How to pick the right storage?

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To pick the right storage is similar to picking a new house or apartment. You need to do a lot of research ahead to find a suitable one. But when you do, you do not worry about it anymore. Luckily for you, Miami moving and storage services are numerous and there is no doubt you will find a perfect unit for you. First of all, you should decide what type and size of storage are you looking for. Hopefully, you will find our tips useful and productive.

Miami vice, warm and nice

Whether you are moving to Miami from abroad or just from another neighborhood, congratulations. You are going to live in a Magic City, where nothing is impossible. Warm weather, diverse culture, and laid-back lifestyle will charm you. Wide sandy beaches are the first thing that comes to somebody’s mind when they think about Miami. Some of the best beaches in South Florida are located right here.

Photo of the street taken from the air.
You will never be bored in Magic City.

Beautiful white and pastel buildings from the 1920s and 1930s will blow your mind if you are an Art Deco architecture fan. But let’s face it, who isn’t? Do not miss visiting the historic center of Miami’s Cuban population, called Calle Ocho. It offers spectacular Cuban restaurants, coffee shops, and Carnival celebrations. Miami’s design district has become a major attraction, and Art Basel in Miami Beach has also raised the city’s profile as an art paradise. Also, if you do not speak Spanish, this is something you should work on. It will help you assimilate and mingle.

Pick the right storage for your needs

First of all, ask yourself what are your needs? Are you storing business items or personal belongings? Electronic devices, paper items, and musical equipment require a climate controlled unit. The proper temperature degree will protect your possessions from damage. Although storage providers know more about this than you, make sure you check the exact temperature settings. There are many Miami storage facilities that provide this service.

Also, do you know how big storage are you looking for? If you are storing some files or some other small items, closet size unit will be enough for you. But if you are looking for a place to store furniture and other home contents, you need to go big. Write down the number of items you have and their measures and get to work.

Size matters

Once you come up the number and size of your belongings, you probably have an idea of how big the storage should be. But do not forget that you are looking for a space big enough for your items and you to fit in, with some extra space for maneuver. Eventually, you will be needing to get some of your things out. Many people rent the smallest and cheapest possible storage unit in order to save money. Big mistake. You don’t want to end up having to empty half of it to get to a box that’s in the back. Finally, do not pack your storage space wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Unless you are not planning to get anything out, ever.

Yelow and blue meter on the orange board.
Always leave a little free space at your storage unit.

Pick a smart location

Location is important, yes. But do not get stuck on it, the nearest storage facility is not always the right one. It’s the same with the cheapest one. It would be very convenient to have a space near your home, but when moving large items, you will use a car anyway. Also, keep in mind that facilities downtown are more expensive than the ones a bit farther than the city center. Cast your net wide enough so you can pick the right storage.

Make sure you do your homework

If you have a recommendation of a friend, this will help the most to chose a storage facility. If you are not that lucky, get on the research on time. Go through all the storage providers in Miami, check locations, compare the prices and read the reviews. Take the reviews with a grain of salt, but if they are all bad better skip to the next storage.

See it with your own eyes

If you have an opportunity, the best way to chose a storage unit is to visit it. Do not rush into signing the lease right way, even if the manager tells you that units are limited. Snoop around, go for a tour. Most importantly, do not hesitate to ask questions.

Storage units with green doors.
Visit the storage facility before signing the lease.
  • Ask to see the unit you would actually get. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Ask for temperature settings, keeping and moist. This is a very important question, you want to avoid any possibility for damage. And if some possessions of your require special conditions, this is the right moment to mention that.
  • Are there any rental specials or discounts? Almost every storage provider has some special offer for new customers. The most common one is the first month free or at a price of $1. And do not worry, if this storage does not offer you a special, next one you visit probably will.
  • Price and payment conditions will help you pick the right storage. Especially check what happens if you are late or miss the payment.
  • What are the working hours? While some facilities open only during a specific time, others offer 24-hour access. Also, make sure to ask for gate, units, and office working hours. Very possibly they are not the same.
  • Is there insurance and is it included in the price? This is maybe the most important question of all. In case of fire, flood or robbery you need to know you are covered. This will give you peace of mind.

Same as your moving, you should plan your storage ahead. Make sure you know what to expect when moving in Miami. Also, if you are hiring professional movers, you can probably use them for transporting things to the storage as well. Hence, you will kill two birds with one stone. And if you pick the right storage that is on your way to the new home, even better.

Finally, once you pick the right storage and store your possessions, do not forget about them. Make sure you drop by the storage every now and then and check up on them. Now, armed with information, take your computer, meter, and comfortable clothes. It’s storage time.



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