Moving to Hollywood FL – pros and cons

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Do you think moving to Hollywood, FL is a good idea? Do you still have doubts about it? Well, you are in the right place! Here you will find out more about the pros and cons of living in Hollywood FL. You can find out all the information you need about education, the job market, housing, and general lifestyle. This article will help you narrow down all the fundamental information you need to know about a certain place before the relocation. One of the first tips you will get is to ensure you move with some of the best moving companies in Florida. These professionals will make your relocation easy. And that is the main thing to start with when preparing for moving to Hollywood FL.

Why are the pros and cons of living in a certain place important?

To start with, you need to understand what will the knowledge about the pros and cons bring you. Start with determining the real reason for your move. Whether you are moving because of the great job opportunities or to provide your kids with the best education possible, you need to find a place that will give you the things you require. The next thing you need to determine is your needs. Based on your needs, you will see if the particular place you are interested in can give you the life you crave for.

Hollywood sign for the street
By checking the pros and cons of moving to Hollywood FL, you will be able to determine whether this place is the right for you.

Knowing these two things, you will be able to sort out the cons and the pros of moving to Hollywood FL. But you need to remember one thing. You might have to make some compromises. There is no place on Earth where you will have everything you and your family are searching for. However, some places are just about to be perfect. And Hollywood is one of them.

Help from professionals is one way to gain excellent moving experience

Keep in mind the fact that your relocation does not finish once you determine the neighborhood you want to live in. You will need to find adequate help for this. And there is no better way to find help than to explore some high-quality moving services Miami has. Once you get the moving quote and set the moving date, you will be stepping into the process of the relocation. This is where the fun starts.

Moving to Hollywood FL – pros and cons

Like any other place in the USA, Hollywood has its pros and cons. There is one thing you need to be aware of. These facts are written based on statistics from people moving and living in Hollywood. So, one person’s con does not mean that it might be the con for you. So even though you hear about living and moving here from the residents of Hollywood, you should be open-minded and bring a decision based on your and your family’s needs.

Pros of moving to Hollywood FL

  1. Great schools and educational systems
  2. Numerous job opportunities
  3. Gorgeous neighborhoods and most polite neighbors
red car moving to Hollywood FL
Hollywood’s residents have a great sense of community.

Why is having a great school near you important?

People moving with their kids know how important having a great school near you is. Moving to Hollywood will bring you exactly that. There are numerous public and private schools where your kids will gain great knowledge. All the schools here come under Broward County. This is one of the largest public school systems in the US, taking 6th place.  This is one of the fully accredited school systems in the country. There are far over:

  • 315 schools
  • 141 elementary schools
  • 1 K – 8
  • 42 middle schools

This is one of the pros of relocating to Hollywood FL since your young children will have a wide choice of schools to attend.

Private schools

Also, you can enroll your kid in private schools. If your child can’t attend classes, then there are virtual schools for that kind of situation. If you are looking for high schools precisely in Hollywood, there are:

  • McArthur High School
  • South Broward High School
  • Hollywood Hills High School

These three are among the top high schools in this county. There are also a few middle schools with quite a few elementary and private schools. Think about your child’s education and future. Talk to your children and figure out what is the best school for them. You should do this before you get to organize a relocation. Especially if you are planning a nationwide relocation. But, most of the time you won’t have to worry about it if you hire some of the most experienced long distance movers Florida has. They will help you a lot with the relocation so you can focus on other things!

kids at school
Educational systems in Hollywood are among the best ones in the USA.

Job opportunities and market

The main source of income in Hollywood are tourism and aerospace and electronics productions. After that, the biggest employer in Hollywood FL is health care services. Only in 2011, the Memorial Healthcare system employed around 9,500 medical staff, followed by other medical healthcare services 4,000 and 1,200. In December 2012, the unemployment rate was measured at around 7 percent. The percentage, right now, is dropping! This is a good sign for all of you moving here to find a better-paid job.

Job hunting in Hollywood FL

It is a good idea to start job hunting as soon as you can. Even before you move into your new home. The best thing for you is to find a job long before moving to Hollywood FL. A certain way to know you will stay on a good track and not end up in debt. You should learn more about relocation hints and tricks you can follow for a stressless relocation! Some of the biggest companies in Hollywood where you can find a job:

  1. Heico,
  2. Duty-Free Americans,
  3. Seminole Hard Rock & Casino Hollywood
  4. Brandsmart USA
  5. Diplomat Properties LP.

