Creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment

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Renting can be a huge advantage since you have more freedom of changing your location when your lease is up. You can easily call movers Coral Gables and relocate to the other part of the country if you wish. However, decorating a rental apartment can be a little bit tricky. You do not have that much freedom to change everything that you would like. For this reason, here are a couple of creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment. 

Decorating a rental apartment – Removable wallpaper 

Some landlords do not want the color of walls to be changed since some people would paint the walls into crazy colors. For this reason, you can try removable wallpaper. You can pick the design you like the best, and put it on your walls. When the time comes to leave the apartment to move to Miami, you can easily take the wallpaper off. Quite a convenient way to decorate your plain walls. 

Ask for permission to paint the walls 

Removable wallpaper is not the only option you have when it comes to the color of your walls. You can always ask for the permission of your landlord to paint the walls. Your landlord might be one who does not really care that much about repainting the walls. In addition to this, you can make a deal to paint your walls in some neutral color or to repaint it back to its original color after you move out. In any case, there is always an option to change the basic white color. 

Decorating a rental apartment – make your white walls more interesting 

As previously mentioned, maybe your landlord will not give you permission to repaint the walls. If you do not want to bother with removable wallpapers, you can decorate your walls to look more interesting. 

  • Put up a large leaning mirror on a wall 
  • Create a gallery of pictures on your wall – buy several colorful pictures and line them up or you can use pictures from your personal gallery 
  • Hang some shelves – you can put small ornaments or figurines on them to brighten up space. On top of that, it is quite easy to put up a shelf so you can do it by yourself. 
  • Use a diamond tape wall 
  • Fabric Panel Walls will also help to spice up your dull white walls 
decorating a rental apartment with interesting pictures
Hang some pictures on your white walls

Invest in a couple of pieces that you love 

You do not have to buy everything new for your apartment in order to make it look more beautiful. What you should do is to invest in a couple of pieces that will liven up space. It can be an interesting coffee table, a nightstand, a sofa that does not match with the rest of the furniture, and so much more. If you have some old piece of furniture that you hate, do not hesitate to replace them. In addition to this, your purchase will not affect the look of your rental and you can take them with you once you decide to move out.  Landlords have to deal with difficult tenants all the time so do not become one yourself. 

Turn bookshelves into focal points 

If you are an avid reader, then this idea will make you extremely happy. You can turn your bookshelf into a focal point. While looking for a piece to invest, you can buy a bookshelf with an interesting and unique shape or color. Depending on your personal preference, you can add fairy lights or wasabi tape or even some decorations. In addition to this, you can put flowers, plants, pictures and anything else that you like on those shelves. 

brown bookshelf in a living room
Put your bookshelf in the spotlight

Decorating a rental apartment by adding a rug 

A rug is a must when you are decorating a rental apartment. If your apartment does not have nice-looking floors, you can cover them with a cool rug. In addition to this, most rugs are comfortable, especially the fluffy ones, and they absorb the noise. Your neighbors will be thankful to you. 

Invest in good lighting 

Unless you have a natural source of light, you will need to invest in good lighting. Since you cannot build in a new set of windows, the next option is to buy some table lamps and standing lamps. With the help of your new lamps, you can create a warm vibe that will make your apartment look even cozier than before. In addition to this, you can even change the light fixtures in your apartment with the ones you like better.  

Some additional ideas for decorating a rental apartment 

  • Put up a memo board on your walls where you can incorporate all the colors and patterns that you like, plus mail, keys, to-do list, and so on. 
  • Repaint your furniture in some bright colors 
  • Change the knobs and pulls since it is cheap and it can make your kitchen to be more according to your style 
  • Rearrange your furniture since not every single couch has to be pushed against a wall but rather find a new place for it 
  • Get tile tattoos since they are also a good way to avoid painting your walls 
  • You can be creative with your storage since the chances are you will not have enough space in your apartment to store everything you have 
  • Invest in quality bedding 
  • Buy colorful pillows and blankets 
  • Choose interesting curtains for your rooms 
a sofa with colorful pillows
Decorate your rooms with pillows

Not so creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment 

The best way to decorate your apartment is to clean it. Maybe your home office space will look better if you declutter it. Not only you will get more space, but it will look tidier and more comfortable to work. The same thing can be applied to your kitchen as well. After you declutter your kitchen, buy some cups with funny or lovely pictures on it and fresh fruits. 

Ideas for decorating your apartment 

As you can see there are many ideas for decorating a rental apartment. The choice of decorations only depends on your personal preference. 


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