All you should know about a non-binding estimate

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One of the best things that you can expect to have is a moving estimate. This is one impeccable tool that is given to you by the vast majority of moving companies. But, before we can differentiate the binding estimate and the non-binding estimate, we need to talk more about what an estimate is, overall. When you start looking for a moving company to hire, the very first step that most of us do is give the said moving company a call. Once you do this, you establish initial communication that has the purpose of you explaining what your needs are.

With this call, you should be as precise as you can. Provide the person on the other side with as many details as you can. The more precise you are – the better will the understanding of your needs. This way you have a chance to receive a moving estimate, whichever kind it is. What does it mean to be precise, though? It means that you should describe what it is that you are moving, where from, and where to. You could go into additional details, such as how many rooms you have, what floor you are on, etc. The more info you give, the better it will be for your Coral Springs movers to make a binding estimate or a non-binding estimate.

But, what is an estimate?

An estimate is just what the name suggests – it is an estimation of the move duration and price. It is more than an educated guess because this estimation will be based on the information you provide. The more accurate the information – the more accurate the estimate. The best thing you can do, when looking for a moving company, is to contact as many as you can find and have them all provide you with a moving estimate. This is the best way to know which one is the most affordable one, and which one will suit your timetable. Some could end up being cheaper, but will not be able to be at your doorstep for a couple of months. Other, more expensive, will most likely be able to start even the next day.

A non-binding estimate is just a for your info. while a binding estimate is something the company can't get out of.
Binding estimations are something the company can’t get out of, once made.

These are all elements you need to take into consideration when deciding upon which moving company to hire. But, this is a discussion for another day, because choosing a moving company for you is not that easy of a task. We are here to talk about a binding and non-binding estimate. Because there is a huge difference between the two. One is very useful and the other could be a potential trap that you can not predict. The most important difference is that you can rely on one while you cannot rely on the other. However, which is which? We will talk about both, how you can get them and what you can do with them.

The most important difference between a binding and a non-binding estimate

The most important thing is to be careful about which one you pick to consider. Moving is an expensive business, and regardless of how helpful moving companies are – they do not come cheap. At the end of the day, this type of service is luxurious. Why? Because you are, fundamentally, able to do all of this on your own. It will just require a lot of time, patience and nerves. But can you move on your own? Yes, you can. This is why paying someone to do it for you is luxury. Is it a luxury worth taking? Definitely, but this is also a topic for another day.

What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a risky move by moving companies, but one that is a highly beneficial one for you. Once you make the first step and give your long distance movers Miami a call, this is where it all begins. You will proceed to describe all the elements of your relocation and explain to the other side what you expect of your move. How many things you have to get relocated. Is there any furniture or large house appliances? Any risky items that require extra care? How far away is your new home, or office?

Collecting estimates from several companies may help you a great deal when choosing a moving company.
Collect as many estimates as you can before you choose a company.

Based on all this input the moving company comes up with a moving estimate. If it is a binding one it is a moving estimate they are committing to. This means that your move will more or less cost exactly as much as the binding moving estimate. And legally, they do not have the right to change the price drastically. They can only alter it ever so slightly based on some details that got overlooked. But, in order to make such a strong estimate, the best is for a moving agent to come to the moving site and inspect it in person. This way they will have enough information based on which they can make a binding moving estimate.

What is a non-binding moving estimate?

In comparison to the binding one, a non-binding moving estimate is one that is basically for your information only. It does not force the moving company to charge this. It is not a legal contract in any form or shape. This price can change before the move start as much as the moving company sees fit. But, it does have a purpose – to provide you with some sort of information as to how much your move would cost, based on the input you provide them with. However, if you didn’t describe something right, or they fail to interpret it the right way, it could go up or down for 50% or even more.

If you are calculating moving costs, non-binding estimates will not help you much as they are not very reliable.
Collecting many non-binding estimates will not do much for your calculations.

A non-binding moving estimate is something to be careful about. Planning your budget around it could end up being a mistake, which is why it is always best to have someone from that moving company come to the moving site and inspect for themselves.

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