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Packing fragile and valuable items for long distance move

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Moving can be stressful, no matter if you are moving near your old home or if it is a long-distance one. You need to pack and move all of your belongings and it can be a difficult job that can last for days. It is especially stressful and hard when you have belongings that are fragile or valuable or both. Packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move is hard because they might break or damage.

Preparing for packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move

The long-distance move can be stressful even if you do not own fragile or valuable items. You should prepare for it before you start. When you move far away from home, you are going to a different kind of environment and you’ll need to adjust. You will meet new people and have a new job, so it will be a big change. If you are moving with pets or children, you should help them prepare too. Kids can be especially influenced by this so you must help the children adjust.

Packing fragile and valuable items for long distance move - moving truck, employees and a person that is moving
Packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move can be stressful

Should you do it yourself?

Packing and moving your belongings is hard, especially if they can break or damage, especially if they lose value if this happens. You should consider getting professional help. Moving companies have a packing service that can pack and move your stuff. Still, belongings like medication, passport, birth certificate and alike should always be by your side.

Step by step, for stress-free packing

You did everything you need to do before the move, like establish the date and hire a moving company. Make sure you hire a reliable moving company, like movers in Fort Lauderdale. Moving company choice is one of the most important decisions to make since they will be the ones moving your fragile belongings. Make sure you have enough time to pack your fragile and valuable belongings, start packing a few days before the move.

Packing supplies

First of all, you need to have equipment for this quest. There are some items that will help you:

  • Packing paper is useful when you are packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move
  • Packing peanuts
  • New boxes
  • Packing foam
  • Markers
  • Duct tape

It is important to get new boxes because the old ones can break and your belongings might fall out and break. Make sure you get the right kind of equipment and that it is a high-quality one.

3 boxes stacked on each other used for packing fragile and valuable items for long distance move
Make sure your boxes are strong enough

When using wrapping paper and packing peanuts, make sure you put some on the bottom of the box, place item inside and cover it up and around before you close the box. All items should be protected so they can’t move inside the box.

Make sure you label all the boxes, writing what is inside of them, and you should also write witch side of the box should be facing up.

No matter if you are moving into another state or you are using interstate moving companies Miami, you should inform your movers that you are moving fragile belongings, they will be extra careful. Packing fragile and valuable items for the long-distance move will be easier if everybody is aware of the situation.

Packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move

Now that you have the supplies that you need, you can start packing. How will you do it depends on what are the things that you need to pack. It is best to make a list of things that are fragile and valuable. Now, you know what supplies you need and what your next step is. Also, most moving companies will give you moving insurance when moving your valuable belongings.

Electronics, we can’t live without them

You know that you will do whatever it takes to get your flat-screen TV safe to the new home. Same goes for the computer, gaming system, speakers and all other electronics you use for your job, or are just expensive. You should back up every piece of equipment you can. Make a copy of everything, just in case. If you still own them, pack your items in the boxes you got them in. That will be the safest way. If not, use new boxes, high-quality ones. Put packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Wrap the items in a packing paper and put some tape on it to make sure it won’t slip. Once you did this, place the equipment inside the box and cover remaining space with packing peanuts. Close and tape the box. Never put more than one piece of equipment in the same box.

TV set
Moving a TV set can be difficult, and it can break

Dishes and glasses

Kitchen is the hardest of all rooms when it comes to packing. Pretty much everything is breakable. So, be extra careful when packing it. Make sure you use dish packs or thicker cardboard boxes. Wrap each item with wrapping paper and put some inside as well. Use packing peanuts for the bottom of the box and around each piece of pottery. Make sure nothing touches other glasses, plates or walls of the box. Plates should be stored sideways.

When packing fragile and valuable items for long distance move, look after the plates
Make sure to pack plates sideways.

What to do with lamps?

Lamps are tricky to pack. You should disassemble them first. Take the lampshade off, and pack it in the box you got the lamp in if it is possible. Get the lightbulb out. Once you put the lamp in the box, place as much packing peanuts as you can fit and tape the box.

Lamps on a shelf
Lamps are very difficult to pack so try to save the box you get them in

Mirrors and picture frames

You should get the special boxes, made for moving these kinds of items. They are thicker and more protective. Put a large X shape on the mirror or the glass with duct tape. Wrap it in packing paper. Label them and make sure you put them in a van standing up, leaned on the side of the wan. Arrange other boxes so it stands in one place.

Packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move, when should you call for help?

If you have a large instrument, piano, for example, you should really contact movers that can provide you with this kind of service. No doubt it is better to pay someone to move your belongings carefully than moving them yourself and damaging them. Make sure there is enough room for everything in the van. If there is not, it’s better to use storage service and come back for the rest later than damage something. Always check if boxes labeled ‘’fragile’’ are on the top.

Packing fragile and valuable items for a long-distance move can really be stress-free if you prepare properly and not panic. Especially if you do your part by packing everything carefully and tell the movers that boxes labeled ‘’fragile’’ should be moved with extra care. Do not worry, everything will be fine as long as you stick to the instructions.


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