Top cities for students in Miami Dade county

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Florida and Miami Dade County in particular have always attracted people from all over the US and the rest of the world. Nowadays, many students decide to move to the Miami area because it has some of the best universities in the country. In addition, this is one of the most popular and fast-developing areas to which people of all ages choose to move to. However, studying in Miami can be a great investment. For this reason, before you hire Miami Movers For Less Florida, it is important to know as much as possible about the area you plan to move to. In addition to a great education, the cities in the Miami Metropolitan area have so much more to offer to young people. Read this article and discover some of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county.

Get to know Miami Dade county

This is the seventh most populous county in the country with around 2,7 million people living there. It counts around 34 cities that bear a special reputation in the nation. Northern, eastern, and central parts of the county are highly urban. While the southern part including Redland and Homestead make up the agricultural economy part. The central business district is in Downtown Miami. For this reason, it attracts many young people to come and study or work here. They contact moving companies Miami Dade to move here because of the endless job opportunities. This business booming center also offers great weather conditions, excellent transportation, and many fun amenities. In addition, there are around 30 colleges and universities within the borders of Miami. Some of them rank among the top 100 in the nation. Finally, young people also plan to stay in this county and find a job position.

the beach of one of the cities for students in Miami Dade county
You should discover all about Miami Dade county before moving here

Aventura is one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county

If you prefer to live and study in an urban, yet quiet area, then Aventura is the place for you. This small city is in the north of Miami and is in the coastal area. For this reason, it is a dream come true for many young people who prefer to live near the beach. This suburban vibe will give you enough peace for studying. You can hire a moving company Aventura and move into this community college. Within 200 miles of Aventura, there are 4 community and junior colleges. These colleges enroll around 38,000 students.  Florida Keys Community College is one of the closest in the area. In addition, it is around 138.5 miles from Aventura. One of the largest colleges in the Aventura area is Hillsborough Community College. It enrolls almost 20,000 students. Among the most affordable colleges is Eastern Florida State College in Cocoa.

The City of Sun and Sea

This is the name of the small city in the northeast of Miami Dade- Sunny Isles Beach. Its residents say they prefer living here because of the beautiful nature, luxurious condominiums, and positive atmosphere.  When you hire movers Sunny Isle Beach, prepare for a true college life adventure. There are around 12 popular colleges within only 20 miles of Sunny Isles Beach. In addition, within only a few miles you can enroll at Johnson & Wales University.

a bird eye view of the city on the beach
Sunny Isle beach is one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county

Other popular universities are Barry University, Saint Thomas University, and Talmudic College of Florida. Apart from studying, you can enjoy many popular amenities. The beach is the central outdoor activity place. Also, if you prefer to stay active during the day, walking and riding a bicycle is perfect for running daily activities. Finally, you will find plenty of shopping and dining opportunities on every corner.

The University of Miami in Coral Gables

The residents of Coral Gables say that this is one of the most desirable cities to live in. In addition, this is one of the most popular cities for students in Miami Dade county. Also, this is one of the safest places to live in the entire county. For this reason, many students and families with children prefer to live here. If you decide to book movers Coral Gables, you will have the option to study at one of the most popular universities. The University of Miami ranks as the second best in Florida. In addition, it ranks among the best ten universities in the States. Among the most popular courses are Criminal Justice, Therapy, and Kinesiology. Students love Coral Gables as they can choose from many different outdoor attractions. There are many green surfaces popular for hiking, tennis playing, or biking together with beach activities.

North Miami is one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county

It is not hard to find out why so many people like to move to North Miami. In recent years, this is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. The weather is just perfect with temperatures around 32 degrees. Therefore, spending a day at the beach after classes with your college friends is a must. The reason why you should hire one of the moving companies North Miami is because there are great job options after you finish your studies. There are around 27 colleges in the area, of which 25 are private and 2 public. The job market of North Miami has so much to offer. If you plan to work in tourism, sales, fashion, or marketing, then this is the city for you. Another thing that attracts many students here is the famous parties and tasty dining options after parties.

buildings in one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county
North Miami has a great job market

Downtown Miami and Miami Dade College

Miami is the second largest city in Florida and also one of the most popular ones. In addition, this city is one of the largest cultural and financial areas in the country. Also, its urban lifestyle and nightlife are something that makes many young people wish to come and study here. If you plan to live and study in the heart of the city, hire residential movers Miami as soon as you can. You will find here Miami Dade College. This college encourages students to finish their studies and also gives them the option to work part-time. Since the city offers several work positions, studying and working here will not be hard. This is also a great place for foodies. Due to its great diversity, you can taste here the food of different nations in numerous restaurants along the coast.

