What not to wear on your moving day

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Moving is one of the most complicated events in a person’s life. There are so many things that you have to take care of before you can start your new life. However, safety should be your number one priority. The last thing you want on moving day is to end up in the emergency room. That is why you need to know what not to wear on your moving day. Your clothes have a significant impact on the way you conduct your move. If they don’t adequately protect you, it might cause you injuries or damage to your items. While local movers Florida can take care of everything else during your move, you need to ensure that you and your family are safe. So read our list of clothes you should avoid on moving day and start your safe move today!

What not to wear on moving day – brand new clothes

It’s natural that you want to show off your new clothes, but moving house is definitely not the right opportunity. Since you will be carrying boxes and bins around, you’re bound to get dirty. If you want your new clothes to last as long as possible, you should not wear them while you relocate. Even if you’ve cleaned your home before packing it, there is likely some dust and dirt in the places that are more difficult to reach. Moreover, newer clothes are not as comfortable as older ones, since you haven’t worn them. This might mean that you will be less flexible in them. Instead, wear old clothes that you have worn many times and don’t mind getting dirty.

A pair of dirty old sneakers.
The older the clothes, the better they are for your moving day.

Another way to stay safe during relocation is to hire professionals. Expert movers Boca Raton will already know the best and safest way to move, as well as provide you with the best packing supplies. Save yourself the time and money and hire Movers For Less today!

Shorts and T-shirts are a bad idea

If you’re moving during the summer, it’s normal that you would want to wear a shirt and shorts for your move. However, these are on our list of things not to wear on your moving day. Short sleeves and pants will leave a large part of your body exposed. This means that you will be more likely to get bruises and scratches. While these aren’t serious injuries, they can be irritating and can disrupt your relocation.

Instead, you should wear long sleeves and pants. Although it might be a bit hotter, it’s worth the protection. There is a reason why professional movers and packers always wear appropriate clothes – it can make a real difference. So follow their lead, find a comfortable tracksuit, and you’re off to a great start!

What not to wear on moving day – uncomfortable shoes

Even if you hire professional help for your move, you will likely be walking quite a bit during your relocation. Despite only carrying a couple of boxes from your home to your car, you still need to be safe. One of the most critical parts of your moving day outfit is the shoes you wear. If they are not right, you risk hurting yourself and breaking your belongings. So, always wear closed-toe shoes. If you drop something on your foot or hit it against something, you won’t break your toes. Also, know that high heels are out of the question when it comes to clothes that you should wear on moving day.

High heels are what not to wear on your moving day.
High heels are the worst outfit choice you can make during relocation.

One more thing that you should consider is the time of your move. Are you moving during bad weather? Is there ice on the roads? Are surfaces outside your home slippery? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should opt for non-slip shoes. They are designed to prevent you from slipping on wet or icy surfaces. While they are an added cost, it is a good investment. It’s worth it to avoid any injuries to your head or back.

Don’t wear light-colored clothes

As we’ve already mentioned, you are sure to find some hidden dirt in your home on moving day. No matter how thoroughly you cleaned before packing. When you carry items from your home, you might put them against your chest or your arms. This is when the dirt will come off the item and onto you. Wearing darker clothes will make these patches less visible, but also easier to clean. If you wear light clothes, especially white ones, the stains will be much harder to get rid of.

A good idea is to wear your oldest clothes on moving day. They are the most flexible, but also you won’t be sorry if you get them dirty. Another tip is to see if there are any clothes you plan on getting rid of anyway. While you declutter your home, any clothes that you want to discard you should put aside. Wear them on the day of your move and just toss them afterward.

How to protect yourself on moving day

Here are some additional tips on how to choose your clothes for moving day and stay safe in the process.

Tie your hair back

If you have long hair, make sure you tie it before you start moving boxes. If your hair gets caught in something, you might hurt yourself or damage your hair.

Wear a hat and sunglasses

When you’re moving in warm or hot weather that Florida is known for, you need to wear proper protection. This means that sunglasses and a hat are a must. Sun exposure can be dangerous to your skin, so try to put on sunscreen as well. Also, always have a bottle of water handy, to prevent dehydration.

A sun hat and a pair of sunglasses.
Protect your face and eyes when relocating.

Pack extra clothes

While there are some clothes you absolutely should not wear on your moving day, you also need to have extra clothes to change into. If you spill something or rip a piece of your clothing, it’s good to have a backup. So set aside an additional shirt and pair of pants so that you don’t have to rummage through boxes in case of an emergency.

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