How to move in together after a long-distance relationship

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You are about to relocate and make a big step in your life. You decided to move in together, but you live in different states. Do not worry, many before you had such a situation, and with a bit of guidance, they succeeded. You have a couple of rough weeks ahead, but the reward is immeasurable. You’ll finally move in with your better half. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide on how to move in together after a long-distance relationship. Let’s get right to it!

Move-in together after a long-distance relationship, but first, calculate the moving costs

The first question you must raise is how much everything will cost. Moreover, there is two of you and there are two relocations on hand. Hence, you must calculate each step accordingly. Assemble a moving checklist and list all the steps you have to take. Examine it closely and calculate the moving costs and all other hidden costs that might occur. Start with the moving date, and how much time you have, to follow all other steps. Then set the limits of your moving budget and organize the packing process. Also, there is a downsizing process, cleaning, and all the legalities. You should keep in mind that there are many stages to the relocation process, and good preparation is imperative. Cover everything before you move in together after a long-distance relationship.

One of the most important things before you move in together after a long- distance relationship is to set your moving budget
Calculate all moving costs

You both have a move on your hands. Prepare everything on time

Maybe the biggest challenge of a relocation process is to find a reliable moving company. In your situation, you might need two. But one thing we all look for is for our movers to be reliable, experienced, and affordable. With a bit of research, you can find all of it, in one company. Firstly, you should go online and check a few websites, forums, and read some reviews. After finding several moving companies that you like, narrow it down to one, by comparing prices and services they offer. Also, compare the previous customer’s experience to be sure that your choice is a legit one.

It is also important not to choose the first one you find. Consult with your other half and figure out which of the moving services you need. Then ask your movers if they can accommodate your request. Of course, this all depends on the situation you are in. But we will make it all easier for you and recommend for you to check one of the moving companies in Florida. Here you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. A team of local and interstate movers, with years of experience and all the means required for a safe relocation. Give them a call and get ready to move in together after a long-distance relationship.

Take a step further, Sherlock!

One thing we must say is that your search for a proper moving company should be thorough. Take a few hours if needed to double-check everything. Taking a step further in your research will shield you from fraudulent moving companies and scams. There are a couple of things you should check when searching for a moving company. Check if they possess all licenses and permits to operate. Check also if they are operating locally or interstate, or both. Then, give them a call and ask about anything you want to know. If you have time, stop by. Visit your movers and make a deal in person. While visiting, you can see how they operate, and for example, to check if they have all the tools and sizeable moving vehicle for the job. Be proactive and rest assured that your choice is a valid one.

Person looking at the wall full with papers
Do proper research in finding a reliable moving company

With this kind of approach, you will save your sanity, time, and your wallet. Although, if you have little time on your hands, cover the basics and hope for the best. And here we will help with advice. Try out one of the interstate moving companies Miami. They are our best pick and the best choice. A moving crew that will bring stability, and more importantly, safety. Try them out, you won’t regret for a moment.

Have a professional evaluation

It does not matter if you are moving locally or interstate, one thing is certain. Someone from the moving company will have to evaluate your cargo and determine the difficulty of your moving project. Many moving companies offer such a service, and when they do, it is for free. If you as a lovely couple, are moving into a small place and have fewer things to move, it can all be arranged over the phone. But if you have a proper household to move, someone will pay a visit and check your stuff.

This way movers know the weight of your belongings and what size of a moving truck they should use. Also, they need to know if they can load the truck with ease, or there are any obstacles and potential moving hazards. Not to mention that after summarizing everything, you’ll know how much your move costs. Then you can act accordingly and lower your moving costs by changing some of the things your movers pointed out. You will move in together after a long-distance relationship, and in all that hype you might miss a thing. No worries, your movers will remind you and you will go through it together.

Pack alone, but unpack together

It is understandable that you and your partner already figured out the layout of your new home. You covered where the furniture will be, and the design of each room. You probably know where you’ll place most of your items. But do you know how to pack them and transport safely to your new place? Just in case, we will guide you through the process:

  • Wrapping paper – Wrap your items to prevent damages. You should wrap smaller items individually, especially the fragile pieces. Packing paper will prove quite useful while in the middle of the kitchen packing.
  • Nest –Make a nest inside of your moving boxes. This will provide a cushion for your items and keep them safe. Here you can improvise and use old cloth, rags, sheets, crumpled paper, etc. Also, fill in the gaps between items to make it all more stable and to prevent breaking.
  • Packing tape – We don’t want your moving boxes breaking in the middle of the move, therefore, you should use a higher quality tape for this occasion. Make a few layers on the bottom and the top of the box, to make it all sustainable.
  • Moving boxes – Moving boxes are the participants in each relocation. We would recommend using smaller boxes. Medium and smaller ones are used more often since they are easier to carry and are more stable. Just remember not to overstuff your boxes and to label each box for easier unpacking.
Moving box with a dog in it
Find different sizes of moving boxes
  • Advanced materials – If you have a stretching budget or you simply desire better protection for your items, you can buy more advanced materials. They include blister pack, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and plastic bins. Those materials are more convenient but more expensive. Although, most of it can be reused for all sorts of things.

Cover legalities before you move in together after a long-distance relationship

Take a closer look at all the documents and all the legalities there are. It is a tricky business if you miss out to do it on time. As soon as you know your relocation date, you must act. Start with the basics and arrange everything work-related. Then, visit your bank, doctor, school, and all other institutions, and start the documentation transfer process. Also, cover your mobile and internet providers, as well as your utility bills, mailing address, etc. Do it all in due time and avoid headaches.

Now when you covered everything, the only thing left is to sit and wait for your movers. It won’t be long until you are reunited with your loved one. To move in together after a long-distance relationship is a big deal, especially after all the hustle that relocation brings. We would advise to top it off and throw a moving-in party. This way you’ll get to know your neighbors and meet new friends after the move. Have a day or two to relax and enjoy, before you settle in and unpack your new life. You deserved it.


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