How to prepare your pet for long distance move

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Moving can be stressful for you since there is so much do get done. There i packing, moving, unpacking, taking care of your documents, delicate items, children and pets. It is stressful for you, and you know what is happening. Imagine if you had no idea what was going on like your pet doesn’t. This is the reason you need to take care of everything regarding your pet and it’s move to your new home. A long-distance move is even more stressful for them since the ride is long and they might get scared. This is why you will have to prepare your pet for long distance move.

prepare your pet for a long distance move- a man, a woman and a dog
Make sure to prepare for a long distance move                                   with the pet

A vet is the number one person to go to

You know a lot about your pets needs and wants, but you will have to talk to the vet. There are all kinds of things you need to resolve before the move. The number one thing you need to take care of is your pets medical papers. The new vet will have to know the details of your pets medical history so make sure you don’t forget to get it. Especially if your pet had some kind of illness or allergy to medicaments, it is extremely important to have the record of it. If you are moving on a budget, make sure to have enough money for the vet expenses.

prepare your pet for long distance move
Always consult your pet’s veterinarian before                                     the move

A medical exam is important when you are trying to prepare your pet for long distance move

The vet will do a medical exam to see if there are any medical issues that would not allow your pet to move. This is the perfect time to ask your vet about everything you need to know about regulations regarding pets in the state that you are moving into. Maybe he has to have some shots when he gets to the new home. Make sure to find a new vet as soon as you move.

Should you sedate the pet on the moving date?

It might be best to take a test drive before you move. You will have the opportunity to see how your pet reacts in the process. If it is calm, curious, or excited to be in a car, you will do fine without sedating it. Just make sure to make stops on the road so they can rest and calm down if needed. Food and toilet breaks are mandatory too. But if the pet is upset or scared, you need to think about sedating it before the road. It will be easier for you and him both. Make sure to contact the vet and ask about his suggestions on the issue. Long distance movers Miami will do their best so your pet has the smoothest ride to the new home.

A cat sleeping
Sedating the pet will help them stay calm,                 maybe even sleep trough the move

Microchip or tag update

If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, you should get one. In case you still want to avoid that, get the name tag. In case you already took care of it, it’s time to update your pet’s info on them. In case the pet has a microchip, you will go to the vet and ask to change the address on the chip. The vet will do it in no time and it won’t hurt your pet. If he has a collar tag, make sure you update the info yourself.

Pack them

Make sure the pets moving box is ready and in the car once you start moving. If you are not sure you can pack by yourself, hire the packing service. It should contain the bags for the waste, treats, food and water supply for the moving day, a couple of toys and a leash. The rest of their belongings, like :

  • a crate
  • bedding
  • chewing toys
  • scratcher
  • a litter box
  • anything else needed to prepare your pet for long distance move, should be in a moving truck.

If they have an item that helps calm them down, make sure it is in the car with you. You can use it to calm the pet down if they get scared or too excited while on the road.

Make sure they are not around when the packing is taking place

You need to prepare your pet for long distance move, but you need to prepare yourself as well. While you are packing your belongings and while you are loading them on the moving truck, you need to make sure that your pets are not near. Get them in a room with someone to play with or get a friend to take them for a walk. It is important to remove your pet from the place where the location and moving are taking place so they don’t get hurt. You could step on them or something could fall on them. You could trip and fall as well. Someone might get hurt and you will avoid that by removing them for a short period of time. Workers at the moving companies Davie FL will make sure to load the boxes as soon as possible so your pet won’t wait for too long.

Get the right kind of transporter

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a cat or a fish or a rodent. You need to prepare your pet for long distance move. This includes making sure you have the right kind of carriage. Choose if you will need a transporter, cage or maybe just a crate. It depends on the way your pet is acting inside of a moving car. If it is relaxed, a crate will do. But if it is excited, the cage could be the best choice, so it doesn’t jump around, but can see what is happening. If the pet is scared, on the other hand, the pet transporter will give them a sense of safety and should calm them down. If you have transporters that you don’t use or any other things that you won’t need, make sure to get a storage unit.

a dog in a moving car looking trough the window
Once you have the test drive you will see if the      pet needs to be in a pet transporter or not

Moving with pets can be a little stressful since you already have a ton of things you must do. But you know that it is necessary to prepare your pet for long distance move so they don’t suffer. If you do your best to make sure they feel safe, you will see how grateful they are. Having a medical record and other necessary things you and the pet will need in the new home will provide you with peace and a chance to bond with the pet even more. And the pet will be grateful.


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