Top Florida cities for veterans

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According to the US Consensus Bureau, there are 17.4 million living veterans in America today. Many of these people, who have done an excellent service to their nation, desire to relocate somewhere where the weather is kind after they retire. Since Florida is known as The Sunshine State, where the weather is always sunny and warm, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular states for veterans. However, the choice of finding a new hometown can prove to be a difficult one. Florida has many excellent cities that will make beautiful hometowns, but how to choose? Before you hire one of the best moving companies in Miami and relocate here, you may want to take a look at our list. We hope to narrow down your choice by presenting you with some of the top Florida cities for veterans.

What are the factors we considered when we made this list?

As we mentioned, there are many veterans living in America. Many of them fought in the Vietnam War (35%), the Gulf War (22%), Korean War (6.6%), and even World War II (2.2%). Having their well-being in mind, we have considered several factors when coming up with the list of the leading Florida cities for veterans. Therefore, you will see some of the cities that have the most favorable conditions when it comes to the following:

  • Quality of life and costs of living – We believe that any city that should be considered one of the best Florida cities for veterans should have affordable living costs.
  • Health care – As one of the most critical factors for the best cities for veterans in Florida, you will find towns with above-average healthcare systems on our list.
  • Economy and employment – Many veterans still want to work after retiring, so we considered the cities that also have excellent job opportunities.

Therefore, anyone moving to Florida can rest assured that each of these cities has numerous advantages for veterans. There is just a matter of choosing one that is perfect for you.

a bridge over the ocean in one of the top Florida cities for veterans
When it comes to choosing Florida cities for veterans, you need to consider the costs of living, healthcare, and the economy.

Fort Lauderdale – one of the top Florida places for veterans

This large metro area is one of the cities with the highest number of veterans. Due to its closeness to Miami, many find it a very suitable place to relocate to. With the help of moving services Miami, anyone who lives in Miami can become a part of 182,247 Fort Lauderdale residents. Furthermore, this lovely city has an above-average number of veteran-owned small businesses. This has increased the employment rate in the area by 3.89%.

Those who don’t wish to start their own business but want to be still employed after retirement have many options. Experts predict that job growth in the next ten years will be more than 43%. For example, many famous cruise lines operate out of this city. They often offer jobs to retirees that are connected with the growing cruise industry. Moreover, there is a military installation just three hours from Fort Lauderdale called “Patrick.”

Costs of living in Fort Lauderdale

With a median household income of $66,994, Fort Lauderdale is an averagely affordable place to live. However, most residents rent their homes since the prices of real estate can be pretty expensive. But that comes as no surprise since this place has some of the most beautiful homes you can imagine. If you want to purchase one for yourself, you would have to set aside $364,100, which is well above the national average of $244,900. Renting a home would be a much more affordable option since the median rent is $1,431.

a luxurious home
Fort Lauderdale is one of the cities in Florida with the highest number of veterans. However, real estate prices can get quite pricy.

Nevertheless, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular cities among veterans.  Furthermore, it has been rated 7th on the list of the best cities to retire in America and 56th on the list of the healthiest cities in our country. Therefore, if this is something you find alluring, there is nothing left to do but hire residential movers Miami and relocate here. Once you do, you will be able to enjoy many parks, restaurants, and coffee shops.

West Palm Beach

Approximately half an hour from Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach is also famous among veterans. The 115,877 residents of this beautiful city can boast of a job growth of more than double the national average. Furthermore, experts state that the employment rate will increase further by a whopping 42.90%. It is one of the many reasons veterans from everywhere, especially those who live in Sunny Isles Beach, hire movers Sunny Isles Beach and relocate here.

Like Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach also has a significant number of small businesses owned by veterans. Those who don’t wish to become entrepreneurs can work in some of the best places in West Palm Beach, like Ocwen Financial Corporation Limited r Health Care District Palm Beach County. The average household income here is $56,549.

a beach if the top Florida cities for veterans one o
Living in West Palm Beach means being able to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and explore its many parks, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Living in West Palm Beach

Those who wish to enjoy West Palm Beach’s urban-suburban feel often hire moving companies Miami Dade to relocate here from Miami. This beautiful city has some of the loveliest neighborhoods in Florida. If you decide to move here, please take a look at Grandview Heights, Downtown, or Villages of Palm Beach Lake. However, if you wish to purchase a home here, you will need $275,700, which is slightly above the national average. It may be cheaper to rent a house for $1,446. Nevertheless, West Palm Beach can still find itself in the 21st spot on the list of the best cities in America to retire in.

