What kind of storage should you use?

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During the last decade, a huge number of people decided to rent a storage unit. The era of consumerism has brought more things than we actually need to our homes. Hence, we are all looking for a way to break loose and get rid of the belonging we don’t use every day. And if you are moving to the smaller home or just want a fresh beginning, storage is an ideal solution. This brings us to the question, what kind of storage should you use? Let’s give this some thought and figure it out.

What kind of storage should you use? Old camera and photos.
Fragile and valuable belongings require climate-controlled conditions.

What are you storing?

Remember that there are many different kinds of storage, even within the same company. Differences are severe between facilities in security measures, cleanliness, temperature control, customer service, and access. Consequently, knowing more about those differences will greatly help you choose the right storage facility. The type of things that you store, determines the kind of storage unit that suits your needs.

  • For storing the furniture, you probably need a large and climate controlled unit.
  • If you plan to store clothes, tools, equipment, toys and similar things, you can probably go with a smaller unit.
  • Car, bikes and any type of vehicles require an outdoor storage unit with easy access.
  • What kind of storage should you use for your valuable and fragile items? Art pieces and other valuable possessions require special conditions. You will need a temperature controlled indoor storage unit.
  • Whichever other types of things you need to store, the best way is consulting with a storage manager. Miami storage representatives will be more than capable to give you good advise.

Outdoor storage

Renting the outdoor storage is similar to renting a secure garage. Mostly it’s not climate controlled, and probably includes minimal security other than a strong lock. Hence, outdoor self-storage is perfect for lawn furniture, vehicles, yard tools, and sporting equipment. Those items require easy to access because of their size, but no need for any special climate conditions whatsoever.

What kind of storage should you use? Old-timer captured.
Vehicles and sports equipment can be stored in the outdoor unit.

Indoor storage

What kind of storage should you use for your fragile items? The indoor storage. When storing delicate or valuable items like photos and electronics, have in mind that they may be affected by extreme temperatures and moisture. You don’t want to deal with tracking in water and potentially damaging your belongings. Climate-controlled storage units are often more expensive, but you’re paying for the benefit of a safe environment for your things. Beside delicate and valuable pieces, indoor storage is a perfect solution for storing seasonal clothes you may access once per year.

Also, be aware that indoor storage units are mostly located in buildings with multiple floors. This could make moving in and moving out slightly more complicated. If you’re planning to access your unit frequently, you’ll need to consider a few things. Have in mind parking availability, the floor your unit is on, and its distance from the loading dock and elevators.

Keep it safe

Particularly if you are storing collectible and expensive items, safety comes first. Protect your valuable and fragile items by covering all the possible weak points. Indoor storage units are often harder to access but they are also more protected. And before you sign any contract, make sure to check if loading docks, elevators, and hallways are well lighted. Choosing the unit on the upper floor can give you more piece of mind regarding this matter. And don’t forget to ask about access hours, and security measures. If in the worst case scenario, something gets damaged or stolen, having the insurance will save your money and your nerves.

Big or small?

What kind of storage should you use, big or small? If you’re simply decluttering your home, a 5’x5′ storage unit will probably fit perfectly your needs. On the other side, a 10’x20′ storage unit is a great solution for the people that are between houses. Roughly, it can hold 3-4 bedrooms worth of items and it’s spacious enough for larger items such as refrigerators, beds, and sofas. But this is just an approximate estimate, you need to know the exact size and number of your items to get an exact one.

What kind of storage should you use? Table and chairs in garden.
Patio furniture and other odd-shaped items need a special storage unit.

The price matters

When looking for a perfect storage unit, remember to ask for the price too. Don’t overburden yourself with storage you can’t afford. Good news is that most companies will offer you the first month free or at a lower price. If the facility doesn’t offer a special, don’t worry, the next one you visit probably will. Since you will most probably get to your storage unit by car every time, you can maybe make a compromise with a location. Outlying storage facilities often offer lower rates. And the location is you could sacrifice, the quality is not.

Special conditions

If you have a collection of odd-shaped items, you probably need a special storage unit. Storing a bed frame, bikes, patio furniture, pool table, and similar items can be a pickle. First of all, you should look for special packing service. Then, you should ask the storage unit manager for guidance on what typically fits inside their units. Very often, quality storage facilities will provide illustrations or lists of items that commonly fit inside their various available sizes. Maybe you need to store something extremely temperature sensitive, such as wine. This is something you need to discuss and arrange with a storage manager. Don’t risk damaging your goods by being mysterious.

What kind of storage should you use?

As you see, what kind of storage should you use depends on the items you store. Also, be sure to get quotes from at least two or three different facilities. Reliable storage company will help you find what fits best your needs and your budget. With a little bit of digging, you will find a storage unit that checks off all your boxes.



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