Top 7 places to retire in Florida

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If you are thinking about where to retire to enjoy your golden years, we have a proposition for you. Take the Sunshine State into consideration. This should be the case especially if you have spent most of your working lives in places with less-temperate climates. Now, the only thing that may be seen as a problem is deciding which city to move to. In order to give you a helping hand, here are the top 7 places to retire in Florida.

Think about Naples

Naples is not just the best place to retire in Florida- it is also the best place to retire in the south. It is located in the southwestern part of the state or, to be more precise, right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The fact that shows this city is senior-friendly is that 51% of its population is seniors.

Seniors on a beach
One of the top 7 places to retire in Florida is certainly Naples

You will have quite a number of recreational activities at your disposal if you decide to move here, such as golf. If this sounds just like the place you would like to live, the only thing left for you to do is to hire movers Plantation FL.

Another great place to live in- New Port Richey

This is yet another town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is also close to a major city which will make it easier for you to access cultural attractions- museums, for example- and professional sporting events. In addition to this, there are many recreation facilities, retirement communities and medical centers. As you can see, there will be no need for you to worry about anything. According to some surveys, New Port Richey is the seventh best place to retire in the whole country. So, wait no more- get moving quotes Miami and start packing your belongings!

One of the top 7 places to retire in Florida is Orange Park

The highest-rated city on our list of top 7 places to retire in Florida is certainly Orange Park. In case you prefer less urban areas, this is a city for you since it has a population less than 10,000. However, this means that there will be fewer amenities available to you in comparison to other cities. For example, the number of retirement communities and recreation facilities is lower. On the other hand, you should know that Jacksonville is in the vicinity and you will be able to go there whenever you want. Also, according to some calculations, Orange Park is the 10th best city to retire nation-wide.

Add Stuart to your list

This is a city located on Florida’s Atlantic coast and less than an hour north of West Palm Beach. Port St. Lucie is also near- it is famous as the spring training home of the New York Mets. If you are a fan, you should definitely think about relocating here. And not only this- Stuart is also one of the best places to buy a house in Florida.

If you would like to live by the beach, feel free to buy a house in Stuart.

Should you move here, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the pleasing climate and walking on the beach. Would it not be nice to spend every evening watching the sunset?

If you like urban areas, move to Vero Beach

As you can conclude from its name, Vero Beach is an oceanside town situated on the Atlantic coast in Florida. What makes is one of the top 7 places to retire in Florida is certainly its high number of recreation centers. 28 percent of its population are seniors, which means that you will not have a problem finding company. Vero Beach is a perfect town for you if you are someone who likes more urban areas. The beaches are a popular tourist attraction and you can be sure that you will never get bored. In case you like this place so much and you would like to buy a house, it is advisable to think thoroughly. Do not do this before you think about the pros and cons of buying a beach house.

Consider moving to Venice

The town for shark lovers is certainly Venice. It is known as the ‘shark’s tooth capital of the world’. The reason for this is that it hosts an annual Shark’s Tooth Festival. You will surely not make a mistake if you decide to visit it. The festival offers a lot of fun- there will be fossils, shark’s teeth, live music and even kids games. It lasts for 3 days(from Friday to Sunday) which means that you will have a memorable weekend. In addition to this, since Venice has a very high percentage of seniors, you can be sure that you will have some company.

You will love Sun City Center

This is one of the most senior-friendly communities- as much as 74% of the population are senior citizens. The main reason for this is that Sun City Center has an age restriction. This means that no one under age 55 can live here.

Yes/no checkbox
Not everyone is allowed to live here.

There are many clubs in the town for any kind of interest you can think of- from sewing to ham radios. In case you would like to escape the retirement community at some point, feel free to do so. Sun City Center is located between Tampa and Sarasota- you can go to the wider world whenever you want.

If you would like to move to someplace where it is always sunny and has great beaches, Florida should be number one on your list. This is probably the best place for you to spend your senior years. We have listed the top 7 places to retire in Florida and we hope you have found this article helpful.


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