Best Miami restaurants for newcomers

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So you are finally and officially a resident of Miami, Fl. The moving days are behind you and it’s time to forget about the relocation stress and to start settling. You might have visited some of the famous sites and landmarks. And after getting to know your neighborhood and finding important institutions such as your local school or church, you can move on to discover places you will visit for entertainment. You probably had a favorite cafe in your old neighborhood, as well as a favorite restaurant. Why not try to find one here in Miami? You can start feeling at home sooner and finding some good restaurants will enable you to invite your new friends and acquaintances to a nice dinner. So what are the best Miami restaurants for newcomers? If you need some recommendations, look no further. But first, think about your preferences.

Finding the best restaurant in Miami for yourself depends on many factors
Choosing the best restaurant in Miami depends on your personal preferences

The qualities of a good restaurant

There are, of course, some qualities of a good restaurant that everyone universally agrees about. You might even call them some common sense qualities. They include tasty and high-grade food and pleasant ambient. However, even these can have a different notion for different people. So, before trying to find out about the best restaurants in Miami, you should think about your own perception of a good restaurant. When people talk about restaurants they usually consider these traits:

  • High-quality food
  • Overall dining experience
  • Cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Uniqueness
  • Ambiance
  • Price

Do you like high-end or regular family places? Are food prices an important factor for you when choosing where to dine? Do you enjoy a unique place with uncommon food? Are you a person who always notice how clean the restaurant is? Miami restaurants have so much to quality and you can surely find at least a couple of places suitable for you. Here are a few restaurants that would be best for a newcomer, regardless of your particular taste.

Places to visit in Miami

If finding a restaurant according to your particular taste is a big deal to you, Miami has a lot to offer! This city has an abundance of wonderful restaurants. Finding the one that suits you best might even help you deal with feeling homesick in the period after moving. So there are so many restaurants to choose from. There’s cheap and friendly. There’s ethnic and unique. Posh and pricey. You name it, Miami is there to help you. However, there has to be a choice of the best restaurants in Miami. Among many of them, we recommend a few of the best.

Peruvian fine-dining experience at CVI.CHE 105

CVI.CHE 105 is a Peruvian restaurant in Miami. It has nine years of experience and has won awards for its quality. People in Miami know it for their amazing offer of ceviches, amongst several other traditional dishes. The restaurant is also known for its excellent service and helpful and friendly waiters. If you are in the mood for Peruvian food after you move to Miami, then CVI.CHE 105 is the place to visit!

Plates with different food
Miami offers a wide variety of restaurants you can visit.

A taste of Colombia and Latin America can be found at La Ventana Colombian Restaurant

In Miami, Colombian food is almost considered as local food. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Miami for newcomers, then La Ventana could find its place on your list. It is described as a cozy and homey place with excellent food and moderate prices. It is a good idea to try Miami local cuisine after you move here.

A cook placing food on wood plates
Are you a fan of high-end restaurants or you prefer casual family places?

Affordable and convenient, La Sandwicherie is a place to visit every so often

If you happen to be in a hurry and need a quick snack, La Sandwicherie is the place to go. This walk-up bar is a place that offers excellent sandwiches and is approachable and affordable. You can access it easily if you are in a hurry or on your bike. And as far as fast-food restaurants go, this is the one to visit. Best restaurants in Miami can be found in all forms and sizes!

Best restaurants in Miami offer an excellent choice of seafood, so be sure to visit Santorini by Georgios

Miami Movers for Less or a similar reputable moving company helped you change your place of residence from your hometown to Miami. And one of the perks of living by the ocean is definitely being able to taste fresh seafood anytime you feel like it. So if you are a Miami newcomer, visit Santorini by Georgios. This Greek cuisine restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Miami offering fresh ingredients and big portions.

Pane & Vino, Italian cuisine at its finest

It can be quite tricky to make a reservation at this small Italian restaurant. But have faith, it’s going to be worth it. Its price range is reasonable and its ambiance is wonderful. Any resident of Miami would put this place in one of the top ten restaurants to be visited by a newcomer. So book your place in time and see what all the fuss is about!

In the end, there are so many ways to get to know Miami as a newcomer. You can walk. Meet new people. And you can visit the restaurants most locals would recommend. Perhaps you have considered the list carefully and already have a restaurant in mind. And it’s possible that your next-door neighbor will recommend his or her favorite place that cannot be found on this list. Whatever your own choice of best restaurants in Miami might be, it’s important to start feeling at home in Miami as soon as possible. This means that before you know it, you will be able to recommend your own favorite restaurant to another newcomer. So good luck and enjoy dining in Miami’s finest restaurants.

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