Are the movers’ rates negotiable or not?

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Are the movers’ rates negotiable? Short answer: Yes, yes they are. The longer answer goes more like: depends. What are you negotiating precisely? You will find it hard to convince your local moving company to lower their hourly rate just for your convenience, however, you might just score a discount, negotiate about special service, find the one with the lowest hourly rate, etc.

What we are saying is that while haggling for a price is probably not the best course of action, you will find it quite possible to find more optimal prices for your situation.

So, let us begin with this guide to help you get that price as low as possible!

Honest company

First and foremost, before you ask are the movers’ rates negotiable, you should ask are the mover honest and respectable. There is no good business with unlicensed, shady or dodgy companies. No matter how friendly, down to earth or affordable they appear, only a company with proper status should be considered. But what are the qualities of a good, honest moving company?

fair business
Honest and fair business is essential.

For example, let us say you are using the services of moving companies plantation Florida and such. What should you expect?

  • A clean website – any respectable business will invest in their website.
  • Licensed – this is pretty self-explanatory… The company needs to be registered.
  • Friendly – want to know are the movers’ rates negotiable, you should be able to ask their helpful staff!

There is also another thing to check out. Reviews. Today, we have the benefit of having a lot of review websites and applications available for us, some at our very fingertips. In the past, if you wanted to know the experiences of previous customers you would have to find them and ask them, a task hard enough with local companies, and truly challenging for interstate ones. You also didn’t have many options because you could trust only the companies you heard good things about.

Today, however, with the power of the internet, you have both greater opportunity to choose an acceptable company and to read the reviews of many satisfied (or less than satisfied) customers. Soo you should go and check Yelp or any other reviews of your company before you move any further.

A fair deal

From a fair company, you should expect a fair deal. However, do not have any kind of blind trust. Withhold the singing until you have read out the entirety of the written contract and, and we cannot stress this enough, do not sign any kind of blank agreements to be filled in at a later occasion. Such things as moving insurance are hard to have if it’s not specified in the contract.

A fair deal
A fair, honest deal is what you are after. No cutting corners!

What should you look for in the deal? Well, now a few things, mainly concerning the rates. First and foremost, know how the company calculates moving quotes and estimates, so you can know what you are signing. Here is where the 110% rule comes in. If you had your movers over for an inspection of your house and valuables, they will provide you with a non-binding estimate.

However, non-binding doesn’t mean it can be completely devoid of the reality of the actual price. Companies are in obligation to not cost you more than 110% of their non-binding estimate.

Furthermore, know a difference between accessorial, advanced, and Transportation charges. This is the crux of what you are paying for. Accessorial services are the special request you ask of your movers. If you want movers to pack you, install home appliances, etc, this is it. Advanced charges are for third-party services that are essential to the move. They are paid by the company, for which you reimburse them in the final bill. Finally, Transportation charges are the main part of the bill.

If you are searching for the answer on Are the movers’ rates negotiable, well, accessorial rates should be!

Ask for discounts

There are many discounts to be found in the moving business. Even if the answer to the question of are the movers’ rates negotiable is not always yes, you can find many alternatives in various discounts. 

You will find that discounts in some form are almost always available.

Veteran, Senior an Student discounts are most often available, but there are many others available if you know where to look. So when you hire movers such as miami beach movers or Manhattan movers or any other movers in the country, be sure to check on their website and in person/over the contact phone for any suitable discounts you may score!

Have a good estimate

Finally, we get to the estimates. While we talked about them in the honest deal part of this article, it is fair to explain them in further detail. Moving estimates or moving quotes Miami, La, NY od NC can differ, but they all go by generally the same rules and procedures.

Are the movers' rates negotiable
A good estimate is the core of your future price!

This is why we can give you some general advice. First and foremost, all estimates should be on the ground, in your apartment. No reliable estimate can be given over the phone or online. Do not compromise on this.

Secondly, while movers are far from physicians, ask for a second opinion. Many will offer better quotes, even if marginally so.

Are the movers’ rates negotiable?

Well, we go back to the original question. Are the movers’ rates negotiable? They are… sometimes, in some ways.

While onto itself this does not seem to be a satisfactory answer, we are confident that you understand it more now, given the context of the issue. Some things are to be negotiated, while others are fixed. Those you can deal with, do so, and others avoid, finding the lowest (but yet respectable) bidder.

We hope that you will have the best of luck in both selections of your moving company and your move. Good luck and bon voyage!


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