Where to find the best beach drinks in Miami?

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Have you recently moved to Miami? After all the fuss and exhaustion that moving makes you go through, it must be nice to finally relax and start settling. And Miami is a kind of city you can really enjoy. Warm weather year-round, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife – what’s not to like, right? And of course, moving to a coastal city must have you wondering about where to go if you want to find the best beach drinks in Miami. You don’t need to look for long. Nice beach bars are all around Miami. You just need to decide which one suits your taste the most. So let’s have a look at the list of places to find good beach drinks here in the Magic City.

Best beach drinks in Miami are just one of the reasons you'll love living here
There are so many reasons you will absolutely love living in Miami

What are the reasons to love living in Miami?

After all the moving commotion and difficulties, along with the much-needed help of moving companies in Florida, you have finally managed to complete moving to Miami. And there’s not a speck of doubt that this is a city you are going to enjoy living. Why do people move to Miami? It simple, actually. The weather is wonderful. The Carribean area is close. People are beautiful. There’s so much diversity. And so many wonderful places to enjoy once you decide you are ready to explore the nightlife of Miami. The city is known for its vast choice of restaurants and bars. So all you need to do is find out which places you would like to visit first. And to be honest, this choice is not an easy one.

Before you head to a beach bar, don’t forget to visit well-known Miami restaurants

You’ve probably been imagining yourself in a beach bar sipping cocktails and enjoying Miami lifestyle for ages. But there’s no need to rush things now that you are finally here. Before you head to the first beach bar and have a drink, try visiting some of Miami’s famous restaurants. Don’t worry, the best beach drinks in Miami will be waiting for you. And whether you enjoy fine dining, fast-food meals or national cuisines, there are restaurants to visit here. Here are a few suggestions:

  • CVI.CHE 105, a well-known Peruvian restaurant
  • La Ventana, where you can have a taste of Colombia
  • La Sandwicherie, when you need a quick snack
  • Santorini by Georgios offers wonderful seafood
  • Pane & Vino, if you are into Italian food
Miami restaurants will amaze you
Don’t forget to visit some of the well-known Miami restaurants before you go for a drink in a beach bar

Now off to find the best beach drinks in Miami

After visiting some of Miami’s finest restaurants, you must be ready to go out and find the best beach drinks in Miami. Be careful, though. There are so many beach bars to choose from, you may want to take your time before you find the perfect one. Don’t try and visit all of them on the same day! You have all the time you need now that you live in Miami. You no longer need the services of moving companies Boca Raton, but you can visit this part of the Miami area whenever you feel like it. Boca is a wonderful place to visit year-round. So where should you head to for a beach drink now that you live in the Magic City?

Enjoy the best beach drinks in Miami
There’s no place where you can enjoy beach drinks quite like you can in Miami

Nikki Beach Miami

Nikki Beach Miami is a vast oceanfront complex that has several parts. It consists of the signature beach club, an excellent restaurant and cabana bar, a second-floor nightclub and a lifestyle boutique. You must admit this sounds quite impressive! It is at Southpointe on Miami Beach and is definitely an anchor landmark for tourists, celebrities, as well as native Miami Beach residents. And of course, it will be a landmark for newcomers such as yourself. Since its beginnings in the late twentieth century, Nikki Beach Miami has become a quintessential Miami Beach bar.

The Broken Shaker

Located inside the Freehand Hotel on Miami Beach, this wonderful bar is famous for its handcrafted cocktails. They are composed of elixirs, syrups, and infusions and made from ingredients hand-picked from their in-house garden. Sounds like the beach bar you want to experience, doesn’t it? The Broken Shaker has a reputation as one of Miami’s best bars. It has even won awards for offering such a magnificent experience to its visitors.

The Rum Line

Located in the heart of South Beach, this outdoor terrace bar and lounge is incredibly inviting. You can witness that for yourself. It offers over one hundred different varieties of rum, believe it or not! So regardless of whether you feel like a pirate or just a fan of this drink, you’ll find one of the best beach drinks in Miami here in the Rum Line.

Monty’s Sunset

Monty’s Sunset Bar is the kind of bar to go for affordable drinks and a festive atmosphere. It is a nice choice for a lunch date as well as for a special occasion. It is located poolside and waterfront on the docks of the Miami Beach Marina. One of South Beach’s best spots for casual beach drinks, you will not regret visiting it.

So to sum up – if you like to enjoy a cocktail during sunset, then Miami is the place to go. And in order to really savor the best beach drinks in Miami, you should be living here, that’s for sure. So if you are wondering whether you should move to Miami, your answer is probably – well, why not? Contact your most trusted moving company, get a quote and decide whether the Magic City is where you should relocate. And for those of you who are already here in Miami, enjoy it as much as you can.

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