The benefits of climate controlled storage in Florida

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You decided to move and you have more belongings than you anticipated. Or you are simply decluttering and you are unsure what to do with all the items on your hands. And maybe you just need extra space for your seasonal items. Whatever is the case, a storage unit seems to be the best solution for you. We bring you the article that will show you the benefits of a climate controlled storage unit. Hopefully, after reading, you’ll become a proud storage unit owner for years to come. Let’s dive into it.

Learn the benefits of climate controlled storage

Several key aspects divide a regular and climate controlled storage unit. One is that climate controlled unit is protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures. Excessive heat or cold can influence certain items that you stored. For example, the paper documents and magazines, along with all types of electronics. Next thing is that this type of unit is protecting you from various pets infestations. Rats and bugs find cardboard boxes extremely useful when making a nest. And lastly, climate controlled storage unit is keeping the humidity out of your belonging. Humidity and mold can ruin the whole batch. Everything you have stored is endangered if the level of humidity is not controlled.

One of many benefits of climate controlled storage is protection from high temperatures
Climate controlled units can save your possessions from low or high temperatures

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Maximize your storage unit potential

The size of your storage unit is entirely up to you. It depends on how many items you want to store. But the usefulness of extra space is immeasurable. You can store seasonal items that are useful only for a couple of months per year. Or the antiquities that have no use at the moment, but they are of sentimental value. Or use it as a storage for power tools etc. But regardless of the content, your storage unit needs to be protected. Be sure that your unit has a strong and good quality door. A proper lock and key are in order.

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Everyone can become a storage unit owner

Anyone can rent a storage unit, but to store items properly you need to apply a few methods. Firstly, when you are looking for a unit, try to find a proper one that is near you. This also depends on what you are storing. If you intend to use it often, you’ll need to think of this and maximize the benefits of climate controlled storage. Storing facilities that have access to 24/7 are more expensive. Hence, if you do not need to visit your unit regularly, aim for one that is on the outskirts of the city. Those are much cheaper due to availability and access. Next is the size and how you use the space that you have. You’ll need some packing materials and moving boxes. Addition to that, tarps and blanket covers will come in handy if you are storing furniture.

Some storage units provide 24/7 accessibility

Packing for storing

Packing is the inevitable process of any move, transportation or storing. It is important to pack your boxes the right way, and to stack them good, to maximize the storage space.

  • Use medium sized boxes because most of the everyday items will fit inside, and they stack well on top of each other. Don’t forget to place boxes with heaviest items on the bottom and ones that contain fragile items on the top.
  • To protect your boxes from mold and humidity, use any type of moisture absorbent. One of the benefits of climate controlled storage is that you won’t have to think about moisture.
  • Do not place your boxes on the floor without a tarp or a pellet bed. Your boxes need a firm and dry foundation.
  • Shelves and hangers will add additional space for your unit. Keeping everything organized and accessible is always good.
  • If you are storing a lot of furniture, do not forget to disassemble the ones you can. Furthermore, cover everything with a protective tarp or a sheet to avoid layers of dust.

You are in the middle of a move and you are unsure how to pack? Consider hiring professionals to do it for you. Most of the moving companies provide packing services for affordable prices. Just do not forget to set aside boxes that are packed for storing.

Get free of all the clutter

There are always those items that were long forgotten in the garage or the attic. What to do with those? They have no place in your new storage unit since you do not need them anymore. If you decided to declutter your home for good, there are few solutions. Rather than to throw it all away, try donating to a local shelter or a charity organization. Next would be to sell your stuff online or to organize a yard sale. Lastly, ask around and check with your friends and neighbors if they can find some use of it.

Home decoration and furniture
Declutter your home before you pack belongings for storage units

Year-round access is one of the greatest benefits of climate controlled storage unit

Most of the unit owners are using their spaces for seasonal items and visit a couple of times per year. But for those who are visiting on a regular basis, it is important to keep it accessible and clean. We already mentioned the importance of box stacking. Also, you should be able to walk through your unit without any obstacles. Cleaning after each visit will keep items in good shape and you won’t jeopardize your health by inhaling the dust. Furthermore, you should place a few pests repellants just to be on a safe side. If you are lucky, your facility will have a maintenance crew that will take care of this regularly.

Now you know most of the benefits of climate controlled storage unit. But in the end, it will all come to your personal need and what you going to use your unit for. We hope that this article helped in your search for a suitable storage unit. We wish you to find one soon.


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