In these critical times, Miami Movers For Less wanted to take this opportunity to assure you, our loyal customers, that your safety and that of our staff come first andforemost. Defined as one of the “essential businesses in Miami” by the governor of Florida, our company is committed to helping the people of Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our moving business is taking all necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of our customers and moving crews while providing any of our moving and storage services. We are taking extensive sanitation and cleanliness measures to prevent any further spread of the virus. Our team will be using the following practices to ensure the same level of first-class, five star moving processes that you are used to receiving from us:

  • We will be providing all moving estimates online, virtually, via phone or email from this point on.
  • The wellbeing of all parties involved comes first. Any members of our staff displaying even the slightest symptoms of flu will be sent home until further notice. Any customers that feel ill should immediately notify us so that we might re-schedule, postpone, or cancel the move so as to prevent any unwanted risks.
  • All members of our moving crews are equipped with gloves, disinfectant sprays/wipes and hand sanitizer – to mitigate your protection and theirs.
  • We take the appeal of social distancing measures seriously, hence limiting any unneeded contact with customers while this pandemic is in effect. We offer our sincerest apologies for not being able to demonstrate the professionalism and respect toward customers with our usual introductory handshake.
  • Upon arrival of our moving crew, we kindly ask that you give them the space required for them to protect the home with all safeguards like floor runners, and door jams (Extra Charge). They need the appropriate space to safelyand efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • Try to open doorways and windows when available and appropriate, to increase air circulation and ventilation.
  • All the cabs and boxes of in our trucks are sanitized, as well as all blankets, pads, tools and equipment after each and every move. We do this to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
  • We invite you to also sanitize and wipe down any and all exposed surfaces and furniture prior to our arrival. We would appreciate that you do anything that you can do to help keep our working conditions safe and sanitary for our men. All your efforts in this manner will be greatly appreciated.
  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, email and text.

We would once again like to take this chance to thank you for choosing Miami Movers For Less. It is our sincere pleasure to serve you. Our promise to you, and no matter what circumstances, is to continue to deliver the 5-star relocation services that our customers depend on.

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Thank you, be well and stay healthy!

Finding family home in Fort Lauderdale

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If you decided on moving to Miami, especially Fort Lauderdale, then you are in the right place. Today we bring you a simple guide on how to find family home in Fort Lauderdale. It won’t be easy that is for sure. You have a stressful and tiresome period ahead, and on top of it, the packing and moving process. Therefore, we will point out where to look, what to look for, and what to consider while browsing the housing market. Let us do this together and make it all much easier.

We welcome you to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a well-known destination just 30 miles north of Miami. It is popular for tourists, as well as young families looking for new opportunities. Like most of the Miami area, it is covered in sandy beaches and sunny days throughout the year. This place offers a lot of educational and career opportunities. With no shortage of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and more than 300 green campsites. Also, it is famous for the number of golf courts, and a very rich nightlife. Once you visit you’ll immediately start to think is it possible to make a living here. And we assure you that it is.

Find yourself a family home in Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale. Pack your bags, you are moving to this beautiful place!

If you decided to move to Miami then you made the right choice. Start making your plans today by contacting one of the local moving companies. Start by taking a look at Miami Movers for Less, as the best local choice. Make a plan and hit the road. Fort Lauderdale awaits!

Let’s find a family home in Fort Lauderdale

Broward county was always in a good place in the housing market. Also, the Miami area is filled with high esteemed education institutes and a thriving economy. This all makes the opportunities higher, but the competition as well. Once you decided on the exact neighborhood you would like to move to, contact your realtor. The professional real estate agent is something you might need when there are so many great choices. They can introduce you to demographics, economy, education, crime rates, etc. It is good to know as much as possible about the area before you move.

Real estate agent with a lush background
Find yourself a trusted real estate agent to help you achieve the best outcome.

