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Top places for newlyweds in Florida

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There is nothing more magical than being a newlywed. It feels like everything you experience has some sort of magic upon it. You will see and feel love all around you. It is a perfect chance to start looking for a new home too. You and your partner will be in the chance to combine all of your wishes and need and choose the place that suits both of you – a place you will be happy to call home. That is why choosing some of the top places for newlyweds in Florida will not be so hard of a job. You will have someone you love by your side and the choice you will have to make will be easier. That is why you should explore all of these charming places and choose the best moving companies in Miami to relocate you to your new nest.

Top places for newlyweds in Florida

Combining all the statistics and studies that have been done through the past few years, newlyweds have chosen these top destinations in Florida:

  1. Miami,
  2. Key West,
  3. Weston,
  4. Pompano Beach,
  5. Hollywood,
  6. Sunny Isles Beach,
  7. Destin
  8. Captiva Island
  9. Clearwater
  10. Santa Rosa Beach

Choosing any of these destinations, you will find something that will be good for both of you. In case you find your magical place and you find it affordable, you can always count on some of the most reliable moving services Miami has.

island ready to be visited
Explore every option before you decide.


This lovely place is definitely worth paying attention to. It is a perfect spot for all types of people. You will be able to see hipsters hanging out in some of the most famous spots in Mimi. And across the street, you will witness some of the high fashion shows brought to you by its residents. It is a fabulous place for newlyweds. One of the main factors that Miami is on the top of our list is that the weather cannot be better. It is the perfect weather almost every day throughout the year. So guess what? Even if you have a winter wedding, moving to Florida, to Miami will be the choice even during the winter.

So pack your bags, go to one of the most famous places, South Beach and enjoy some of the nicest activities for couples at the end of Miami Beach. You will find that this place can be so romantic, have great nightlife, and most importantly, have reasonable housing prices that you and your partner will be able to afford. If you are wondering how much the relocation here can cost, you can always contact some of the best residential movers Miami has and get all the information you need.

Key West is the charming place you should really focus on

Moving here will make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale. It smells like the Caribbean. This is maybe the best start for the newlyweds. You will have a constant feeling of the honeymoon, but you will be facing some real-time and real-life problems. Sch as costs of living, housing, etc. They are on the average level so you will not have to worry about it too much. You will find a place where you can have some quiet and a nice cup of coffee. And you will still be able to make it to some of the best nightclubs.

The warm temperatures will make you feel like the summer is endless and that your vacation mood is always on. The only problem you might have is during the hurricane season. But as long as you find a home with some of the best-developed security systems you will be all right. Live music and delicious food are just some of the things that will make you less worried about the possibility of natural disasters.

beach in one of the top places for newlyweds in Florida
Choose a place where you will have a feeling of a constant vacation.

One of the top places for newlyweds in Florida is definitely Weston

Weston is bringing you a chance to live in a place where you will be sure that this is a place where you want to raise your kids. Most of the newlyweds are looking for a place where they will settle down and start a family. Weston might be the perfect place for it. Being one of the safest places here, Weston is giving you a chance to raise your kids in polite and nice neighborhoods. The sense of the community is on a high level here. So you will not have to worry about the rise of the crime level or any other obstacles that might be in your way to raising a child in the best way possible. You should know that whoever has moved here with Weston movers are still calling this place their home and have no intention of changing that.

Pompano Beach

There is no better way to start your life as a newlywed than doing it in rich and famous Pompano Beach. Of course, you might not be able to compete with some of the billionaires having their vacation homes here, but you will definitely be able to explore the housing and maybe invest in real estate. One piece of advice: be careful when you bring your partner here. You will find so much jewelry that you will not be able to invest in real waste after fulfilling every wish of your partner. You will need to make some compromises. Of course, if you and your partner are on the same level it will not be a problem. If you both want to invest and buy a home here, you should know that checking the market all the time will give you a chance to find the perfect opportunity. And once you do, some of the most reliable moving companies Pompano Beach FL are waiting to offer you their services and help you with the relocation.

couple on the beach
Enjoy every minute you have together


Are you ready for glam, fashion, celebrities, and cocktail parties? Hollywood is waiting. But hold on, Hollywood is way more. People do not hire moving companies Hollywood FL is offering just because of that. Newlyweds choose this place because it has the easiest commute to any other part of Florida. You will be able to have a job in any other part of Florida and still live in a fabulous part of it. It is very important if you are looking for a place to be close to any other major city. Not to mention all the activities and attractions you can visit. They will give you a feeling like a honeymoon is never over. Which is pretty great. We all crave fr more days as we had on our honeymoon. Here you can have them.

