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Home painting ideas that will immediately improve your space

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You are about to sell or buy a new home? To paint it exactly how you like is the best way for the quick refresher. Not only the quickest and the easiest but the cheapest way. Therefore, today we will present several solutions and home painting ideas that you can utilize to give your space a new look. Let us walk you through the steps and give your home a facelift it deserves!

Which colors make you feel positive?

You already know that a certain color can affect your mood in a different way. Therefore, it is important to use proper colors and to mix them good. This is extremely important no matter if you are buying, selling, or decorating a rental apartment. Although, ask your landlord for permission to paint before doing it. Let us start with red and orange. Both colors will raise energy and stimulate all sorts of interactions. Being in a red room will raise your appetite and you’ll be more likely to engage in a conversation. A good choice for a kitchen/dining area. Yellow is like red and orange but we should add that this color is widening the space, mostly used for hallways and children’s room. For something calmer and more serene, settle down with a blue color. Light versions are to widen the space and darker ones to calm and soothe.

Browse through the color options and apply to your home painting ideas
Browse through the color options and apply to your home painting ideas

But you can choose something in between, and that is green. The green color of nature will bring happiness in your home, and it is suited for anything. You can use this versatile choice for any area of the house. Also, the purple color will work in the same way. Although, we must add that purple provides a notion of youth, energetic environment, luxury, etc. Lastly, we will mention the brown and gray color, which will emit the opposite. More suited for a sophisticated notion of wisdom, knowledge, calmness. The brown color is a bit warmer, and it can be used for a master bedroom, kitchen, and a dining room. All colors mentioned are well paired with white, depending on what you want to achieve.

It is important to use the proper primer

Now when you decided which color to use, it is time to choose a proper primer. It is a base for all home painting ideas. Let’s choose the right one. If you are painting over a white flat area, you are fine. But if you are trying to paint over a darker color, you might need to do it several times. You should know that there are a few popular primers such as oil, latex, and shellac-based primers. Oil-based primer is mostly used to cover the old wooden surfaces. The idea is to keep the old paint and wooden imperfections from reaching out. Latex-based primer is more resistible to cracks, therefore making it a great option to use when covering drywalls, bricks, and concrete. And shellac-based primer is best for covering old stains, especially the old smoked walls. You can use it on any surface like metal, plastic, or wood.

Painting roller
Think about the primer you are using before you apply the paint

But what if you are about to move to Miami, and you have no time to think about all of this? Or maybe you simply have no time in general? Think about enlisting a professional to do it for you. Once you found your dream home, simply choose a color and enjoy the after-effect without too many headaches. This will provide more time to look for a moving company and to think about other aspects of the relocation process.

Oil or Latex-based paint?

Two basic and most popular choices are in front of you, and that is the latex and oil paint. Oil-based paint is easier to apply, but it takes more time to dry. It is also much harder to clean, so be careful not to spill it and make stains. Also, the fumes are heavy and you should not breathe it for too long. Oil-based paint is best used for wood.

On the other hand, we have latex-based paint which is mostly made of water which makes it dry much faster. Also, you can clean it three times easier than oil-based paint. Simple soap and water will do the trick. You can use it wherever you want due to the flexibility and easy handling.

Home painting ideas with the right finish!

Now, you decided on paint, but what kind of finish you’ll appreciate the most? Do you want it to be flat and to reflect less light? Or maybe you want your walls to radiate with a glossy shine? There are many options here and most of them are purely aesthetic. Be advised that you can make it flat or matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Once you are at the store and ready to buy your paint, communicate this with the store clerk. Explain what kind of project you are handling, what paint you are using, and what results you are expecting. They will provide the best finish for you to match your wishes.

Brush in one hand, roller in the other!

You figured out how to find the best home in Miami, and you finally managed to find the one for you. Now you must adapt it and renovate to be exactly how you imagined. But do not worry, this part is fairly easy. Most of the home painting ideas are achievable with a can of paint, and a brush. But which brush or a roller you should use you might ask? It is easy, but you should know that a high-quality brush is equally important as your paint. Therefore, find a balance and find the best one for you. Do not use the cheap versions in order to save your budget. A cheap brush can damage your walls and smear the paint, ending up with messy doodle.

Painting brush
Be sure to use a proper brush for the surface you are painting

If you decide to use a brush, you should know that there are synthetic and natural ones. The synthetic brush is made from polyester and nylon and you should pair them with latex-based paint. The natural brush is made of animal hair and you should use it with oil-based paint. Also, the rollers are the fastest way to paint your walls, and they are made from the same materials already mentioned. Depending on the material, you should pair them with proper paint as well.

Home painting ideas applied step by step

While moving to your new home, think about all the time you are investing in it. You must pack, move, unpack, and work on the adaptation. Since you decided to tackle your painting project yourself, think about other moving stages where you can save time. For example, think about enlisting a moving service of a proper moving company. Try out movers Boca Raton, as one of the best local options. Experienced and knowledgeable movers will relocate you cheaply and safely, while you use your precious time for other things. Give them a call today!

And now it is time to apply your paint

Let us begin:

  • Fumes – Let the fresh air in. Make a breeze or use ventilator or AC to keep the air breathable. Do not forget to get rid of paint smell and fumes, since it can damage your health.
  • PreparationIf you have new brushes you are the lucky one. But if you are using the old ones, you must clean them first. Soak your brush in warmed vinegar for an hour. Dry it, and you are good to go.
  • Protection – Use Vaseline to protect areas you do not want to paint. For example, keyholes, hinges, screws, ornaments, plates, etc. Also, you can add a layer of it in the corners of windows to easily paint around. Additionally, use painters tape to secure and split the areas you are painting. This way you won’t run over and mess up.
  • PrimerBefore applying primer, be sure that everything is clean. Paint does not work well with dirt, mold, grime, stains, etc. Clean everything at least a day before painting.
  • Brush & Roll – Same is to be done with your brush. Be sure to test your brush before painting. Also, inspect your roller and give it a dry try on a test surface. Get rid of all imperfections and fuzz that accumulated over time.

Now you know the very basic home painting ideas and ways on how to handle it yourself. We are sure that as a homeowner, home seller, or a landlord in Miami, you will utilize it once the time comes. Good luck, and happy painting!


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