Safety tips for driving a rental moving truck

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Life is a never-ending adventure that brings constant changes which one should perceive and accept in the best possible way. One of the life events that bring a lot of changes and challenges is a relocation to another place. Whatever the reason for your relocation might be, have on mind that your safety should always be in the first place. As relocation requires a lot of energy, psychical, and physical, concentration should be on the highest level. Especially if you decided to take everything into own hands and move to Miami by yourself. Precautions measures should not be taken for granted. That is why the focus of this article will be on safety tips for loading and driving a rental moving truck.

What is better- hiring a moving company or driving a rental moving truck?

Hiring a professional moving company can be beneficial in many ways. On the other hand, some people prefer to choose the other option and do that without any help. If you are a good driver and know the roads, that would not be a difficulty. The costs of moving will be lower, and you will delegate and organize your moving by your rules. Whenever you want, by satisfying all your needs. But, in case you have to move to a different state and have hours and hours of driving in front of you, it might be tricky. Or if you decide to move in bad weather conditions. You might want to think twice and take into consideration hiring long distance movers Florida. The safety is what they can guarantee, as much as the performance of their tasks in a professional manner.

Plan your relocation like a pro

Planning is an essential part of the moving preparations and the beginning of your moving process. As it includes different tasks, it is good to be well prepared for each of them. A moving checklist can be a great helper and your ultimate guide for having a stress-free relocation. If you decided to drive a moving truck, there will be more things on which you should pay attention. Since packing of your belongings is probably the most tiresome task, make sure to collect all packing supplies. Start with finding different sizes of moving boxes Miami and other necessary material. With properly packed items, loading of the truck will be much easier. Try to downsize your belongings by decluttering of your home. Calculate how many things you will move, so that you can rent the truck with the right sizes.

Notebook on the table
Start with making a good plan

Before you begin your journey, try to reach as much information about the place you are relocating to. Make a plan of your route, discover the spots where you will have breaks, and how long will it take to reach the final destination. Install a GPS system to map out your route, but have the route on the paper map, as well.

How to properly load the rental moving truck

Loading the truck is not such an easy job, but that’s what friends are for. Seek some help from your family and friends in this part of the moving process. While packing things, think about boxes labeling, as you will have a better picture in which order you should place your boxes. First goes large items, such as furniture, washing machine, fridge, etc. Then middle size items, your mattresses, mirrors, and lamps. Pay attention while packing fragile items, you will not like to have damages that might happen during transportation.

Fragile sign
Be careful when loading fragile items

Make sure to take all the precautions measures while packing the truck. To avoid packing and moving injuries, watch not to carry heavy items, use a doll and other moving equipment, and clear the pathways. Have proper clothes, gloves to protect your hands, and comfortable footwear. After loading the truck, what is left is to start the truck engine. But before you do that, let us see how to do it correctly.

Be prepared for driving a rental moving truck

Here are some more tips that can make your driving experience better and more comfortable.

Do a truck inspection

Proper inspection of a rental truck is what should be first on the list. Start with checking the inside and outside of it, from tires to signals and lights. When you are choosing the truck, request proof that the truck passed mechanical maintenance. And that is in the good and operable shape, which means it is safe for driving. If you see any damages on it, note them down, take photos and inform the rental company, to avoid charging for something that is not your fault. Get familiar with the truck, sit in the driver’s seat, check mirrors, climate controls, and all other controls. Gather information such as which type of gas is using, the height clearance and other truck details.

Before renting a truck, check the inside and outside of it

There is no need for hurry

Driving a rental truck is totally different from driving a car. Due to size and weight, it will take more time to get up the speed. Even though you would like to reach the final destination as soon as possible, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, slow down, there is no need for a rush. Pay attention when going around corners and curves, through high-traffic areas, and when parking your truck. Take extra care when backing up. Avoid sudden braking because it might cause damages to your belongings, and it can easily lead to a road accident.

Safe distance and safe turning

Understanding that truck takes longer to stop than a regular vehicle, make a distance between you and other vehicles. You should keep at least double the distance from the cars in front of you than you would keep if you were driving your car. There is also 4 seconds rule, which means you should stay at least four seconds after the vehicle in front of you. Increase the distance and reduce the speed if you are driving in bad weather conditions, as roads might be slippery. Watch out when you are turning, allow space for wider turning, so you don’t turn over the truck.

Pay attention to the road signs

There are specific road signs for the truck drivers, that you probably haven’t noticed while you were driving your car. Well, from now on, keep your eyes wide open. There are three types of truck-specific roadway signs you should be aware of. Those are the ones about overhead clearance, lane restrictions, and weigh station stop. The speed limit is also different for trucks, and as a rule of thumb, keep your speed at about 10mph below the limit.

Pay attention to the speed limits when driving a rental moving truck
Pay attention to the speed limits

Take breaks while you are driving a rental moving truck

As running a truck isn’t easy and requires a clear mind and concentration, take breaks as much as you can. Your stops should be at least 30 minutes long, so you can refresh yourself, and give some time to the engine to breath. It is not recommended to drive more than 10 hours, without taking a longer break, which means a few hours. As safety is in the first place, it is useful to think ahead of where you will have a rest.

We hope our safety tips for driving a rental moving truck will contribute to the organization of your relocation. There is almost nothing that you cannot do if you have a will, but just not try to push yourself to the limits. Hold to the plan and precautions measures, for the good of you and your belongings. If by any chance you necessitate a helping hand, movers Boca Raton will be honored to be there for you. Services that we are providing can make your relocation pleasant and secure. Take care of yourself, we wish you the best of luck and good drives.

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