Moving to NYC on a budget

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Moving to NYC on a budget can be quite challenging. You are about to live in one of the most beautiful and yet the most expensive cities in the world. If you don’t want to spend more than is necessary on your move, you need some time to save and to make a good plan. Here are a few tips on moving to NYC on a budget that you might find helpful.

It’s time to tighten your belt

Even though moving to NYC on a budget is your primary aim, it’s not going to be cheap. Make sure you have enough money at your disposal to cover all the expenses. The right time to start saving for your upcoming move is the day your decision to move to NYC becomes final. If you know how to calculate the moving costs, you’ll soon know the exact amount of money you need for the relocation. If you succeed in cutting these moving costs, there will be some money left to get by during the first days in NYC.

Although you are moving to NYC on a budget, you need to start saving in advance.
The right time to start saving for your upcoming move is the day your decision to move to NYC becomes final.

Where to live in NYC?

NYC is huge and diverse. Finding something that works for you is time-consuming but yet rewarding in the end. Since moving to NYC on a budget is what you want, choose among affordable neighborhoods. Even renting a place to live can be an acceptable temporary solution if there is nothing available and affordable at the same time. Besides the price, safety should be another important factor. Here are some neighborhoods for you to consider.

Bedford Park

This is a nice neighborhood in the Bronx. The median price for one or two bedroom apartments is around $200,000, which is a real bargain. The area boasts with an extraordinary botanical garden. Also, the neighborhood has its schools, a college, and a university. There is only one disadvantage. It takes about an hour to get to Midtown by subway or bus. But, one can get used to it. Isn’t it right?

Washington Heights

This is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan which is getting increasingly popular. Unsurprisingly, the prices of real estate are growing too. There is all you need for a peaceful, quiet life. Families with children like it due to numerous primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. The area is well connected with other parts of NYC by subway, which is a significant advantage.

Clinton Hill

This is a Brooklyn neighborhood ideal for nature lovers. Considering the number of trees, it is one of the greenest NYC neighborhoods. To buy a place here, you need about $1,000, but comparing to the prices in the vicinity, this is more than acceptable.

Forest Hill

This is a neighborhood in Queens. It is a perfect combination of peacefulness and amenities, which makes this neighborhood very tempting for newcomers. There are lots of trees, shops and restaurants you will love.

Finding a reliable moving company

When moving to NYC, this is one of the most important things to do. The movers in charge of your relocation have to be professional, experienced, dependable and yet affordable. To find the best mover for your relocation you need to do the following:

  • Search the internet for the companies that might be your final choice. If you are moving from Miami, for example, there are lots of both residential and commercial movers in Miami to choose from.
  • Request quotes from the companies you have chosen.
  • Organize in-house estimates.
  • Compare the companies you have chosen and make the final decision.

Negotiating the price

Even if you find an appropriate mover at an affordable price, the chances are you can decrease the price by negotiating. It may not give the results you want, but you have nothing to lose. So, go for it. These are some hints to follow:

  • Be confident when negotiating the price. Although movers often refuse to reduce the price, most of them are still willing to do what it takes to get the customer. It is of utmost importance for them to prevent you from going to their competitors.
  • Don’t give up after the first try. Try again the next day. It might seem pushy at the first thought, but maybe you’ll continue the negotiations with some other representative next time. Who knows?
  • Be open and say that their competitors have offered a lower price to you. Ask them if they are willing to match that price.
When moving to NYC on a budget, try negotiating the price of your move.
You have nothing to lose if you try negotiating the price of your move.

Packing for the move

Professional movers like Miami Movers For Less offer packing services to their customers. They know how to pack your items so that they remain safe during transport. However, since you are moving to NYC on a budget, you could do at least a part of packing by yourself and save some money. DIY packing includes the following:

  • Decluttering. – The fewer items to move, the easier it is to pack. What’s more, you’ll pay less. Take decluttering home seriously. The time has come for you to finally part with unnecessary items you haven’t used for some time.
  • Providing packing supplies. – Depending on the amount and the type of your stuff, you will need various packing supplies. These usually include cardboard boxes, wrappings, bubble wrap, tapes, etc. However, you don’t have to spend money on these. Visit local shops, office supply stores, liquor shops or supermarkets and ask for free boxes. You can also use some baskets, buckets, vacuum bags, etc. to pack some items. Instead of buying wrappings and bubble wrap, use blankets, towels, bed sheets, and similar clothing to protect your belongings.
  • Pack your items smartly, but accept the fact that you will need professional help for some items. moving heavy and bulky furniture or gym equipment requires experience and proper strategy.

Earn some money while moving to NYC

We have already mentioned decluttering as a necessary step when preparing for the move. Try selling those items you don’t need anymore. If you follow some tips for the best garage sale, this won’t be difficult to achieve. You can use the money you earn to cover a part of your expenses.

You can also earn some money when moving to NYC on a budget.
By organizing a garage sale of the things you don’t need any more, you can even profit when moving to NYC.

Turn the day of the move into an adventure

If you have organized everything well, there’s no need to worry. Keep your mind clear and ready to act if something unplanned comes up. Enjoy this change in your life. You are moving to NYC, aren’t you? You are among those lucky ones.

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