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Trending Florida cities for Gen Z renters

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Statistics say that in the near future Generation Z is going to become one of the most influential generations in the world. These young adults are the people who recently finished college and now want to start a carrier. However, it is not always easy to find the best place for starting up your future carrier. Recently, Florida seems to be one of the most popular destinations and not just for people of this generation. When you say Florida, the first thing that comes to your mind is boastful nightlife. With the help of movers and packers Miami, you can move to Florida and experience some of the best things the country can offer. Apart from fun, Florida offers many great job opportunities. Therefore, discover in this article the best Florida cities for Gen Z renters and have an easy and successful relocation.

Why Z renters like Florida

Although every generation has something in common, Gen Z is also a group of people special in their way. They were born between 1997 and 2012. These new graduates will soon be starting to influence media, politics, as well as the economy. Since Florida is a specific country-rich, tax-free, and with almost no poverty, it attracts these young generations. Sunny Isles Beach or “The City of Sun and Sea,” offers a great sea line with luxurious condominiums. Movers Sunny Isles Beach can help you with your relocation here so you can experience luxury living, great natural beauty, and a laid-back atmosphere. Floridian Riviera has a very diverse community since people from all over the world flock here. If you would like to taste French wine or Crimean cuisine, you can do this in numerous restaurants and bars in along several miles of the coastline.

one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters
Z renters like Florida because it is vibrant and scenic

North Miami

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the US. If you happen to move here you will be a part of its action all the time. This is also a cultural and commercial center that attracts many young professionals from all over the US. Aventura is one of the most popular areas in North Miami. This coastal neighborhood is ideal for boaters. There are so many marinas and boats all over the place. Another way to spend pastimes for young people is visiting Aventura Shopping Mall. Mover North Miami FL often has hands full of work to transport young generations to Golden Glades. The reason for this is the fact that this area in North Miami is pretty affordable for those only starting their carriers. Here you can rent an apartment for less than $1000 a month. Haitian and Cuban families make up around 40% of the population.

Florida cities for Gen Z renters- Miami Dade

People say that there is no such county in the entire US as Dade Miami. With more than 2,45 million people it is bigger than Rhoda Island. The last part of the area tends to be the most popular but also the most expensive. While the north and west are more affordable.  Median house prices in Miami-Dade are more than $405,000 and renting a home you will pay around $1,400. As a young Z renter, you may contact moving companies Miami Dade to help you with the relocation to a cheaper part of the city. The area is so popular also for young families with children due to its low crime rate and quality of life. It’s one of the better neighborhoods in Miami which also offers good schooling and education. In addition, the area is dense with bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.

the city buildings in the night
Miami Date is one of the best neighborhoods of Florida

Coral Gables for young professionals

Another great place that flocks many young people from all over the US is Coral Gables. This is a neighborhood with around 57% of a young population. This is one of the most popular Florida cities for Gen Z renters where young people can rent apartments pretty affordably In addition, there is so much diversity in this area. If you decide to hire local movers Miami, you will have a chance to taste authentic Cuban cuisine. Nightlife is also very popular here. Coral Gables is home to the University of Miami where you will not have a hard time meeting new people coming from different areas. In addition, check your Spanish since you will need it all around Miami neighborhoods. In addition, it offers a very rich cultural heritage in combination with a modern suburban mix which you will see in the City Town Hall and restaurants.

two people jumping in the sunset
Coral Gables is one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters

Coconut Grove

If you are asking which area tends to be the busiest as the night falls, then Coconut Grove is the answer. This is one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters with the greenest surfaces. For this reason, young generations prefer both spending their time in outdoor activities as well as great nightlife. In addition, this is the place for young artistic souls and great enthusiasts. You will find here numerous fancy galleries, and one of the most popular festivals, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Grab some moving boxes Miami and come to visit the Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers Market. To see the latest works of art, visit Coconut Grove Gallery Walk. You would simply love this beautiful, scenic neighborhood full of live and young people. If you are a fan of watersports, you can try here parasailing, jet-skiing, or windsurfing at Miami Watersports.

Young people smiling in one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters
Coconut Grove is popular among young generations

Living in Southern Florida-Davie

There are many reasons why young generations like living in Southern Florida. Since this place is close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale you will always have the option to pop up in these popular Florida cities for Gen Z renters. In addition, this town can offer a bit of a piece and quiet. However, you will not end up boredom for even a second. Contact moving companies Davie FL and come here to study. This is one of the most popular places for college students. You will find plenty of campuses such as the one at Florida Atlantic University. In addition to great universities, the place offers many outdoor activities both for young people and families with kids. If you are a fan of monster truck shows, visit Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. There you can also enjoy numerous concerts, exhibitions, and other ways of entertainment.

