Pros and cons of moving to Hialeah

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Now, before I get thrown into the pit for having an opinion on the matter, I would like to emphasize that it is no more than an opinion. And it is ok to disagree with mine, as much as it is OK for me to disagree with yours. I will share my take on the pros and cons of moving to Hialeah. This absolutely does not mean that I am right, nor wrong. It’s just my 2 cents on the matter.

The reason I had such an introduction is the fact that many get very upset when their hometown gets ‘dissed’. But it is not a diss when it is factual and argumentative.

Moving to Hialeah, even with the help of moving companies Hialeah, is just like anywhere else in the world, has its pros and cons. No city I’ve lived in, and I’ve lived in more than a few, was perfect. They all had something bad, and usually plenty of good things that would make them a brilliant city to settle down in. Hialeah is no different. It has several downsides that may be deal breakers to some of you but is far more filled with positive aspects. Positive enough that I would freely say that Hialeah is one of the places I would gladly consider as my future home. However, this may not be the case for you.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of moving to Hialeah, and we’ll see how far this gets you!

Moving to Hialeah – the good

Like everything in life, I would like to kick this off with the positive aspects. Maybe the positive sides will be good enough that you would not even care about the negative ones.
Maybe, you are already 100 percent certain that you will be moving to Hialeah that you wish to hear positive things to encourage your life decision. Or, maybe, you really wish to hear both sides.

Whichever the case may be, I would first like to discuss my three favorite things about moving to Hialeah and living in Hialeah.

Cultural diversity

My favorite most amazing thing about Hialeah is cultural diversity. This is especially so if you love Latin America as much as I do. I mean “¡Ay caramba!”, you could freely never use English and you would still be fully understood. Spanish is as big as English here. You can bet that even your movers are going to speak Spanish!
Also, Latin Americans are the warmest, most fun and energetic people I ever had the pleasure and honor of knowing. The place is bursting with amazing music, food, smells and tastes, and colors. My God, the colors are the most amazing eyegasmic sight you will ever have the chance of seeing.

Everywhere you go things remind you of something happy, cheerful, joyous and passionate. This is what this brings in me. Several days in this place and I feel like a native. I even start speaking Spanish, even though I can’t speak a single word!

Beaches and water fun

The second enormous thing about Hialeah is the fact that its beaches are simply amazing. So amazing, in fact, that people from all over Florida come here just for them. One could argue that every beach is gorgeous, but these ones have some unique energy that you can’t explain or describe. It is one of those things that you simply must witness and see in person. Only then will you know just how amazing they really are.

If you are moving to Hialeah because of its beautiful beaches then the amount of fun you can have there is endless.
There is so much fun to be had on Hialeah beaches, it’s just a matter of what you like to do most.

Aside from the beaches, there is an endless source of outdoor activities that are simply too fun to skip. These include water skiing, surfing, gliding, deep diving, and snorkeling or just simply swimming around. It offers all for all, from full amateur to maximum professionals. You will not regret having this in your ‘backyard’.


Quite very much connected to the first, cultural diversity, but still huge enough to land a category of its own. People who are considering moving to Hialeah will have nothing short of the top of the line entertainment. All the biggest names across the globe make sure to make a stop in Hialeah and visit the most amazing audience they will ever dream of having.

Ain't no party like Hialeah party because the Hialeah party don't stop.
Hialeah is the real party town, and the party doesn’t ever stop.

One of the main reasons for many, when deciding on moving to Hialeah is the fact that entertainment is simply out of this world. Friday is on Wednesday, and Saturday is on Tuesday type of thing where you can find something fun, loud and colorful every day of the week. A large reason for many!

Moving to Hialeah – the bad

However, as with every other city, not everything is brilliant in Hialeah. There are certain things that you might dislike. If not, you can always stick to the good ones and have an amazing time. These downsides may not be of strong enough impact to steer you away from this location, but they are sure big enough that you should be aware of them. At least acknowledge their existence. If you don’t you might be unpleasantly surprised by them. This is something you do not wish to get blindsided by.

The first thing we have to mention is the hurricanes. Hialeah is a place that is heavily impacted by hurricanes, and they are not a rare sight to see. People who live in the area are used to moving during the hurricane season. So if you end up living in Hialeah then commercial movers Miami can help you move your things out of the harm’s way.

But, if stress is something you can easily cope with, then disregard the entire message.

Climate change has lead to hurricanes coming more often and becoming ever more dangerous.
Hurricane season is always present danger, and in recent years hurricanes have only gotten worse.

Second is the crime rate that is disgustingly high. To me, and to many, this could be a start of the sentence deal breaker. But high crime is normal for a place that has more than 50 thousand people. However, it is up to you whether you can handle it.

Lastly, we have the cost of living which is pretty self-explanatory. It is something that is common for Florida, so no surprises there.

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