Top 10 reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami

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Miami has always been a dream destination for many. The sunny weather, mesmerizing beauty of Miami’s beaches and vivacious nightlife are the traits of what some would call a perfect place to live. And resisting them can be pretty challenging. Nevertheless, these are not the only advantages Miami offers. There are plenty more opportunities Miami can give you that you will want to hire the best movers and packers Miami has to offer and relocate there as soon as possible. However, many of Miami’s newest residents come from New York. Therefore, in this article, we will see what are the top 10 reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami. Let’s begin!

Moving to Miami can bring numerous possibilities

This coastal metropolis in Dade County with 440,807 residents might be a paradise to those who love living life to the fullest. The Miami lifestyle includes numerous leisure options, which is why New Yorkers love it so much! When you live in an urban jungle with 8,736,047, it’s completely normal to crave the sun, warm weather, sandy beaches, and excellent food and culture scene. Therefore, some of the top reasons why New Yorkers hire local movers Miami offers to relocate to “The Magical City” are the following:

  • Real estate options – In Miami, you will be able to find some of the most beautiful homes in the country that are way more affordable than in New York City!
  • Incomes tax & economy – With a thriving economy, Miami offers many employment options, and the income taxes will surprise you.
  • The weather and beaches – This is one of the most common reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami. The weather is excellent all year round, and the beaches are amazing.
  • Food options – Miami is a foodie paradise. There isn’t a better place to try different cuisine masterpieces.
  • The art & culture scene – The art and culture scene is simply on fire! There are many new artists eager to show their work to art lovers of every kind.
  • Diversity – Miami has some of the most diverse neighborhoods, which makes newcomers feel very welcome here.
  • Shopping options – You haven’t gone shopping until you shop in Miami!
  • Nightlife – Miami is the perfect party city for those who are looking for a vivacious and colorful nightlife.
  • It’s the healthiest city – People who live in Miami take excellent care of themselves.
  • Public transportation – Miami is excellently connected and you will easily be able to get anywhere you want.
palms and tall buildings
Some of the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami are the beautiful homes, excellent art, food, culture, and shopping options, and things like great nightlife, public transport, and more!

Miami has some of the most beautiful real estates in the USA

If a city is called “The Magical City” you can imagine what the homes must be like. Beach houses, waterfront homes, mesmerizing condos from where you can see all the beauty of Miami and the ocean, and much more! It’s one of the reasons why not only New Yorkers, but people all over the US hire long distance movers Miami offers to relocate here. However, it’s true that these are one of the most luxurious homes in Miami. Therefore, the price is also quite high. Even so, the median home price in Miami is $369,100, which is not that much higher than the national average of $244,900. But, if you wish to own something truly exceptional, luxurious condos can cost up to $3,000,000.

an affordable house in Miami, which is one of the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami
In Miami, you will find some of the most beautiful and luxurious homes in the United States that are more affordable than the homes in New York City.

Nevertheless, the average prices of homes in Miami are still significantly lower than in New York City. The median home prices here are $660,700, which is well above the national average and the prices in Miami. However, residents of both cities prefer to rent their homes since the costs are similar. In order to rent a home in Miami, you’ll need to set aside $1,361 and $1,579 for rent in NYC. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami with the help of some good residential movers Miami offers is the more affordable real estate prices.

Income tax and the economy in Miami are one of the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami

The greatest thing about income tax in Miami is that there is none! The state of Florida doesn’t take taxes on income or social security. This is one of the reasons retirees search for moving companies in order to relocate here. Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a retiree to take advantage of this. In fact, many young professionals choose commercial movers Miami companies recommend and relocate their businesses here. However, you still have the obligation to pay property and sales tax. But no tax on incomes saves homeowners in Miami a lot of money every year. Furthermore, if you pay your taxes early in Miami, you can even get a discount on your bill. Therefore, even if living costs in Miami are high, people still wish to relocate here.

The weather and beaches of Miami have no competition

The expression “eternal sunshine” isn’t just something that can be used as a movie title, but it can also be related to the weather in Miami. If you are looking to relocate somewhere where the weather is warm and sunny throughout the whole year, Miami is the perfect place for you. If you visit the Western Gulf Coast of Florida, you can go swimming even in January. And if you hit the Miami beach in December, the warm water will be waiting for you. The air temperature in Miami never goes below 68 degrees, so the water is always warm. This means that you can enjoy Miami’s wonderful beaches any day you like, no matter the time of year.

a beach in Miami
If you are looking for some of the most beautiful beaches you can enjoy throughout the whole year, Miami is the perfect place to move to from New York.