Moving to Doral as a student

If you are thinking about studying and working in one of the most popular regions of Miami, then Doral is the right place for you. Here you can also find a balance between studying and working. This is what makes Doral one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county. Both Miami Port and Miami International Airport are in this area. In addition, living here as a student, using storage Miami can come in handy for your belongings. Also, among the most popular universities here is Carlos Albizu University. It has evening programs for working students. This will give you the opportunity to work and study without skipping classes. Finally, this suburb of Miami has a high walkable score. There are many golf courses and bicycle-friendly surroundings. You can enjoy the fresh air among the trees and many green surfaces.

a building of the university
Doral is among the best cities for students in Miami Dade county

Cities for students in Miami Dade county – Homestead

If you prefer to live and study in an area that is quiet and gives a suburban vibe, then the right choice for you is certainly Homestead. There has been an increase in the population recently. Nowadays, there are around 69,000 residents living in this area of Miami. Since it is around 30 miles from Miami, you can still live here and study nearby. If coming from another state, interstate moving companies Miami can help you with the relocation. There are around 17 colleges and universities around Homestead. After you finish your studies, you can expect to find a position quickly. From 2021, job growth in Homestead was above the national average. There have been more than 138,000 job openings in the last year. when it comes to earnings, workers in Homestead have around $19,00 hourly pay which is better than the national average.

Miami Shores, FL

If you are looking to move to Miami Shores, you will certainly have a neighborly feel in this area. This tight-knit community counts around 10,000 residents. Around 89% percent of people living here are homeowners. The median home income is $95,909. However, you can buy a property here for less than $500,000. If you are an international student moving to Miami and have to work and study, then moving here is a great option. Barry University in the Miami Shores is among the most popular. It also offers evening degree programs for working students. In addition, this is one of the most diverse universities in Florida. It is also among the 30 top-notch suburbs in Florida. The proximity of beach is just a few minutes away from the university. Therefore, you can spend some quality time with your friends after classes enjoying the beach amenities.

a library at the university
Barry University in the Miami Shores is among the most popular

Moving to Pinecrest

One of the neighborhoods of Miami that seems to be getting a lot of attention recently is Pinecrest. Its location is south of Downtown Miami. In addition, this is one of the safest communities in the Miami Metropolitan area. Many young families and students are moving to this lovely suburb recently. Although some young people may find this more than a con than a pro, the city does not have nightclubs and late-night hangouts. For this reason, many parents prefer to send their children here to study. People who live here are very welcoming to the new residents. In this community, people focus on social events that are attractive to young people as well. Here you can visit numerous jazz festivals. Also, there are many farmers’ markets. Sports lovers can enjoy many different sports activities. Little league baseball, tennis, and kayaking are just some that you can try.

The neighborhood of Hialeah

One of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county is certainly Hialeah. In recent years, the city has seen stable population growth. The number of people living here is around 237,285. This area ranks pretty well in the combination of diversity and different factors. You can find here something for everybody. Being among the top Florida cities for college grads, it is popular for students who like to take medical and nursing courses. At Florida National University you can take courses such as Health Services Administration or Dental Studies. This neighborhood is also very Latin-oriented.

an eye bird view of the beach in one of the top  cities for students in Miami Dade county
Hialeah is a place for medical students

Therefore, you will have a feeling like you are on vacation in southern than the US. The livability score of the city is above average. Education and the schools in Hialeah have a “B-” rating. Students in this city have many opportunities to involve in extracurricular activities.

Other popular cities for students in Miami Dade county

Just alongside the second-largest city in Florida is the neighborhood of Kendall. This charming Miami suburb with around 72,000 residents is close to Homestead and Pembroke Pines. For students planning to relocate here, the monthly rental prices are around $1,294. Just like other Florida cities, its economic prospect is strong. So you will not have to worry about finding a job after graduation. Students can find here the second most popular campus at Nova Southeastern University. Another reason this is one of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county is that the unemployment rate is around 3,4%. Moving here will bring advantages in the terms of business success.

There are many different factors to consider when moving to a certain city for studies. Florida has so much to offer to people of different ages. It is particularly popular among young people who are about to begin their studies. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose among some of the best cities for students in Miami Dade county. Before picking a place where you will be studying, it is necessary to do thorough research. In addition, consider all the options that Miami Metropolitan area cities have to offer. Once you find a perfect city and a university to start your student carrier, you can start with relocation plans.

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