Challenges of moving pets to Florida

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You have decided to change your place of residence and move to the Sunshine State. This is a great decision, but you also need to think about the process itself. One of the most demanding tasks you will need to complete is to think about how to relocate your pets seamlessly. Once you read this text, you will know precisely what to do first. We are going to let you know what the challenges of moving pets to Florida are and how to deal with them. As a result, you will be enjoying your new home and walking by the beach before you know it.

Before you do anything else, take your pet to a veterinarian

Since you are actually living with your pet, you are probably taking your friend to the vet regularly. So, in order to make sure everything is in perfect order, do that again before moving. In this way, you will make sure that they are healthy and that they are fit for travel.

Vet holding a pomeranian
The first thing you should do when you start preparing for a move with a pet is take your pets to a vet

Also, remember to get the medical records of your pet during this visit. You are going to need them when you find a new vet in Florida. Feel free to ask your vet for some tips on how to help your pet adjust to a new environment. In addition to this, you can also ask them for a recommendation for a new vet. In this way, moving to Florida is not going to be stressful, quite the contrary – you will relocate in peace.

One of the challenges of moving pets to Florida is getting certificates

Considering the fact that you are relocating cross-state with your pet, you should be familiar with certain requirements. For example, you should know that your pet needs to have a health certificate within 30 days of issuance. Also, you need to get proof of current rabies vaccination if your pet is 3 months or older. Of course, all of these certifications need to be issued by an accredited vet. These documents are required in order for the authorities to make sure your pet is free of infectious diseases. So, take your time to complete this part, and do not worry about your relocation. Miami Beach movers are going to complete all of the tasks while you are dealing with this.

List of certificates you need to prepare when moving with pets to Florida

Here is a list of certificates that may be required when moving pets to Florida:

  • Health Certificate
  • Rabies Certificate
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Import Permit

Remember to research your new environment

This is something a large number of people forget or do not have enough time to do. Do your best not to be in this group and do your homework. Considering the fact that you will be relocating to a state that has a warm climate year-round, fleas and mosquitos can be a major concern.

Mosquito closeup
Mosquitos will not only trouble you but also your pet – prepare for this on time

What you should do is put your pets on flea and heartworm prevention and they will be safe all year. Also, you should prepare yourself for Florida’s wildlife. Keep an eye on your pet when going for a walk and you will avoid getting in contact with different venomous and dangerous animals. In this way, you will move to Miami fully prepared and you will know precisely what to pay special attention to.

Favorite toys of your pets should always be at hand

In many ways, pets are like children. So, in order to entertain them during your moving day, it is preferable that you keep their favorite toys nearby. It is possible that some of their toys are damaged and that you want to throw them away. However, if they are your pet’s favorite, this is definitely not the time to do it. Keep them until this transition process passes and then find a way to replace them. As a result, the trip is going to be pleasant and your pets are going to be happy. Feel free to dedicate your time and energy to complete this part and let some of the finest professional movers Miami offers to complete their part. Both you and your pets are going to be more than happy when everything is over.

Do your best to keep your routine as much as possible

One of the things that may stress your pets is changing their routine. They are probably used to eating, playing, going outside, etc. at a certain time of the day. In order for you not to let them stress themselves, try to keep this routine.

Man feeding a dog
One of the challenges of moving pets to Florida is keeping their routine throughout the moving process

Of course, since you are going to have a great number of tasks to complete, it is possible that you may not get to do everything on time. What you can do is ask one of your friends or relatives to take care of them when you need to complete a certain task. For example, you may need to meet some requirements for moving your pets to Florida. This may take more time than you have planned and your pet may become nervous.

Your pet is watching you closely so try to stay calm at all times

You already know that there are many challenges of moving pets to Florida. We have mentioned some of the most important ones you should take into consideration. Do not worry – everything is going to come to its place and your relocation will be a smooth process. Remember to take some time for yourself as well. When you are doing good, your pets are going to be happy as well. Make sure you get the help of a reputable moving company and this will surely be a great decision. Your team of movers is going to be by your side every step of the way and make your relocation an enjoyable experience. Take your time to organize everything and your relocation will become a nice memory.

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