How to pick the right packing supplies?

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When the time for your moving comes don’t make a mistake to take the packing lightly. Sure, you understand that you need some packing supplies, but maybe you don’t know that to pick the right packing supplies is of most importance.

Packing supplies essentials – how to pick the right packing supplies

First of all, there are a few packing supplies that you’ll surely need. Choosing the right one for your things is really important. If you don’t pack your items properly, they can be damaged or broken. So this is why it is very significant to pick the right packing supplies. These are a couple of packing supplies that you will certainly need:

  1. Boxes – first and most important is to choose the right kind of box. It depends what do you want to pack. Is your item is big or small or would you like to put several things inside one box? You probably think that’s just a box what is the big deal? But the safety of your things depends on the durability of that box. So be wise when you are picking the right kind and always choose high- quality moving boxes. That is the way to make sure that you are reducing a potential damage. You can buy some from your mover because those are exactly the right kind of box for moving purposes. They can also help you with advice on how to pack.
    Moving box with writing with care
    Make sure to pick the right kind of box for packing.


  2. Bubble wrap –  this is indispensable supply when it comes to packing fragile or breakable items. You can buy it in rolls and in different sizes. The good thing about bubble wrap is that it doesn’t add much to the weight of your package. If you want to be extra careful you can wrap it a few times. It isn’t so bulky so it takes a little of your space inside the box and it secures very well.
  3. Newspaper – the good old newspaper is excellent for void fill. If you have hired professionals to do your moving they will probably have an advice or two about void fill. It is as it sounds – important is to fill the void, an empty space, inside your packages and boxes so the things inside don’t move around during the shipment. Newspapers have almost the same role as the bubble wrap. If you are planning to relocate you can save some or you can also buy them for packaging.
  4. Tape – there are all sorts of tapes. When you are preparing for packing, buy the best tape. |They are not the same, so you have to be sure that it will last during the shipment. Also, there is a difference when it comes to unpacking and cutting the tape. Check with your mover or seller for an advice when you are buying the tape
    Grey tape roll is one of the essential packing supplies
    Pick the right packing supplies and prepare on time.


Packing larger items

You will somehow manage to pack smaller things, but what about bigger ones? Make no mistake with larger things, just because they are bulky and bigger it doesn’t mean that they aren’t damageable. You have a small kitchen and home appliances, decoration and etc. and you also have to pick the right kind of packing supplies for them. Besides the ones from the essentials list, you can also use cushions to fill the void.

There is also a problem of transporting your furniture. Usually, people who are relocating want to cut some of the expenses so they try to do moving by themselves. It is very stressful, heavy and it doesn’t pay off at the end. Do the proper research and try to find the moving company that will help you with this whole process. There are actually some companies like Miami Movers for Less who are shown to be fast and cheap, but safe as well. This is the right way to save some money and time.

Shipping your packages

Sometimes there is the need for shipment of your packages. In that case, you also have to consider the weight of packages as well as the right packaging. Commonly the best solution is to use different packing supplies. For multiple things in the same box, you can use bubble wrap, foam and packing peanuts. Packing peanuts are a great way to fill the empty space between items and to secure them as well. Just make sure that when you are using packing peanuts you fill the whole box with them. They don’t really have the purpose if there isn’t enough of them. When the package is full, everything will stay in its place.

You should think about packing supplies as an investment. If you are willing to buy the right supplies for your packing you are making sure that you are decreasing the chance for damage. This is especially important if you are moving cross country. Make sure that you have well chosen and checked all your packing supplies.

Fragile written on a wooden board
Don’t leave empty space inside the moving box.

Other packing supplies that you will need

Besides the packing essentials, as we mentioned, you will surely need a couple of other supplies. These aren’t less important and you shouldn’t forget it: scissors, box cuts, masking tape, stretch wrap, plastic bags, basic tools, trash bags ( for packing larger miscellanies stuff that isn’t fragile).

Stretch wrap is useful for securing doors or drawers of your furniture. When you wrap them, they won’t be able to open by themselves. It sticks by its own, you don’t need glue or anything like that.

Basic tool kit usually has a hammer, a screwdriver, measuring tape, nails, and screws. Because you are working with different type of materials when you are packing, it is quite useful to have work gloves. You won’t cut yourself as much or at least you will be a little less dirty. A drill is always welcomed, but not everybody has it. If you are hiring movers who are doing the packing as well, you won’t probably need all this.

Don’t forget that moving is messy and you will also need cleaning supplies. After you pack everything, surely you’ll need to dust or wash that empty space you are leaving behind.

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