Hollywood-one of the most popular Florida cities for Gen Z renters

When speaking about popular places for younger generations, then you cannot skip Hollywood. The City of Hollywood is a suburban beachfront area in Broward County. Just between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, this city has a special atmosphere. This is an eclectic mixture of different nations and people of different education. Let movers Hollywood FL get you here, so you can experience the traits of Cuban, Haitian, and Eastern European cultures. This is also a great business hub with some of the richest industries. Young people like to start up their careers here in many commercial and retail centers. Its nightlife is equally exciting as well as the day city strolls. Its residents like to stay up late during warm Hollywood nights. The  ArtWalk happens every month and supports a rich artistic expression of diverse people visiting it.

Hollywood sign in the woods
Hollywood is one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters

Pembroke Pines, FL

Thanks to its neighbor Fort Lauderdale, ‘the Pines’ can offer a mixture of the big city and suburban feel. It has many clean and beautiful beaches, where you can spend days and nights. The temperature is around 80 degrees and has a tropical rainforest-like climate. The unemployment rate in this area is below the national average and the place offers diverse job positions. The median household income is around $65,000 so it’s worth contacting movers Pembroke Pines for your relocation. Some of the most popular employers are Miami Herald and Nautilus Corporation. The Healthcare system here is also great so working in this industry is also popular, Young people can find a position in the medical industry in Memorial Healthcare System. This is also a place for commuters living in Miami, or Fort Lauderdale. You can visit many cultural events around Broward and Miami-Dade County.

Things to Do in Brickell

Brickell is safer than most of the Floridan cities. Its crime rate is 97% lower than in other places. For this reason, this is one of the best Florida cities for Gen Z renters. This is also a famous financial district and many young professionals find it attractive for its popular job market. There is an urban “Wall Street South” neighborhood with many banks around. If you are in the economy industry, you can easily find a position here. This is also one of the most eventful Miami neighborhoods to discover. You can go shopping in The Shops at Mary Brickell Village. Or try some outdoor activities at The Underline. Art lovers can enjoy good photography in the Brickell City Centre. Taste different kinds of food at Perricone’s Marketplace & Cafe or Paperfish Sushi. Its residents compare this area to Manhattan. The city boasts an urban vibe with its tall buildings.

palm trees in the sunset
Brickell is a great financial district of Florida

Check out Little Havana

With a $932 median monthly rent, this is one of the most affordable Florida cities for Gen Z renters. This is a scenic, vibrant, and fun neighborhood with many Cuban cultural roots. The entire place is full of real Cuban cafes and restaurants where you can taste delicious tacos, as well as famous Cuban sandwiches. Being in the heart of Miami, this is one of the best places for renters in Florida. The main street that you should visit here is Calle Ocho. Here you will experience a real walk of fame. It looks just like the Hollywood walk of fame but with pink stars. If you wish to learn a bit more about Cuban history, then visit The Cuban Memorial. Live at El Titan de Bronze you will have the chance to see real Cuban cigar rollers making them in front of you. Or take a food tour in Versailles.

Hallandale Beach

One of the most vibrant and fast-growing cities in entire Florida. With its many bars, cafes, and restaurants, it is interesting not only to locals but to its many tourists as well. You will also find some of the most beautiful beaches and enjoy all the activities you can imagine. Also, you can experience both relaxation and a party at the beaches. It’s worth hiring Hallandale Beach movers just to come here and enjoy the waves. There are many cruises in this area if you wish to sail the ocean and relax on weekends. Those who love horse races would come here to visit the Mardi Grass Casino. There is a popular joke that you can lose your money easily and watch fast things coming by you. Apart from races, you can try pottery classes, sing karaoke, or even perform in some live music gigs.

young people at the party in one of the Florida cities for Gen Z renters
At Hallandale Beach, you can enjoy beach parties

Other Florida cities for Gen Z renters

Next to the Gulf of Mexico, you will have a chance to experience some great shopping and dining in Naples. Here you can experience a lot of sophistication of the nation. On the other hand, it is pretty affordable and it is no wonder why it is suitable for young people. At Naples Beach, you can enjoy some perfect white sand and beautiful sunsets with your college friends. In The Turtle Club Restaurant, you will have a chance to eat some fresh seafood. Visit the Historic Naples Downtown District to experience the real city vibe. If you are a fan of shopping, you can go and check Fifth Avenue South. Another good reason why the city is so attractive to newcomers is its low crime rate. This is one of the safest cities in entire Florida.

There are many great Florida cities for Gen Z renters and sometimes it is not easy to choose among them. Young people need a good education, business opportunities, and rich and boastful nightlife. This is something that you can find in the majority of Floridan cities. Just take your time to explore them thoroughly, and soon you can choose one and enjoy all the benefits living in Florida can offer.

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