Tips for packing your home in a day

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An inevitable part of each move is the packing process. Depending on how much items you have, it can be fairly easy or extremely hard and complicated. Nevertheless, whatever is the size of your cargo, there is a way to pack quickly yet efficiently. Therefore, we bring you an important guide for packing your home in a day. It is doable, and we will do it together. Let us begin!

Packing supplies you should use when packing your home in a day

Since you are time-limited, we will list a few packing essentials that you shouldn’t leave out while packing:

  • Cardboard moving box – Each move will require at least a dozen of moving boxes. You can easily find them in an hour or two. They are essential, therefore, visit your local store and purchase them. Aim for medium and small-sized ones.
  • Plastic bins – While you are at the store, consider the plastic bin option. Plastic bins are a long-term investment and a much more stable and safer way to transport your valuables.
  • Protection – You can improvise and make a base for your items before you place them in a box. You should use anything you can find around the house. For example, old cloth, rags, towels, and even your clothing. Tuck your fragile items and put your mind at ease.
  • Other materials – Surely, you’ll need a few more materials to support your boxes and packages. Here you should use packing tape to seal those boxes, as well as packing paper to fill in the gaps between the items. Although, remember you can use your cushion solution that we mentioned already. Finally, you’ll need a cutter to make your way through the tape.
  • Higher quality materials – If your budget will allow, you have the option to purchase higher quality packing materials. Those are Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, and blister packs. You can decide on this one.
  • Moving services – If this is all overwhelming, consider assigning this task to someone else. Check out the packing services Miami as an affordable solution. Professional packers will take care of everything in a couple of hours. Give them a call today and browse your option.

Start with the kitchen

You should pack the kitchen first. You must handle all the dishes and fragile items. Not to mention all those hazardous and sharp objects you kitchen contains. Start by packing the household appliances since the kitchen has the most of them. Remove what you can out of your way, so you can dedicate yourself to the glassware. Take a closer look at the boxes that will cradle your dishes, china, and glassware. Secure your box with a cushion and add layers of cushion between the dishes. This way you will tuck them in and prevent the collision. Here you can use crumpled paper or any kind of cloth. Packing your home in a day is usually hectic, but here you must be careful. You do not want to break something or hurt yourself.

Start with the kitchen when you are packing your home in a day
Kitchen has most of the small and fragile items, pack it first.

Move through the house and gather all the clothes

This part of the quick packing process is relatively simple. Do not waste your boxes on clothing. If you run out of boxes, you won’t have time to go and buy new ones. Therefore, we will advise stuffing your suitcases, luggage, bags, sacks, crates, containers, etc. Whatever you have, use it. Why move an empty basket when you can fill it with your sheets or blankets? Also, you can use simple garbage bags and transport all your clothes easily. It does not matter how it looks if it is practical. You just need to move them into the moving truck and out into your new apartment. Furthermore, if you have a stretching budget, you can invest in vacuum bags. Those are extremely helpful in this kind of situation.

Seal your boxes tight

Yes, you should seal your boxes tight. Do not leave any items sticking out since you can either brake them or endanger someone. Not to mention that you can lose some of your stuff this way. An open box is much more liable than a tightly sealed one. Therefore, once you are done with packing, cover your items with a protective sheet or packing paper and close the box. Then, use multiple layers of tape all around the box, to be sure that everything is sealed nicely. Now, when all your boxes are sealed, you can stack onto each other, like building blocks. It will preserve space, keep your items safe, and lower chances of damage and losing.

Boxes and a packing tape
Seal your boxes tight and label everything. It will make your life easier

Label as much as you can

When packing your home in a day, you must find a couple of minutes to label your boxes correctly. You can do it after each box is complete, or you can pack them all and before closing, quickly label everything. If you label your moving boxes, you will have a pleasant unpacking. You will know exactly which box goes where, and what they hold. Also, this will help a bunch, once you are unpacking. Furthermore, this way you will know which box contains fragile items and need special handling. And you will know which ones you can use as a base once loading into the moving truck.

Additionally, it is important not to overstuff. Your boxes should be around 40lbs. But keep in mind that ones that hold fragile items should weight less. If your boxes are too heavy it is harder to pick them up and move around. Also, there is a higher risk that a box can break and damage your belongings. You should keep this in mind when packing your moving boxes. Safety always comes first.

You should handle the bigger items last

There are many bulky items in a household. Those can be a fridge, washing machine, mattress, and all kinds of furniture. Keep them aside and avoid them while packing smaller items. Bigger pieces do not have to be packed but protected. This is a moment to disassemble the bunk bed, to roll your rugs, remove pictures off the wall, etc. Although, keep all the smaller pieces in one dedicated box. You do not want to lose your bed’s frame smallest screws.

Pack the smaller items first, keep the big furniture for the end

Most of the heavy lifting should be done by two or more people. Maybe this is a moment to consider hiring professional help to stand by your side. Give a shot at moving companies Miami Beach and you’ll surely find the one suitable for you. Moving companies will provide packing, moving, unpacking, storing, and many other special services. Give them a call today, and rest assured your request will be met.

Now you are ready as one can be for packing your home in a day. It won’t be easy that is for sure. But with these tips in mind and with a little bit of effort, you’ll make it. After you successfully relocate, do not forget to reward yourself with a day off. You deserved it. Good luck!


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