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Moving to Davie – what’s to know?

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Moving house is not just a simple relocation. It’s a new chapter of your life. Therefore, it is really important to be prepared and to know what to expect in the new town. And when it comes to Davie, our job will be easy. It is one of the best places you could choose in Florida. And Davie movers are at your disposal to make your moving process go as smoothly as possible. Let’s discover all the things you should know when moving to Davie.

Why is moving to Davie a good idea?

Before you hire some of the professional Miami Movers for Less, let’s see what Davie has to offer. It’s ideally located close to Fort Lauderdale and about a half hour drive from Miami. So, it’s close enough to the shore so that you can visit any time you want, but without all the traffic jams of the larger cities. Golf and movie fans may recognize Davie’s Rolling Hills Golf Course from the movie ‘Caddyshack.’ The population ranges from college students renting apartments close to the universities to retirees who enjoy golf courses and older communities. There is a great balance of private, charter and public schools that give many options for parents with school children. Highway I-595 is very close, and it allows easy transportation in and out of Fort Lauderdale. There is a local bus system, but having a car is the best solution.

Moving to Davie-a woman riding a horse.
Enjoy the horse riding in Davie.

Good Food

You shouldn’t miss local restaurants that are quite delicious, such as The Mustard Seed, Vienna Wine Cafe, and LaSpada’s Sub Shop. But just like anywhere else, chain restaurants are spreading all over the town as well. You can shop your organic fruits and veggies at local Groves and farms everywhere. You should check out New Rivers Groves and Spykes farms on Griffin Road.

Davie at night

Night owls will be glad to hear that the town of Davie is home to several bars and clubs. However, they aren’t close to each other therefore it’s not ideal for all night pub crawl. ‘Round Up’ and ‘Cowboys’ represent the country western side of Davie by hosting small country events and giving line dancers a place to strut their stuff. ‘Falcon Pub’ offers many theme events such as costumed nights, football specials and guitar hero nights. Most of the bars have a great selection of craft beers and are open during the day as a restaurant.

Shopping Fever

Thrift store shopping in Davie is fun. It offers something for everyone, like Costco, shopping center Tower Shops and the Sawgrass Mills Mall’s, located not far from the town. The Sawgrass Mills Mall has literally everything in one stop, from sports equipment to beauty products, home accessories, fashion and jewelry, toys, and electronics. Shopping at Sawgrass Mills can’t be beaten anywhere in South Florida. Also, fashion lovers will enjoy the luxury-brand shopping here. There are several local plazas as well, including brands like Old Navy, Target, and Best Buy.

Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

The town of Davie has always had a reputation as a ‘Western’ town. That is why many old buildings have “Wild West” architecture. Bergeron Rodeo Grounds has served as one of Davie’s main tourist attractions for more than 40 years. Originally the Grounds was established as a rodeo arena. But as the demand for more multifaceted activities increased, the arena developed to meet the requests for many distinct events. Now is home to monster trucks, airboat shows, car shows, famous concert entertainers, dog and horse shows, family events, and industrial shows. There is always some event going on at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. Hence, when your moving to Davie is done, check out the website for upcoming events.

Endangered species, flamingos captured.
Visit Flamingo Gardens and see many exotic species.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a huge tropical paradise of animals and greenery. The Everglades Sanctuary part of the gardens is home to the amazing collection of Florida indigenous wildlife. You can see panthers, eagles, bobcats, alligators, peacocks, otters, and of course, famous flamingos. The Wray Botanical Collection includes over 3,000 native, tropical, rare and exotic, and subtropical plants and trees. Flamingo Gardens is one of the first botanical gardens in South Florida and it’s something you don’t want to miss when moving to Davie. It was originally established as an orange grove and it’s home to 21 ‘Champion’ trees. Those are the largest trees of their species, including the single largest orange tree in Florida.

Davie bucket list

The most exciting part of relocation is exploring the new town and being a tourist for a while. And Davie offers a lot of beautiful places to see, and so does Florida, in general. You should make a tour visiting the best beaches in South Florida. And here some attractions you shouldn’t miss when moving to Davie.

  • Bar-B-Ranch offers horse and pony rentals, guided scenic trail rides and riding lessons. You have probably heard of horse riding as one of the symbols of Davie. The ranch is open for all riding experience from beginners to expert level.
  • Don’t miss the Buehler Planetarium & Observatory on A. Hugh Adams campus of the Broward Community College. On clear nights the telescope enables visitors to view stars, nebulae and the moon with amazing detail. And on Wednesdays, you can enjoy solar observing sessions.
  • Butterfly Pavilion at Flamingo Road Nursery is a home to various butterflies native to Florida. Members of staff from the nursery will explain you facts about the life cycle of the butterflies. They will also describe the species that can be seen here.
  • Young at Art Children’s Museum offers exhibitions as well as educational classes for youngsters. This way community helps them to involve in art and improve their skills.
  • Davie Five Star Championship Rodeo takes place monthly at the previously mentioned Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. Whether you are a fan of the rodeo or not, it’s something you should definitely see when moving to Davie.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts will absolutely enjoy the Tree Tops Park. This is an archaeological site with the highest elevation in the county. It includes both equestrian and nature trails. Guided horse riding trips and take place at weekends. You can also rent paddleboats and canoes.
Oranges hanging from the tree.
Visit Flamingo Gardens and see ‘Champion’ trees.

Davie is waiting for you

Hopefully, this little guide for moving to Davie has helped you get to know it better. We have also tried to inform you about some things you should know before moving to Florida. But Davie’s biggest quality is actually in its habitats. Davie has a great combination of small-town warmth along with big city contents. People are friendly, helpful and open. You certainly won’t have trouble making new friendships. Enjoy your new beginning and all the great experiences it brings.

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