Or you can research the area yourself, you never know what you’ll find. And later compare notes with your friends, family, and coworkers. We can add that Broward county has a booming economy, stability, and a bunch of great opportunities. Here you can find affordable apartments, family homes, and vacation homes. Not to mention the beach houses. It is a good place for a new step in your educational growth, career growth, or a place to retire. Whatever you desire. But be sure to research as much as you can and double-check all the information before you buy your new family home in Fort Lauderdale.

What are you looking for?

Maybe you already know what Florida has to offer to your family, if not, you’ll be astonished. Of course, it depends on what you desire. Maybe you want your children’s school to be near your home, or you want to be in the vicinity of the wonderful Oceans Resort? Whatever is the case, you need to list the information you have along with the needs and desires of your family. Then by checking all the pros and cons, you’ll narrow down your search and find a match. We can assure you that the home of your dreams is out there waiting for you. Fort Lauderdale is the place, just get your priorities straight first, and then start packing.

What can you expect?

Usually, the expectations are high. Especially because this is one of the best places in FL for young couples, and they have a lot to hope for. With a whole world ahead of you, you desire only the best for you and your loved ones. And to find a family home in Fort Lauderdale is a wise choice. This place covered all the parameters one should aim for while looking for a new home. The cost of living is at the medium as well as monthly income. By having a well-balanced economy, this place achieved to offer a more affordable housing market, compared to the rest of the states. Not the mention the environmental differences, diversity, and all-time low crime rates. These are the topics you should cover before you move, to be sure that your expectations are realistic.

The best way is to ask someone who is already living in this area for some time. Ask them how is life near the Everglades? Does it meet the criteria and what is the overall quality of life? Word of mouth is a powerful way to obtain the information, be sure to utilize it.

Is there any fun for your family?

The answer is yes! The very streets of this city are covered in street art and a variety of street performers. Once you reach the Las Olas Boulevard in downtown, you’ll know what we were talking about. Not to mention the architectural proves and magnificent blend of concrete and nature. We already mentioned that this place is covered in green lush areas. Wherever you look, you’ll have a notion that wildlife is just a few steps away. And it is, a famous Florida Everglades are stretching through the area, where you can see all the species living in this part of the world. But if this kind of adventure is not for you, then pay a visit to the Flamingo Gardens. There you’ll find a safer way to gaze upon the magnificent Everglades wildlife. Your children will love it!

Everglades sunset
A forever famous Everglades. This can be your neighborhood.

But there are more things to appreciate then shopping malls and restaurants. Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer to art lovers as well. You should check out the Stranahan House and the Museum of Art, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, and Museum of Discovery and Science. For music lovers, we would suggest looking at the Tortuga Music Festival, Rockfest ‘80s, and Florida Grand Opera. All in all, you will for sure find a way to spend quality family time here in Fort Lauderdale.

You found your new family home in Fort Lauderdale, now let’s look for a trusted moving company

With each moving endeavor, there is a potential moving company involved. You will pack and mentally prepare for your relocation. But who will move you? You for sure want this relocation to be smooth and much easier than it should be if you are doing it on your own. And it can be, with all the moving services moving companies provide. If your moving budget will allow it, you should consider this great option. Therefore, begin your research on time.

Find yourself a trustworthy moving crew by checking the top choices online. After an hour of searching and comparing rates and reviews, you will find a match. We would recommend looking for the best local movers in Fort Lauderdale. There is no doubt that your moving project will be executed most efficiently if placed in the hands of locals. Who knows the area better than a moving company from the neighborhood? Give them a call today and become yet another satisfied customer. Let them move you safely to your new family home in Fort Lauderdale.

A beginning of your magical journey

Now when you know enough, we are sure that you’ll be able to take it from here. What is left is to book your movers, pack your things, and prepare your kids for the move. Your family will easily fall in love with this magical place. We wish you a great beginning and many happy years spent in your family home in Fort Lauderdale. Good luck, and safe journey!


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