If not sooner.

Top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate are?

Now we can talk about the Top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate. There is a number of such places. Florida has a lot to offer to people of any age. From teenagers and students coming for a spring break to the people in their golden age coming here to retire and enjoy the perfect weather. So, if you are thinking about investing, and you probably are since you are here, you should go and do it. However, before that we should definitely go through some of the best places to do that:

  • Miami
  • Jacksonville
  • Cape Coral
  • Orlando
  • Tampa

Not necessarily in this order. Now that you know where to invest in Florida, we can go through the reasons why it would be good to do so in these places.


Miami is one of the best places to invest in real estate. Having a property in Miami is a huge thing to do. Of course, you need to have the financial capability to do so, and if you do, this can be a great idea. Miami is a very popular city, that people are coming to experience from all over the world. You will always have someone to who you can rent your real estate to. No matter if you buy an apartment, a house or some place that people can use as a boutique, an office and similar, there will be always someone in need for what you have to offer. Therefore, Miami is a way to go. On summer days, if it happens that no one is renting your place, you can go and rest for the summer. So, it is definitely a win-win situation.

Miami beach
Miami has to be on this list since it is a perfect city


Jacksonville is definitely the safest way to go. It earns its place as one of the top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate because the necessity for apartments and houses grows by a minute. Young families are always looking for a place to settle. This is a place that can provide them with safety, good schools, and jobs.

Therefore, having a real estate here is something that is really worth of going there and finding that great real estate that you will buy and rent to someone, until the day that maybe you and your family get a desire to move here. Another fun fact about having a place to rent in Jacksonville is that people who do rent are there to stay for a while. It is somewhat a trend in this city, maybe because it has everything that a family can need. So, from that side, you can be safe.

Cape Coral and Orlando

Cape Coral is another great place where you can invest in real estate without worrying about what can happen. This lovely place is very popular among young families and older people who are moving to Florida to retire. Therefore, opportunities are big when it comes to having a real estate in Cape Coral. When it comes to Orlando, it is also very popular for tenants. Especially students. Orlando has a great University opportunity and therefore demand for some nice apartments for singles is very big. Orlando gives you somewhat a promise that you will find a good tenant.


Another great place where you can buy a property to rent. Tampa is known for a lot of companies that give jobs to a lot of people, therefore the demand is bigger for subletting. If you find someone who would rent a place because he or she is working there, you are in luck because it probably means that it will be a long term. On the other hand, you can rent it seasonally, since this is a touristic place. You cannot go wrong either way.

Beach at sunset
The most beautiful beaches are in Florida. Which makes Florida one of the best places to have a real estate on

We have mentioned some of the top places in Florida to invest in rental real estate. Whichever pace you choose from the mentioned ones, you cannot go wrong. Therefore, if you are financially capable of so, it would be a good business decision short-term and long-term. If you want to move there after a while and you don’t want to rent anymore, make sure to advise movers in Coral Gables. That is, it, you are all set.

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