Reasons why millennials move to Hialeah

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Yes, millennials are indeed moving to The City of Progress. But why know and what makes it interesting so far? Hialeah is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States of America. Besides that, it is the sixth largest city in Florida. It is well connected to the rest of Florida since it is a part of Miami-Date County. If you want to move to Hialeah, you should speak Spanish a bit since more than 90% of people reported that Spanish is their mother tongue. So, what else makes millennials thrive to go here? Some of the things are proximity to the most important stuff going on. What about the affordable lifestyle?

Keep reading and find out why you should contact your Hialeah movers already.

Move to Hialeah because of its proximity to other places

Exactly, the number one on our list why you should relocate to Hialeah is its proximity. Just to reach Miami you need around 30 min, which is great. Of course, have in mind that since it’s the sixth largest city it will be crowded. Also, rush hours are hard, we’re not going to lie. But, if you are a type of person that wants to be somewhere move quit comparing to Miami, this is the place to be. Hialeah has a great connection to other parts of Florida as well. You can continue to Miami Beach or chill in Downtown Miami in no time. Metrorail or the Metro operates in Miami-Dade County and as such is the most efficient way of transport. Imagine yourself in the office during the day and sipping cocktails in the afternoon, if you move to Hialeah with Miami Movers for Less, that is.

Which transportation can you use if you move to Hialeah?
You will be in Miami in 30 min

One of the important things, why you should come to Hialeah, is the proximity to Miami airport. If you are constantly on the move and live fast, you’ll be happy to know that Miami airport is only 20 min away from Hialeah. Since it’s close to the airport and to other cities, you can understand why young people move here. They can experience the local, Miami culture in all forms and then continue to other adventures. If you decide to choose Hialeah for your seat, you have to be ready. There are so many things you need to prepare, after all, you have to understand the psychology of moving. A lot of things should be taken care of, before all the moving prices. That’s where we come to the second reason on our list, Hialeah’s affordability.

Move to Hialeah is good for your wallet

One of the core reasons for the relocation is because it’s not expensive. If you compare the prices of renting vs buying an apartment in Miami, you’ll see that the sun shines better in Hialeah. When you move to Hialeah, you’ll have more money to spend on other places. And if you live in the very center of events, first of all, would you like that much noise? Of course, we’re all used to noise but 24/7 partying, think again. Then, the housing prices are gigantic in Miami when comparing to Hialeah. Actually, renting or housing prices have a very significant difference with the ones of Hialeah. Even comparing to Miami Springs or Miami Lakes, the prices are still cheaper in Hialeah. So, be smart, choose well and choose something that will pay off at the end.

Choose wisely about the location in Florida
If you move to Hialeah, you’ll save a lot

It would be best to live somewhere a bit far away but to have a great connection to the melting pots of the fun. So, that’s why most young people move here, to have some quality time and not spend too much money.  Of course, one shouldn’t forget the weather conditions in the area. It’s always sunny, the temperatures are great. The only thing missing is Cuban coffee and some Latin music. The prices are more reasonable in Hialeah than in Miami. Even Telemundo choose Hialeah for their headquarters. It is not that touristic place, so you can enjoy the economic aspect of the city as well. People know and treat each other as family. You will hear a lot of laughter and joy on the streets. And since the city is booming, you should think about what kind of storage should you use.

Why else you need to move to Hialeah?

The spirit of Hialeah is similar to the spirit of Miami or Miami Beach due to its multicultural background. Most of the people here are of Latin origin and try to have as much fun as possible. People tend to relax and have a more laid-back attitude toward everything. They understand the importance of the moment and they do not stress. What’s the rush? It won’t take long since that tool starts working on you as well. Full adaptation to the area comes with the food. You will enjoy Latin cuisine and maybe even plan your costume for their fiestas. On the city’s official website you may find more information about the local events and cultural activities. Embrace what you find and learn some new things about yourself and others.

Explore the unknown
Start your journey

So, that’s about it. You should move to Hialeah because it’s cheap, close to everything and you get the same relaxed vibe. Choose Hialeah and be among other millennials who discovered its wonders. Consult moving companies that can help you in that quest. Start by understanding what a binding estimate is. Create your relocation plan and stick to it. Have fun along the way and do not stress since it will not bring you any good. Take pictures and happy moving!

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