Moving in together – how to do it right

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Moving in together a big step. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship, or how close you lived, or how often one came over to the other, living together is a whole different beast. Back in the day of our parents you could often experience living together only after bounded in marriage, to some questionable results. Today, however, we can be in less pressure, moving in together as boyfriend and girlfriend instead of a married couple. And, of course, we benefit from combined experiences of the internet, people who have lived through the same thing. So, what are some useful pieces of advice to be had?

Try it out

Before you consider which packing services Miami you will need to pack that big wardrobe of yours, consider what will moving in the together mean. Consider it truly.

Moving in together fiting together
See if you “fit” together!

Many people rush into moving in together only to be met by disappointment, but the illusion that it will work out, because of lack of any actual alternatives… Other yet quit at the first sign of trouble, without even trying to patch things up, with their illusions of a perfect life together crushed.

Having a “trial period” is a good way to make sure you have a clear perspective on things. It will allow you to make mistakes and try to fix them before simply stating “what is done is done”.

Budget concerns

Living together means eating together, watching tv together, using the internet together… and all of those things require money to be available. In other terms: living together requires a common budget for the needs of the home.

Budget for necessities.

Make sure that it is undoubtedly, crystal clear who pays for what and with what money. We are not recommending a written contract. At this point, there is no need for such things. However, make sure you are both tenants (officially) and that you have your rights guaranteed in case of a breakup. Miami Beach Movers will find it (admirably more odd than) difficult to move you if your things are on the sidewalk.

So, long story short: make sure that it is clear who pays what bills and that it doesn’t disturb the power-dynamic in your relationship. A healthy approach to money is one in which everybody has for their own needs, the house is provided for and nobody is using their monetary status as leverage in the relationship

A private corner

Moving in together doesn’t mean you renounce all right to privacy! You both deserve a cozy corner of a house, an office, a reading room, whatever – to call your own. Don’t get us wrong, it is not some kind of weird restricted area for a partner of yours. It is still a house for both of you, no matter who owns it.

cozy place
A place to call your own

However, it is a place where you do your hobbies, conduct your business or spend your relaxing “me” time. Both of you should have a room where you know that you can turn your attention to things you enjoy (or have to, in the case of a paid job) do alone and in peace.

Remember this. You do not need a key, just an agreement.

Three “to be”-s of moving in together

In our humble opinion, when it comes to moving in together there are three “to be”-s to consider.

  • Firstly, to be kind – is crucial to being together at all
  • To be respectful – is especially important when sharing a living space
  • To be realistic – a necessity when facing a hype that moving in together can bring.

So, before you contact movers Pompano Beach FL and go packing, the thing about these three and their meaning. Let us elaborate:

Be kind

Always try to be kind. Whenever you, as a couple, are facing an obstacle. think of it as a problem you both ought to face together, rather than issues you have between each other. You have not lost your individuality, but you are now a team. Whatever life throws at you, whatever problems may arise between you, you are still on the same team. Moving in together is no exception.

There will be challenges. There will be little fights, irritations, and misunderstandings. But, never lose sight of the goal. You are a team and you are trying to overcome an obstacle. There is never a good reason not to be kind to each other. By not being harsh, even when you strongly disagree, you show to your partner that you are both willing to listen and that this issue doesn’t erase the fundamental truth – that you want to be with them.

Whatever the problem, fight them together.

Be respectful

You will have grievances, but be respectful of your partner’s wishes and space. You have a right to your cozy place, both so do they. Your voices should be equal, even when they are not in unison. So while the local movers Florida are trying to pack you for your move to Miami, think about how you wish your will to be respected, and how you should provide the same kind of understanding and respect for your partner after you complete moving in together.

Be realistic

And finally, as a conclusion, here is our last bit of advice. Be realistic. We are not calling upon you to abandon the very thought of living with somebody on the first seemingly unassailable hurdle, but we also remind you that not all are judged to live together.

Moving in together means dealing with other persons tidiness, hygiene, work ethic, company of friends, hobbies, quirks… all those unglamorous things. It mins binding your life with your partners – it means to compromise. First with the reality of the situation, after the rose-colored glasses have been thrown away, and eventually with your partner. If it doesn’t work, however, honesty is the best policy.

We hope our advice will be found useful by you, dear reader. Good luck!

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