Best places in Florida for job seekers

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Whether you are at the start of your professional carrier, or you want to change your current job, searching for a job can be a challenge. Especially if you are thinking about moving to Florida and beginning a new chapter in your life. Many things should be taken into consideration when making such a big decision. That is why we did that for you and made a list with some of the best places in Florida for job seekers.

The Sunshine State is waiting for you

Florida is not only a place for having a great time, but it is much more than that. With all its beauty, it can provide a great job and educational opportunities, as well. Imagine living and working near the beach or having an office in the city center. You can choose whatever you like and enjoy in a vibrant, yet serene life, that Florida is providing. Sound great, isn’t it?

palm trees
Palm trees of Florida

We know that relocating to a new place can be difficult. Not only you will have to prepare yourself for the new environment, but you will have to prepare for the relocation itself. Preparations should start on time, so choosing a moving company should be in the first place. Professionals such as movers Plantation FL can take care of your relocation in the best possible way. With extensive experience and trained team, they can make your relocation to Florida pleasant and comfortable.

Some of the best places in Florida for job seekers

As per statistics, the United States has the lowest unemployment rate ever. Some cities are better than others. So, while making a list of the best places in Florida for job seekers, we took into consideration the next parameters:

  • The cost of living
  • Monthly income
  • House affordability
  • Environment Specifics
  • Criminal rates

Boca Raton- one of the best places in Florida for job seekers

There are many reasons why people are moving to Boca Raton, and one of them is a wide range of jobs. The most significant strength indicators of the job market are income per capita and household income. We will emphasize that the income per capita is 74% higher and median household income 32% higher than the national average. You should not worry about finding a job here because the unemployment rate is 14% lower than average. Statistics say a lot but have in mind that after your workday you will probably want to relax. Whether you are shopping, art, or party lover, you will be more than satisfied with Boca Raton. In case you have kids, the fact that parks are all over the place will mean a lot. With a high school system and a number of universities, it will be beneficial for the whole family.

Statistics shows that Boca Raton is one of the best places in Florida for job seekers
Statistics for Boca Raton are one of the best in Florida

Naples- a combination of nature and luxury

Everyone who is looking for a great carrier should take Naples into consideration. This small place, with a population of around 21k people, is an attractive spot for self-employees. With the growth of corporations, you can strive to a higher carrier. The income per capita is 201% higher than the national average, which, you need to admit, is astounding. When we are talking about the rates, we should say that the unemployment rate is 63% lower than in the whole United States.

It is understandable why this place is labeled as luxurious. The big incomes, a small community, the lowest crime rate, and a friendly living environment. If we can rely on recent studies, this place is the happiest and healthiest in the USA. It is not so hard to believe in that if we shed some light on all the natural beauties of it. Outdoor activities are at the top place, parks, golf, hiking, bird-watching and some of the most beautiful beaches. Who would not like to spend some quality time in this place?!

Oviedo- on the top of the list of places in Florida for job seekers

With just a 20 minutes ride from the University of Central Florida, this might be the ideal place for young professionals looking for a job. With the close proximity and good connection to Orlando, you have more reasons to pick this place. Involved community, low crime rate, and excellent city activities make this place a perfect environment for families, as well. The unemployment rate is 3,6%, which is lower than the average, and the incomes are notably high. Investing in a home property is beneficial due to the forecasts of the further rise in the next years. Even with a population of around 30k, it seems that this place is developing. Many entrepreneurs may settle here, which means an increase in employment opportunities, as well. With a high life standard, economics, and education, Oviedo might be one of the best places in Florida for job seekers.

Oviedo is one of the best places in Florida for job seekers
The University of Central Florida is just 20 minutes away from Oviedo

Coral Gables- a sandy place of job opportunities

Coral Gables is a hometown of the University of Miami, one of the best universities in Florida. College grads might be interested in continuing their educational carrier here or starting a professional one. There are many advantages to moving to Coral Gables. Among the most important ones are high incomes (95% higher than the national average) and plenty of job opportunities. The unemployment rate is 49% lower than the national average. That implies only one thing- you will easily find the job here. Coral Gables provides a calm life with many activities you can do for relaxation. The city has well-organized transportation lines, but you can get anywhere you want by car on time, as well. Job seekers with family and kids can find their peace here. Let us not forget about the beaches, sun, and fun.

Marco Island- a place with a strong economy

The last but not the least on our list of places in Florida for job seekers- Marco Island. Due to the high rate of incomes per capita, this place is immune to possible economics roller-coasters. With the growth of the real estate market, Marco Island is becoming a center of opportunities, one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. The unemployment rate, which is 64% lower than the national average, points out that there are jobs for everyone here. Startups business are all over the place, supported by the Government. Many prominent tech companies are here, so it an excellent spot for IT professionals. A population of around 18k people gives this place a sense of community. We can say that people are very pleasant, dynamic, and always willing to help. So, the period of adjustment will be comfortable and fun, especially for families with kids.

We mentioned just a few of many great places in Florida for job seekers. The decision is only yours, and whatever you choose, you will not make a mistake. So, start with moving preparations, Florida is waiting for you. And do not worry about the relocation, Miami Movers for Less will take care of it. Check out online moving quotes Miami or give us a call. We wish you the best of luck and the job of your dreams.

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