Should you start a family in Miami?

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When the time comes to start a family, you might feel an overwhelming sense of dread. After all, this world might seem like quite a scary place! With so much being in turmoil, you can be grasping for the best locations for your family. Where can you go? Where should you settle? Well, you are in luck because your best local movers Florida are here for you! Today, Miami Movers For Less take a look at the city of Miami, and answer one of the most requested questions in recent time – should you start a family in Miami. Find out more in this article!

Let us take a walk through the city of Miami

The first things you need to know about Miami city are the basics. It was incorporated in 1896, by Julia Tuttle, a landowner, convincing Henry Flager to get his railroad all the way to the coast of Florida. This makes Miami the only major city in the United State to have been founded by a woman. Today, though, Miami is one of the biggest and most popular metropolitan areas in the state, as well as the country. It is a cradle of cultural, economic and financial development, and counts the population of around 470,000 people.

Miami skyline
Miami offers a variety of opportunities in many fields – both for you as well as for your family

There is much to see and do around the city – and a lot more that makes it unique. For example, the third-tallest skyline in the country makes this city instantly recognizable! There are over 300 high-rises – and just as many opportunities for you! There are also over 800 parks that you can get lost and spend time with your family, and this can factor into your decision to start a family in Miami!

How the cost of living can affect your decision to start a family in Miami

Miami can be a wonderful city, but when you face the (ever-rising) cost of living, this can easily put you off from the decision to call long distance movers Miami and start your family here. A four-person family, on average, spends in Miami about $3,700 to live in the city. This number excludes housing and can be quite a handful for low-income households. On the other hand, a single person might spend around $1,000 – again, with no housing.

This is why, to start a family in Miami, you might want to consider renting a place. Depending on where you will want to live amongst the Miami neighborhoods, you might have to spend between $1,700 and $2,100. Knowing that you might have to spend more than the national average on living will make some people move – but Miami has a lot to offer to those who decide to stay!

Finding jobs will not be hard!

To fight this cost of living there is a thriving job industry. Miami is actually one of the best places in Florida for job seekers! The unemployment rate in Miami is only 4.2% – and there are even efforts to lower it down! A lot of this leans onto tourism, for which both Miami and the state of Florida are famous for! Really, wherever you go in Florida, you will not be further than 60 miles away from the beach! This is what makes Miami so popular amongst tourists!

a briefcase
Finding a job will be easy after moving your family to Miami!

What’s more, there is the Port of Miami – which is the busiest cruise passenger port in the world! However, if your job is not connected to travel or hospitality, you don’t need to worry! Many national, as well as international companies, call Miami their home! Cisco Systems and Caterpillar Americas Services are just two of the names you will find here, along with the biggest bank system in the country!

Finally, Miami is also a hotspot for the fashion industry! Some of the forerunners in the top modeling industry have their agencies here! There are also many shows and events all throughout the year you can attend or work at! The two biggest are the annual Miami Fashion Week as well as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim!

Knowing how to get around the city is important when you want to start a family in Miami

Another important thing that you want to know is how you and your family will be able to go around Miami and do your daily tasks. Kids need to go to school, practices, hobbies, and classes, and getting there fast and safely is important. And you have probably heard about what a nightmare the traffic in Miami can be. Speed limits, lights, lanes – it can seem like none of this interests people here! But it is not quite like it. Actually, even though it is a weird thing to boast, Miami is only the fifth worst city for traffic in the United States.

Perhaps this is because public transit is so nice. And even if you do get stuck somewhere along the way, you can finish up a book you are reading! Still, there are quite a lot of options for you and your family to choose from. First, there are more than 95 routes of Metrobus, with almost 1,000 buses running around each day! They connect Miami with Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and even the Florida Keys.

a bus sign in Miami
There are a lot of transit options in Miami!

Other transportation options include Metrorail, which is a monorail-like metro system and which connects to the northwest of Miami-Dade and the Jackson Memorial Hospital area. Then there is Metromover for those who travel around the Downtown quite often. This free service consists of small loops around the area. Similarly free is the Trolley, which starts at 6:30 am and runs until various times – depending on their location.

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