Sarasota is one of the top Florida cities for veterans

This fantastic place is located on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida. According to the statistics, more and more veterans relocate here each year from Weston, with the help of Weston movers. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most popular cities for veterans. The current number of residents is 53,786, but that number increases year after year. However, the residents love the feeling of a small town with an urban, suburban mix. The reason this is one of the best Florida cities for veterans is that Sarasota has a job growth that is five times higher than the national average – of 5.19%

a man in his workshop
Apart from being one of the best cities in Florida to live in, Sarasota also has an above-average number of small businesses owned by veterans.

Experts say that it doesn’t appear that it will slow down soon, and they predict an increase of 45.40% over the next ten years. Furthermore, Sarasota also exceeds the national average number of veteran-owned small businesses. However, there are many job opportunities for those looking to work after retirement. Some of the most popular places to get a job are Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium and FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers. Moreover, The MacDill military facility is just an hour away from Sarasota.

The costs of living in Sarasota

With a median household income, living in Sarasota can be perfectly manageable. However, like many Florida cities, Sarasota also has real estate prices that are higher than the national average. For $321,100, you can be a homeowner in Sarasota. However, it may be cheaper to rent a home for $1,290. Since it is rated 72nd on the list of the best places to retire in Florida, Sarasota has some of the safest neighborhoods. Since Sarasota is filled mostly with former Hollywood residents, expert movers Hollywood FL advise you to please make sure you take a look at neighborhoods with low burglary and theft rates even before searching for moving companies.  You will undoubtedly find a beautiful home in one of them.

Fort Walton Beach

Many people who used to live in Pompano Beach FL contacted moving companies Pompano Beach FL in order to become one of Fort Walton Beach’s 20 805 residents. This lovely, peaceful place is located in Okaloosa County, and it is considered one of the best places to live and retire in Florida. Over the last few years, there has been a population increase of 10.5%, which testifies to how famous this city is among veterans and others. Likewise, in Fort Walton Beach went up four times the national average – 4.20%. In the next ten years, this job growth is estimated to reach 44.30%. Both the number of veterans and small businesses owned by them is above the national average.

a small home
Fort Walton beach is one of the most favorite cities among veterans. It has affordable real estate prices and two military facilities nearby.

Fort Walton Beach offers excellent job opportunities for those interested in working after retirement. Emerald Coast Center and The Original Waterfront Crab Shack are some of the best places to look for a job. Furthermore, two military facilities, Elgin and Tyndall, are very close to Fort Walton Beach. Moreover, there are many small military facilities across Florida available for use.

Living in Fort Walton Beach

As one of the most desirable places to live in the state of Florida, Fort Walton Beach is the only city on this list that has real estate prices that are below the national average. In order to purchase a home, you will need $223,100. For rent, you would need $1,088. This is why most Fort Walton Beach residents own their homes. However, the median household income is also slightly below the national average. But the residents state that $55,623 is quite enough to live on in this dense suburban feel city.

Furthermore, Fort Walton Beach is the safest of the top Florida places for veterans on our list—both property and violent crime rates and well below the national average. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be pretty safe in your new home in Fort Walton Beach.

Choosing one of these cities will ensure a lovely retirement

Whether you are looking for a new hometown for pleasant weather or to get into the civilian workforce, each of these cities we listed offers valuable opportunities. There are many civilian careers you can choose from. Furthermore, these cities provide the perfect conditions for those looking to start their own businesses. As you have seen, each town has an above-national average number of veteran-owned small businesses. However, if you are not ready for retirement, there are numerous military facilities located nearby these cities.

a city in Florida
Choosing any among the top Florida cities for veterans on our list will make a wonderful home, whether you just want to retire or continue working.

Final words

We have listed just some of the top Florida cities for veterans you may choose from. Nevertheless, we believe that each one would be a perfect choice for a veteran. We have based our list on cities that are rated the best for retirees, have affordable living costs, a strong economy, and plenty of civilian job opportunities. You have seen that experts predict further employment rate growth in each city. That means that there is a high chance of having a successful small business or a civilian career after retirement. Your choice may depend on many other factors we haven’t listed. For example, you may want to live in the most luxurious place in Florida. Whatever your needs are, ensure to make them a priority when choosing your new hometown.


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