If you have been living in New York and dreaming of that golden tan, then there is nothing left to do but start packing your moving boxes Miami relocation companies provide and relocate here. You will be able to sunbathe, play volleyball, surf, enjoy other water sports, or just chill and read a book on some of Miami’s most gorgeous spots like Lummus Park Beach, South Pointe Park Pier, Surfside, Haulover Beach, and of course, the famous Miami Beach.

Miami is a foodie paradise and its food scene is one of the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami

If you find yourself having to recommend a restaurant in Miami to someone, you will see how challenging it is. There are so many excellent options that will offer you some head-spinning delicious food. The food scene spreads throughout this marvelous city where you can find some of the most top-rated restaurants. Visiting Downtown Miami and South Beach will give you the opportunity to try authentic Cuban, Japanese, and Catalan cuisine, alongside many more!

a plate of sushi as one of the  reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami
Since Miami is so close to the Atlantic Ocean, you can try some of the best and most delicious seafood in one of Miami’s upscale restaurants.

Since seafood is the way of life in Miami, delicious fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean is served in the most upscale restaurants in Miami. In order to try authentic and best-in-class Peruvian seafood, you should make reservations at the waterfront restaurant on Brickell Key. The restaurants here are so well-known that many people drive to Miami just for the weekend and leave their cars in Miami storage facilities while they are enjoying the delicious food.

The art & culture scene

Miami is quite hard to beat when it comes to natural beauty. But when we are speaking of art, Miami is second to none. Gorgeous galleries, large murals, and wonderful museums can be found throughout the whole city. Many new artist dream of being able to move to Miami and show their work in one of the galleries in Allapattah, Downtown, or Little Haiti.

Miami has some of the most diverse neighborhoods

Residents often describe Miami as an international destination that attracts millions of people every year. While some of them are just tourists, others are happy to hire packing services Miami moving companies provide and relocate here. One of the reasons for this is the excellent and exotic neighborhoods. For those who want to experience authentic Cuban culture, we recommend you consider Little Havana. It feels like this place is an extension of South America, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Little Haiti offers you many afro-carribean festivals throughout the streets, and Kendall is known as one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals and families.

Shopping options are amazing

After you have saved some money by not paying income tax in Florida, you can treat yourself to one of Miami’s excellent shops. If you are looking for a luxurious shopping experience, Miami is the place to go. This city is home to two of the largest shopping malls in the USA, where you can find anything your desire. Do the names Dior, Chanel, and Gucci sound familiar?

Miami has a vivacious and colorful nightlife

The nightlife in Miami is nothing less than spectacular. In fact, according to the statistics, approximately 23.3 million people visit Miami each year. And most of them come to enjoy the fantastic nightlife. And since so many people come here, Miami doesn’t really have an off-season. You can party all night, every night. Furthermore, the choice of bars, restaurants, and clubs is quite impressive. Whether you are in the mood for a refined rooftop bar, a tropical bar that serves the most amazing cocktails, or an underground club, you’ll find it in Miami. Sounds appealing? Then there’s nothing left to do than to check what moving quotes Miami relocation companies offer and start packing your belongings for relocating here.

a restaurant in Miami
Whether you are looking for a fancy restaurant, a cool cocktail tropical bar, or an underground club to party in, you will definitely find it in Miami.

The excellent public transport will get you anywhere fast

Studies have shown that Miami has one of the worst traffic in the USA. But luckily, they have excellent public transportation. Everything is very well connected, and you can get anywhere in no time. The Metrobus has more than 95 routes and 1,000 buses that can take passengers from Fort Lauderdale all the way to the Florida Keys.

Miami is the number one healthiest city in America

The same city that is known for its colorful nightlife is also famous for celebrating health trends. It’s about balance, right? According to studies, 80% of Miami residents exercise weekly, and 52% participate in some form of fitness class. This is the reason why you can find so many gyms and fitness clothes stores here and one of the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami. Furthermore, along with fitness, acai bowls, and smoothies were a trend in the city of  Miami before in the rest of the country.

a man exercising and thinking about the reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami
According to studies, 80% of Miami’s residents exercise regularly and tend to live a healthy lifestyle, even though they love indulging in Miami’s loud nightlife.

Final words

Hopefully, after reading this article, you may find that these reasons New Yorkers are moving to Miami sound appealing to you too. In that case, we wholeheartedly recommend that you start looking for moving companies to relocate you there. You will see that, if you enjoy a healthy lifestyle, working out, shopping, and spending time at the beach, Miami would be a perfect new hometown for you. Furthermore, it offers you many more advantages, such as an excellent public transportation system, no income tax, and affordable real estate prices.


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