What to do with leftover packing supplies

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You finally managed to declutter and downsize before your move. You are free of garbage that piled up in your garage and on the attic. But as soon as you unpack, you will find yourself swimming in packing materials and moving boxes. It is smart to decide on the spot what to do with leftover packing supplies. There are countless ways to make them useful and this article will give you some ideas. Better to do it straight away then leave it for later and hoard unwanted or unused materials.

Make use of leftover packing supplies

Packing boxes for moving can be pretty fun, especially if there are kids around. Playing with bubble wrap or making a mess with styrofoam is indeed funny, but dangerous at the same time. Those kinds of packing materials can have little use after they served a purpose. Some of them are hazardous for children and some for one use only. Let’s make a list and see what you can reuse and what to dispose of.

Styrofoam and tapes

There is almost no use for these two. Tapes are ripped after opening boxes and all crumpled up. Styrofoam can be reused the same way, to cradle certain items inside the boxes. Just keep it out of reach of the children because they can choke or get sick by the chemicals inside. One solution is to throw them away, but we will suggest recycling. Doing a good deed for the environment is always a plus.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is fun as well. There is no age limit for a crackling sound it will produce. The only downside is that you run out of it pretty fast. A wrap can be reused for your next move in the same fashion. It is a very good reusable leftover packing supply.

Use bubble wrap to have an extra protection of your delicate items
Bubble wrap is one of the main packing materials

Packing paper

You can easily reuse packing paper. Fold it nicely and store wherever you want. Keep it for your next move or cut into pieces when you need to wrap something up.

Tarp and plastic containers

Both tarp and expensive containers are good for many occasions. Tarp can be used in the garden, garage or to secure the old and unused furniture. You can use plastic containers for many things as well. Besides, you paid a lot of money for them, the intention was to use them for something later. You’ll know best if they will end up as a storing compartment or something else.

Make use of your moving boxes

After a move, you will have at least 20 boxes on your hands, if not more. Keep in mind that boxes need a lot of space. So, you can store them in the garage, attic or a storage unit. Many people have storage units for lots of purposes since they are cheap and affordable. In case you do not have one, consider Miami storage facilities. One of the most affordable choices is with them. You can store leftover packing supplies inside the moving boxes and keep everything for your next move. In case you do not need your moving boxes at all, consider a way to dispose of them. Donating is a very satisfying option. Many shelters will find great use for them. And there is always an option to recycle. Just drive by the nearest recycling facility and drop them off.

Leftover packing supplies such as boxes can be used in many different ways
Cardboard boxes

Someone always needs a box

You can be a good Samaritan and ask around if any of your friends or family need some moving boxes. Distribute them evenly so everyone will stay happy. Many people use cardboard boxes for crafts or as a litter box for their pets. Or they simply have a move themselves over this year and providing free boxes will make it easier. Donating is always a good option, there are charities and shelters that will appreciate any kind of help.

Make a profit

A local moving company, such as Miami Movers For Less, can provide you with the best services with reasonable prices. This fact makes a big impact on your moving budget. One more thing that can help you save money while moving are moving boxes. Since the moving industry is huge, there is a high demand for moving boxes. It does not matter if they are old or new, boxes are always useful. You can make a small profit if you decide to sell them. You can either sell them online or go straight to a supplier. Whatever you choose, you should know that you will get from 50 cents up to $2 for each box. Boxes are recycled and thrown back in the circulation. Therefore, you should check around your house for boxes you do not need anymore. Once you have enough, find a buyer and make some easy money.

By selling your leftover packing material you can earn some money
Sell your leftover packing supplies and make a profit from them

Packing and unpacking services

After mentioning all the possibilities on how to use your leftover packing supplies, we can add one more. What if we tell you that you can skip the whole packing and unpacking process altogether. Yes, by hiring a reliable and professional moving company you will have that option. Many of the moving companies provide full service. You can even go on a vacation while they pack and unpack your home. Once you are back, you can just move in and relax.

Of course, this is all good if you decided to stretch your moving budget a bit. Not all companies charge the same. And with great pride, we can recommend Coral Springs moving company. One of the most affordable moving companies in the business. With the highest level of professionalism, service and many years of experience. Movers will bring the packing supplies and take them with them once the relocation is done.

Boxes are fun!

Leftover packing supplies can be fun! You can use them to play tirelessly with your kids. Make a dollhouse, or a fort, or maybe a maze. Why not all of it? If you are lucky and you have a space in your home or a garden. Also, cardboard boxes can be used for a lot of crafts. You can make puzzle games, picture frames, and decorations of all sorts. Even a cardboard house for your pet, until it chews off the wall. Make art projects for your kid’s art class. Possibilities are endless, just use your imagination.

Leftover boxes can be used by your pets as toys
Your pets will be happy to use leftover boxes

Moving is a tiresome and stressful event in our lives. How to pick packing supplies is important as much as what to do with them afterward. Hopefully, we made it a bit easier by providing a few essentials on what to do with leftover packing supplies. Packing and unpacking is half of the moving job and we wish you the best of luck with yours.

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