7 essential items for your first dream apartment in Miami

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The adrenaline, and overall happiness, when you are moving to your first place, can be overwhelming. As a result, you might find yourself short of a few essential items for your first dream apartment. And even though you hired best moving companies in Miami, preparing a couple of essentials in advance takes time and planning. Luckily they are called essentials for a reason – and that reason is that they can be easily procured.

7 essential items for your first dream apartment

There are certainly a lot more than 7 essential items to have when you move to Miami for the first time. However, naming them would be somehow redundant, as they are usually considered crucial for living. This is mostly related to cleaning supplies, food essentials, and bathroom necessities. Therefore, here is a list of more specific items you should absolutely have at your first apartment:

  • a coffee table
  • a set of bedsheets
  • one or two lamps depending on your needs
  • a couple of hangers
  • Dining utensils
  • Multiple towels
  • plastic or metal containers
making a list of essential items for your first dream apartment
It’s not easy planning in advance, especially when moving for the first time. However, it’s a good idea to make a list of the essentials you will need.


Coffee table – the best item to have in your living room

Unless you have a rather small living room, consider enriching it with a coffee table. They come in all shapes and sizes and best of all, they are pretty straightforward to assemble should you choose to do it yourself. And of course, if you have one from before, then moving companies North Miami will happily transport it for you. Furthermore, coffee tables are some of the best practical essentials. You don’t have to leave your food and drinks on the floor where they can be easily spilled over. Or balance them in your lap, while you search for the remote. The coffee table is also good for small clutter. You can leave a magazine or a book you are currently reading and later return where you left off.

Having one or two lamps in the house is also essential that should not be overlooked. You never know when you might need more light. Or the opposite when you want only one source of light in the room. Tall and elegant lamps are always a good option for all rooms, however, having smaller ones is more useful. You can move them from room to room when they are needed. This will also reduce the potential of damaging larger lamps while moving them.

cappuccino on a table
Having a coffee table is one of the best essential items for your first dream apartment

Towels and bedsheets – comfortable moving and living

Sometimes it feels like there are never enough towels in the house, no matter how many you have. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they are often used and tend to easily get dirty. If you have few on them, you might find yourself always scrambling for clean ones, or waiting for them to dry so you can use them. The same can be said for bedsheets. Both of these items are best cleaned regularly for hygienic purposes. Not to mention that if you have guests, they would appreciate clean towels and bedsheets.

These items are also good when you are planning your relocation. You can wrap sensitive items, or just your cups in towels and bedsheets to prevent them from getting damaged during the transport. Of course, when moving to Florida, many moving companies will advise procuring proper packaging paper and wraps. However, towels and bed sheets are a good alternative if you run out of packaging paper, or you need to wrap something really quick. They are also a better option to secure parts of large appliances if you are moving any.

Hangers and containers – essential items for your first dream apartment

Having a place to store whichever item you want or need, is an invaluable asset. Therefore make sure your new home has enough hangers and containers for all of them. Hangers are handy for clothes you don’t want to iron all the time, or for your more fancy clothes that are a nightmare to iron in the first place. There are different types of hangers so carefully examine your clothes and choose the right one.

containers filled with food on a shelf
Containers are perfect essentials to keep your cupboards or pantry organized

Containers are essentially the same as hangers, meaning they are useful items for storage purposes. They are a practical solution for organizing the items and food in your pantry. Furthermore, they are also the best option to keep cooking essentials, like flour, sugar, etc. sealed and easily accessed while cooking. If you are not a fan of going to the store all the time, containers are a good place to stock up on bathroom and cleaning essentials as well.

Basic dining utensils

No matter how tempting it is to eat with a plastic fork or a spoon, having basic dining utensils in your kitchen is a must. There is no need for butter knives, tongs, and crab forks just yet (unless you already have or prefer them), but a few forks, spoons, knives, and even some chopsticks are good items to have in your kitchen. In fact, you will find these items in many guides and lists when packing or buying essentials for your new home. If you’re a fan of plastic, no need to throw them away. In fact, plastic, or even better, paper, cups, plates, and plastic utensils are the best option for parties, especially those large ones.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned items are some of the essential items in your first dream apartment in Miami. Moving is stressful as it is, so consider preparing these essentials in advance. Of course, you will have no trouble finding the items in stores around your new neighbor. However, it’s always for the best to prepare as much as possible, especially if you are moving into your first place.

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