What to pack last on a moving day-tips and tricks

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The one part of a moving process everyone is tired of is packing. It is an unavoidable part of each move and it will require you to invest your time. No matter how complex your move is, and how much items you have, it has to be done right. If you conduct improper packing, you might miss some items that you need upon arrival. You do not want to spend hours looking for something essential. Therefore, today we will explain how to pack the best way, and most importantly, what to pack last on a moving day.

Packing supplies to choose from

You cant pack without a proper packing supply. These are your choices:

  • Moving boxes – This is the foundation of each packing process. Hence, visit your seller and purchase some of the moving boxes Miami. Aim for the small and medium-sized ones. You will need at least 15-20 for a regular move.
  • Other packing supplies – Other packing materials that support your moving endeavor are the packing tape, packing paper, a box cutter, labels, and markers. Most of it can be purchased at the nearest hardware store.
Moving boxes
Be sure to find the moving boxes of all shapes and sizes
  • Higher quality packing supplies – If your moving budget is a bit higher you can add some of the higher quality packing materials. They include packing peanuts, Styrofoam, blister packs, corner pads, etc. Also, you can invest in a few plastic bins to pack delicate items. Bins can be reused for many years and they are a good investment.
  • Moving services – If this is too much for you. Maybe you can’t bother with a packing process or you just have no time for it. In that case, consider hiring professional help. Take a look at moving services Miami and you will find a packing service of the highest quality. Let professionals pack your home in a day and unpack upon delivery. All cheap and safe.

A kitchen shouldn’t be what you pack last on a moving day

Always pack your kitchen first. You shouldn’t leave any of it for last. There are many small, delicate, and fragile objects that require your attention. It will take a lot of time and good coordination as well. Therefore, finish with the kitchen on time and pack your glassware like a pro. Pay special attention to the boxes you dedicated for this job. The box that contains your dishes and china should be in good condition and cradled properly. Use the packing paper to make a strong base or use old cloth and towels.

Fragile sign
Make sure you label all the boxes containing fragile and delicate items.

Although, some items from the kitchen are essential for the first day at your new home. That is the leftover food supply from the fridge. Some snack for the road and the first night at your new home. This will include the corkscrew, bottle opener, and can opener. You will need a set of plastic disposable plates, glasses, and utensils for your first meal. And of course, a tea and coffee kettle to enjoy your first morning and a new beginning.


Most of it is already packed and good to go. But you will need a spare set of clothing for each member of the family. Take a garbage bag and fill it with essential clothing for all needs. Be sure to have jackets and sweaters since the first night might be cold. Also, you need to set up your beds and cover your mattresses. Therefore, have a box dedicated to the sheets and blankets so everyone has clean bedding once you tuck in for the night.

The essentials to pack last on a moving day

There are more than a few items that you should pack last on a moving day, depending on your situation. Some of the items you might need on a moving day, on the move, and upon arrival. Here is the basic list:

  • Garbage bags and basic tools – Bags will handle all the trash you make while unpacking. All other tools will come in handy when assembling your furniture. Also, you need scissors or a box cutter to open your boxes easily.
  • Flashlight and batteries – Lightbulbs are something most of us neglect. You need a couple of spare bulbs to change around the house if need be. Also, you will need a flashlight, all the extension cords, batteries, and chargers. You can’t unpack in the dark, and you’ll need your phones, laptops, and other essential electronics up and running.
  • Cleaning products – for a quick cleanup, and to handle your dishes and basic needs in the first couple of days.
  • Bathroom essentials and toiletries – You want to have a toilet paper roll with you, bath towels, soap, shampoo, etc. Whatever you need to maintain your hygiene.

Packing can’t go without labeling

If you have a big home and many items to pack last on a moving day, here is an idea. Some of the items you can leave on the very top of the box. Pack them last and once you open a box, they will wait for you without too much shuffling around. But be sure to label all the boxes properly. If you label the box with fragile content, people will know that it requires careful handling. Also, it is much easier for you to know exactly where your items are once you need them.

But we must recommend a great way to save your money and sanity. You can simply purchase a packing service Miami, as the great way to pack, relocate, and unpack everything in a day. With this service, you can wake up in an already unpacked home, and you won’t have any trouble finding your belongings or to have any hassle with moving boxes and packing materials. Give your movers call today and browse your options.

Personal items for the essential bag

The essential bag is something you can pack over time, adding the essentials you might need urgently. You should always have it with you, or at least in your car or somewhere where you can reach it within a minute. One of the mandatory items is a homemade first-aid kit, in case someone gets hurt, you can act quickly and defuse the situation. Next is the important personal documents like a passport, medical record, bank papers, etc. This includes your checkbook, credit card, and any other valuables of the same sort. Here you can bundle your jewelry, family heirlooms, valuable personal items, memorabilia, and irreplaceable items. Finally, add your kid’s favorite plushie, it is important as anything else.

First-aid kit is something you should pack last on a moving day
Be sure to have a first-aid kit available at all times

These were to very essentials you should pack last on a moving day. Now you can assemble a list of items you mustn’t forget, and once the time comes, use it wisely. And remember, keep your essentials bag with you all the time, to be on a safe side. Good luck with your moving endeavor.


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