What to do the day after the long-distance move

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When you are amid the relocation bustle, you are longing for the moving day to finally come and for the whole process to end. Especially if you set out on a cross-country relocation. However, a whole new set of tasks starts the day after the long-distance move. There will be errands to run, documents to sort out, unpacking, decorating, and many more other things to do. Advice from professional moving companies may facilitate your post-relocation period. That is why movers and packers Miami offer some useful tips on the matter.

What to do the day after the long-distance move

Once long-distance movers Florida reach your new home and unload the truck, you take it from there. Naturally, you need to deal with the most urgent things first. Here are some things that you need to handle the day after the move:

  • unpack your boxes
  • update your address
  • clean the house
  • check the utilities
a woman unpacking boxes
Decide what the essentials are and unpack them first

Unpack your boxes

If you pack smartly, your unpacking will be a piece of cake. Make sure to carefully unpack fragile items and put everything in place. If you have a packing checklist, you can use it while unpacking as well to make the process easier and more organized. Make sure to unpack the essentials first. Determine what you need to use straight away and prioritize your unpacking. Surely, you will need bathroom and kitchen items at hand, probably your computer as well if you work from home, and remember to unpack some clothes first. Remember that moving services Miami offer packing assistance, which would facilitate your unpacking process to a great extent.

It is recommendable to unpack one room at a time. Avoid wasting time and dispersing your attention all over the place. Try to unpack strategically in order to have a house ready for comfortable living as soon as possible. Should you need any additional space for the stuff you cannot fit into a new home, rent Miami storage facilities.

Update your address

As now you reside at a new address, all your documents need an update. You can do it easily through the local branch of the US Postal Service. Also, check with your bank, IRS, and other important institutions about your address update. Also, make sure to get a new driver’s license and register your car in a new state.

Clean the house

Giving your house a detailed cleaning before you unpack all your belongings is a recommendable activity for the day after the move. This is also a great opportunity to clean as you unpack. Vacuum the sofas, polish the tables, and clean every corner of the kitchen before arranging all plates, glasses, and silverware in the cupboards.

a woman cleaning the counter the day after the long-distance move
Clean the house thoroughly before unpacking all your stuff

Check the utilities

On the very first day after the long-distance move, you will need basic supplies like water and electricity. In case they have been shut off for some time, you will need to contact the relevant companies to turn them back on. Also, you will need to have utility bills transferred to your name.

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