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Top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach

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So, you decided to move to Miami? The only question is which neighborhood will suit you best. To make this choice is hard since Miami is full of splendors and you want the best for your family. Therefore, you should do a bit of research and make a well-balanced choice. We will help you with obtaining knowledge in this area. We bring you few among top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach.

Welcome to Miami

Miami is a place for everyone. Whether you are starting a family or working on retiring, Miami will welcome you with arms wide open. Today we talk about Sunny Isles Beach and its surroundings. What connects areas we listed below is that they are adjacent to each other. Also, all are located minutes away from the beach and the ocean. We hope we can help with your decision and offer Sunny Isles Beach movers if need be. With the highest level of professionalism and knowledge of the area, they are your best choice.

Sunset in Miami, Florida
Florida sunset

Coconut Grove- one of the top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach

Better known as “The Grove”, one of the lushest areas in Miami. Grove is radiating with jungle vibe and Bahamian culture. Many outdoor events, stretching across the whole year will keep you entertained. Each month there is an event you shouldn’t miss. Shopping and entertainment are rich. Full of restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as open-air malls, theatre, and two sizable parks. The Grove is a heaven on earth during the day, but very much alive by night. Retail business is booming, and few major corporations found their place in Coconut Grove and proudly call it home. Above all, Grove has elementary and high schools, with a couple of highest ranked private schools in Miami. Also, it is located 15-minute drive from the airport and it has a direct link with Miami Metro.

There is a historical side to the Grove as well. Be sure to visit The Barnacle Historic State Park or Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This year will be exactly 100 years since the city was incorporated. This is the best time to check out the neighborhood and join the celebration.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is one of the top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach, for sure. The city has grown from a grapefruit plantation into a “The City Beautiful” as it is known today. One of the first planned communities became a jewel of Miami. Gables is still using vintage trolley system that today runs down Ponce de León Boulevard. You should visit the famous Miracle Mile, an eternal bliss for pedestrians with many shops and restaurants available. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention a world-class school system, Class 1 fire, and a police department. Coral Gables is the safest place to live in the county since crime is at an all-time low. It is located only 4 miles from Miami Airport.

Miami graduates celebration
This place is providing a world-class education system

Safety aspect in this waterfront community is ever-present. That is one of the reasons why so many young families find Coral Gables so attractive. Definitely worth giving a close look and consider moving to Coral Gables. A place to be with your family.


Just outside the western edges of the Everglades, you will find the city of Weston. A suburban community rich with life. A city is surrounded by a dozen different parks and lush areas that will support your sporting lifestyle. Its healthy environment will make daily recreational activities more enjoyable. There are 46 miles of bike line around the city which makes cycling an additional way to transport. This is a place to settle in with your family. Home to one of the best soccer academies and plenty of highest ranked schools. The city has the largest job growth in the county for plenty of career opportunities. Mediterranean-style Town Center is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes with a number of clubs to support your nightlife.

Friends drinking and having fun
Weston has a unique lifestyle, full of good restaurants

Weston is firmly positioned on a 1st place, as a most desirable city for living in Florida. On the top among top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach. This is something you should know before moving to Florida. Weston is a place for new beginnings.

Bay Harbor Islands

We present you a quiet town between Miami and the barrier islands called Bay Harbor islands. Not so quiet anymore since families are moving in yearly. A very affordable city with a booming business and a promise of a bright future. Referred to as the west and east islands. West island containing single families’ homes and East Island Multi-family housing along with schools and businesses. One of the main reason to move here with your children is Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center. A public school that is rated as one of the best schools in Miami-Dade County. Check out Miami-Dade movers if you choose one of the top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach.

The city is very popular for its location which is between the two largest cities, Aventura and Miami Beach. You need around 20 minutes to the airport and everything else is easily accessible. Plenty of stores and cafes, along with a Community Center with an 8,000-square-foot library. Just to add that Bay Harbor’s East Island is on the list “11 Most Endangered Historic Places” In USA. It is a host to the largest collection of Miami modern architecture dating to the 1940s.


Kendall Miami is a thriving suburban community that has a lot to offer. Outstanding schools with around twenty elementary schools, seven private ones, and six colleges. We should give thanks to Miami-Dade police department and Kendal district station for an incredibly low crime rate. A city is surrounded by hotels, dining and shopping establishments. Kendal has affordable golf courses, skate parks, and even an indoor children playground. One of the busiest, Dadeland Mall, is located here and it kept everyone entertained for years. Certainly, a place to live with your loved ones. If you decide to move to one of the top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach we can help with the process. We recommend local Florida movers to handle your relocation. One of the finest local moving companies with countless satisfied customers.

Kenda, as one of the top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach, has a lot of parks and playground for all family members to enjoy
There a lot of family-oriented parks in Kendal

Our hope is that we helped by offering several top places for families near Sunny Isles Beach. Now you have a better insight into what is out there in our ever-popular Miami FL. We wish you and your family a safe and joyful relocation.

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