Among these listed, there are a numberless of other companies that employ people though out the whole year.

Neighborhoods play an important role when choosing your new hometown

If you didn’t know by now, Hollywood FL is an average-sized city! The number of people currently living here is over 150,000, spread over 30 square miles. So, the main question people ask themselves before they move to Hollywood is, how to find a perfect neighborhood? Well, if you already have a friend or family member somewhere then it’s easy. You will probably stick close to them. There are almost no traffic jams so people do not have any problems when they return from their jobs. That is why, if you already have friends or family living here, contact them and get the information you need. These pieces of information should be enough for you to contact some of the most reputable residential movers Miami has and prepare for the relocation. The best neighborhoods in Hollywood FL are:

  • Hollywood Hills
  • Emerald Hills
  • Hollywood Lakes

People here are polite. You will be living in a place full of diversity. Everyone will feel welcome here. This is maybe one of the most important stuff when moving with kids. You want your kid to feel welcomed. And accepted. It will help your kids adjust better and faster. Plus, you will have an opportunity to ask everyone around you for help when needed.

Although we already mentioned this in some previous blogs, we have to repeat it. It is imperative to find a place of living before you hire movers. People often make this mistake thinking they can commit relocation in a hurry. They only end up having a lot of problems. First, find the place where you will be living before you hire professional movers Hollywood FL.

w=a woman at a new job after moving to Hollywood FL
Numerous job opportunities are just some of the pros of moving here.

Think about living in Hollywood by working someplace else

Or the reverse. You can live in another town and work in Holywood. In case Hollywood has great job offers for your field of interest, you should know that you are not obligated to live there. And now is a great chance to introduce you to one additional pro of living and moving to Hollywood FL. One of the cities in California that will suit your needs like Hollywood is the place called Weston. Weston has everything you have been searching for and more. But one of the main things, why we are mentioning this place, is that the commute from Hollywood to Weston is really easy. You will be able to get to your office or your home in the minimum required time. Weston has a different set of job opportunities and companies than Hollywood.

One more thing that will make you think about combining these two places together is the living cost. One of the cons of living in Hollywood is the living cost, but more of that later. Weston is a perfect place combined with family-friendly activities and urban nightlife. And on top of that, the costs of living are on the average level, which makes this place combined with Hollywood the perfect place for you to live, work and enjoy your life. That is one of the crucial reasons why you should be contacting Weston movers immediately.

Cons of moving to Hollywood FL

  1. High costs of living
  2. Weather

Living costs in Hollywood FL

As expected, the cost of living in Hollywood FL is higher. To be honest, it is not much higher than the national average. Things that are not cheaper here are consumer goods and housing. If you wish to buy a single-family home then there is a wide range from $160,000 to multi-million dollar homes. Rent for a one-bedroom place in Hollywood can cost you up to $700 per month, without utilities. But, that’s if you are lucky! Most of the time, the price revolves around $1,700 per month.

neighborhood with palms
Living costs play a big role when deciding to move someplace.

Bills will warry. They have a range from $100 – $3000 per month. Although this might seem a bit expensive, you can easily save some money by doing a little research about it. This is a good idea if you wish to rent a storage unit! It will leave you with more options when you search for the right storage unit. You can cut your expenses like this and end up having a hefty sum for a living.

When we talk about the average cost of living in Hollywood, is around $2122. This makes Hollywood at the top of 4 percent of the most expensive cities in the USA. The median after-tax salary is around $3700. This should be enough for a family and expenses for around two months.

Why is weather the con of living here?

Hollywood is now to be in the nice and sunny part of the state. However, do not let this confuse you. Hollywood is also known as a place where there are natural disasters. Occasionally, you will have red alarms related to bad weather. Some of them are wildfires, flooding, mudslides, earthquakes, and extreme heat.

destroyed neighborhood
Every house should have some developed system to protect you from natural disasters

This will play a big role when you choose to buy or rent a home here. There are developing systems that will help you preserve your home and your property when a natural disaster like this hits.  You need to check whether the property you are buying or renting has this developed system that will help you save everything you have. It is important for people who are moving here from the states where these natural disasters are not present.

By checking all of these pros and cons of moving to Hollywood FL you will have a clear image of whether living here is the right for you. You will gain so much by moving here. And when it comes to the cons of moving here you will see that there are ways to avoid them. Think about moving here, and talk to your friends and family. Be sure that living in Hollywood will bring you nothing but joy, happiness, and fun.

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