How to pack flat screen TV like a pro

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Packing for the move requires some time and patience, but it must be done in such a way that all your belongings can be transferred without being damaged. Trying to move all of your household items fast but careful can be stressful in many ways, and it is even more nerve-wracking if your items are fragile. Electronics are particularly tricky since they are breakable and can be really expensive. So, you will need to know how to pack flat screen TV like a pro if you want to move it without damage.

Prep so you could pack flat screen TV like a pro

Just like any other item that needs to be moved, your flat-screen TV needs to be prepared before packing. You need to do this part right, so unpacking in a new place will be easier. If you are not sure you are able to pack the TV yourself without damaging it, you should hire packing services Miami.

Unmount the TV first

If it is hanging on the wall, you won’t be able to clean it nicely or detach cables, so make sure you get it off first. Get the TV of the bracket and then unscrew the bracket from the wall.

Pack flat screen TV like a pro- a living room with the TV mounted to the wall
Unmount the TV before cleaning it and detaching the cables

Clean it, then you can pack flat screen TV like a pro

First, clean the dust from the screen and other parts of the TV. Use a dry rug or microfiber cloth and always shut down the TV before cleaning. Once you dusted, use special liquids made for cleaning electronics, and go over the screen with it. Make sure it dries off before turning on the TV or packing it.

Cleaning product
Clean the TV before packing to avoid staining

Detach the cables

Shut the TV down if it is on. Detach the power cord from the TV if it is possible. If not, tie it with a rope or tape it so you don’t trip while carrying the TV. Same goes for all the other cables. Make sure you label cords so you know how to put them back in place. You could also take a picture so you can see which cable goes where. Clean the rest of accessories, DVD players and streaming devices. Pack all of them in separate boxes with belonging cables and label the boxes.

Packing the TV

Now that you finished preparing the TV for packing, it is the time to pack it. There is a couple of ways to pack a TV, depending on your preparation level. Only properly packed TV can be moved without damage. Moving companies Miami beach will move it without damaging it.

Piled boxes
Make sure you use boxes that fit the TV right

Hopefully, you saved the box

Meaning, hopefully, you saved the original box, the one you bought the TV in. You should always save the original box, especially when it comes to fragile items. But, these boxes can be large and get in a way, so we often throw them away. If you did save the box and all other packing accessories, this will be easy. Put the TV on a flat surface, and put the protective paper over it. Place protective foam parts on the edges until you got it right. Slide the TV inside of the box. You will know if you did a good job if you try to move the box after you closed it. The TV shouldn’t be able to move around. If it is moving too much, get it out of the box and try again.

Once the TV is ready for moving, you should hire a moving company. There are moving companies that will give you moving insurance, so you are certain that the TV will be delivered without damage.

DIY box for packing

In case you didn’t save the original box, you could try to make a box yourself. You will need:

  • A couple of new boxes
  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Duct tape
  • Packing peanuts are the best choice if you want to pack flat screen TV like a pro
Scissors, duct tape, markers, stickers
Make sure you have everything you need for packing

Take a couple of new boxes and cut them out so the TV fits inside. Make sure you have enough packing peanuts. Tape the TV using duct tape but put the sticky side out. It will hold packing paper in place and won’t stick yo the screen or leave the marks. Put the packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Put the TV inside and stack packing peanuts all around the TV so it doesn’t move around. Make sure you taped the box as much as you can so it won’t break. If you are in a hurry to pack, make sure to take enough time to pack the TV so it doesn’t break.

Buy a packing kit

Most moving companies offer packing kits for TV. Some home improvement stores got them too. They are made especially for packing TVs, so they are a good choice if you don’t have the original box. These boxes fit TVs of different size so you should go and see if they fit your TV before buying. They include a box and cushions for the sides of the TV. Also, look at the packing instructions that come with the kit. Always wrap the TV in a protective fabric before putting it in a box. Make sure you put the packing peanuts in the box so the TV can’t move and tape the box so it doesn’t open. These packing kits will do the job, even for a long-distance move, but you should hire a professional moving company.

If you want to pack flat screen TV like a pro, you will need the supplies and some time, but it is very important that you do this part right. If you leave too much space in the box, the TV could hit the box walls too much and break this way. Also, make sure you taped the box enough so it doesn’t open. Damaging the TV means you should buy another one and this can be easily avoided by being careful and following the rules of packing. Last but not least, pack the remote control with the TV. You don’t want to lose it.


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