Business relocation timeline

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Creating a business relocation timeline is one of the things that will help you to move your business with minimum interruptions. This is very important when you are moving your business to another location. Moving is not just hiring good commercial movers Miami and packing up your moving boxes. It is much more difficult and complicated and if you do not plan it well you could end up stalling your business and that is something that you will certainly want to avoid. If you think that you need to have a good moving plan but you do not know how and when things should be conducted, keep reading!

Your business relocation timeline starts at least 6 months before the move

Successful business relocation starts with a good moving plan. So that is what you should do first. The moment you make a decision about moving your company to another location, you should start thinking about how to organize it.  Bear in mind that relocating a business needs a more precise timeline than when you are moving your home. That means that you will need lots of time to elaborate on it thoroughly. As mentioned above, you cannot just find moving boxes Miami, hire movers to pick them up and move. You need to think about every aspect of the move and make sure that you thought about everything. If you start planning at least 6 months before the move, you will have time to reconsider it, make corrections to your plan and prepare to implement it properly.

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Your business relocation timeline starts with a good moving plan

The second item in your business relocation timeline, 5 months before the move, is to prepare your moving inventory list

When company executives decide to move to another location they usually want to change the entire layout of the company. This means changing the logo, company colors, and, of course, changing furniture. If you made such a decision, it means that you will want to replace your furniture entirely. You need to think about this before hiring moving companies Miami Gardens. When you call your movers, to get a quote, you will need to inform them about the size of your moving inventory. Therefore, you will need to know exactly which items you are planning to transport. Five months before the move, prepare your moving inventory list. After you are certain about the items that your mover will have to transport you can start searching for a suitable moving company.

Four months before you moving date find and book your movers

There aren’t many moving companies that are dealing with commercial relocations. In addition, if you are moving during summer months, in the peak of the moving season, the selection of moving companies will be even scarcer. So, if you want to hire movers Hollywood FL, for example, you will need to do it at least four months before your desired moving date.  However, before you start calling moving companies to book your moving date, think about the additional services that some companies offer.

Packing and unpacking services are the most popular addition to moving packages. But you can also hire them to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, rent storage space and more. After you are clear with the things you need, find several reliably looking movers and ask for their estimates. When you get quotes from a few moving companies, compare their offers and pick the best one.

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Four months before the move is a good time to start searching for commercial movers

Three weeks before the move, start acquiring packing supplies

Hiring packing and unpacking service is really the most convenient and easiest way to move. However, businesses usually avoid hiring those services. The first reason is security. Companies have lots of sensitive and confidential documents and papers and it is not recommendable to let someone outside of the company to temper with it. Second, businesses usually have many employees that could successfully pack everything. Finally, businesses are always looking for ways to save money. And hiring packing and unpacking services is a costly option.

If you decided to pack your stuff relying on your own workforce, you need to start acquiring packing supplies. If you made a moving inventory list, use it to calculate the exact number of moving boxes and other moving supplies that you will need. Maybe you do not know how many boxes to prepare, so use one of the available moving box calculators. They could be very handy in this situation.

Two weeks before the move

Two weeks before the move is the perfect time to start packing documents and paperwork.  If you are in the business for some time, surely you acquired tons of different files. From simple leaflets, pamphlets, and brochures to more important bookkeeping forms, correspondences, administration files, and accounts. Even though they are all very important for your business, chances are that you are not using them daily. Start packing those two weeks before the move and you will have time to sort them all out, get rid of excess or outdated things, and pack them properly.

Document drawer
Sort and pack your paperwork two weeks before the move

Business relocation timeline – Final week before the move

Packing is the most difficult part of the moving process. It is advisable to start dealing with it weeks before the move. However, when you are creating a business relocation timeline you need to leave packing for the last moment. The good thing is that you have many people that will get involved in it. Therefore, there is no real danger that you will not manage to pack on time. If you are ditching your old furniture, think about selling it used furniture retailers. They will usually buy off the whole batch from you, so you can earn some money for your company, as well.

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