Sunny Isles Beach

Ready for the house on the beach that will make you feel like you are on the vacation all the time? If you are, call some of the most reputable moving companies Sunny Isles Beach has and set your moving date. Because Sunny Isles Beach is the right place for you. With some of the best real estate markets currently in Florida, you will have an opportunity to find the home of your dreams. Make sure you and your partner are of the same age when it comes to the lifestyle you want to live. It will be easy to fit in here. The diversity level is high. You will all fit in nicely and easily. Which can be important for people moving to a completely different part of the state.

Hollywood sign
Think about the job opportunities and the educational systems when you choose a new place for living.

Destin – one of the top places in Florida for newlyweds

If you are looking for a place that has a heart, Destin is the one for you. Located not far from Miami Dade, this place has miles of sandy beach lapped by green waters. It is voted to be the number one destination for people who have just married. And number one place people choose and move here with moving companies Miami Dade has. It is also a place people like to call a hobby place. But it does not end here. It is also called the world’s luckiest fishing place. So if you like to fish, this place will be the best choice for you. But fishing is not the only thing you can do here. The nicest weather is giving you a chance to enjoy outdoor activities from March until late October. You will be able to relax anywhere on the beach here. And most importantly, have a place to clear your head whenever life hits you. And when you are too sick of the water, if that is possible, enjoying some of the nicest pubs and restaurants will make your day.

Captiva Island – why is this one of the top places for newlyweds in Florida?

First, it was a place where people like to go on their honeymoon. But years later, they all have figured out that living here will be pretty cool too. The weather is almost perfect all year long. But in case you cannot stand too much sun, you should avoid being here in July and August. Among the great activist, you should know that everything is pretty affordable. You will find that the median household income is on the average level. Plus, Captiva Island has surprisingly great schools. Considering the fact that this was a vacation destination at first, you will find so many job opportunities you have not expected.

couple on the beach in one of the  top places for newlyweds in Florida
Always have time for each other.


In the west of Tampa, this place is beautiful. It has white sand beaches that lovers will like to spend all day here. The water is very shallow and it is clear and bright. You will be able to rent a sailboat, try boogie boarding, or do any other fun activities. Especially if you are looking to fulfill your time off work. You will find so many romantic sunsets and places to watch them. It is really a treat for newlyweds. But, if you ever want to get out of the vacation and honeymoon mode, you can always search for some job opportunities near major cities. The commute there will be easy and you will be able to get there faster than you think. One of the great things about this place is that the local and family business is blooming here. So in case you and your partner have some dream of making a family business, Clearwater might be a perfect choice.

The last one on our list of the top places for newlyweds in Florida is a place called Santa Rosa Beach

With the list of great places where you will be able to experience the true newlywed life, you will be in a constant battle of where to go next. And how to visit the rest of these places after you get back to work and let us say normal routines of your life.

  • great sunsets,
  • white sand beaches,
  • luxurious places to stay, eat, shops, etc.
  • 27 miles of trails,
  • swampland,
  • pine forest,
  • coastal scrub, etc.

We can list more of them. But one of the most famous things people like doing here is a horseback ride through a 15,000-acre natural wonderland. The weather is just here to confirm that this is truly the best destination in Florida for newlyweds. You need to be aware of the hurricane season. In case you end up living here, do not forget the security. Search for houses that have developed security systems and that you do not have to worry about when this season starts.

newlyweds walking in the grass in one of the top places for newlyweds in Florida
No matter which of the top places for newlyweds in Florida you move to, you will have the support of each other.

As you have seen, there is one similar con of living and moving to any of these top places for newlyweds in Florida. And that is the season of hurricanes. But if you do not count them in, you will be in a tough position. Choosing one of these places must be done carefully and after long talks and thinking. But as long as you and your partner are on the same page and you agree on some of the most crucial questions when living together, it will not be hard. It will be quite the opposite. It does not matter where you live, as long as you have each other.

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