Tips for maintaining your rental apartment in Miami

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Owning a rental apartment is great since it is a source of the serious income on a monthly or yearly bases. Especially in places like Miami, you can earn enough money to be carefree for long periods of time. Still, it comes with some maintaining your rental apartment in Miami you need to take care. You could keep one set of tenants for a long period of time without having to find new ones. This can save you valuable time and money since every day your rental apartment is empty, you are losing the money. So make sure you keep your tenants happy by taking care of your responsibilities.

Inform on your responsibilities on time

You are a landlord and there are legal responsibilities you need to take care of. But first, you need to inform of them. You will have to take care of:

  • Regular maintenance is the main part of maintaining your rental apartment in Miami
  • Various types of inspection.

This means you will have to take care of extermination, checking for water leakage, gas leakage, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, replacing air filters and so on. Other than this, you will deal with move-in inspection, routine inspection,  drive-by inspection and move out inspection.

Maintaining your rental apartment in Miami- tools on the table
Maintenance is a must when it comes to renting                                 an apartment

Should you do it yourself? Should you hire a professional?

Even if you are certain that you are able to do any of these jobs, you should definitely hire a licensed professional. If there is something wrong with the reparation or any type of maintenance, you will be able to complain. There might be compensation for the job or it will be done again for free. But if you do it, there might be legal consequences. So make sure you let the professionals handle it. If somebody decides to move to Miami and live in your apartment, they should be safe.

maintaining your rental apartment in Miami- a plumber
Leave maintaining jobs to the professionals


There are several types of inspections that you need to get. When tenants are moving in and out and while they are living at your house, you need to make sure that inspectors come by and see if everything is fine. Educate yourself on this matter since it is very important for the safety of the tenants. If your tenants are just moving in, recommend them the movers Boca Raton for a stress-free move.

Regular maintenance is the most important part of maintaining your rental apartment in Miami

You must be aware of all the things you need to take care of when renting an apartment. There are some responsibilities you will have to take care of on a regular base and some that need to be done only if there is something happening with the house. You should do both as soon as it is needed so the tenants don’t get upset with you being late. Other than maintaining the rental apartment, you can decorate it as well.


You should do it every or every second month, even if there is no need for it. If you wait for pests to show up, you might lose the tenants if they are scared of them. This means you will lose at least one month rent because you wanted to save $25-$50. This is clearly a bad decision so make sure you do it on time. If the pests get into your home, you will have a really hard time getting rid of them. If you have some stuff that you are planning to move back to the apartment, and are keeping them in a storage unit, exterminate there too.

Replacing the air filters is important for maintaining your rental apartment in Miami

If your building has an air system, you must replace air filters according to the instructions on the package. Used air filters can make the air polluted and tenants might get ill. This is why you must change them on a regular basis.

Three air conditioners on the wall
Air conditioners must be cleared and                                                 maintained

Carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, and fire extinguisher

You need to check them on a regular basis since undetected smoke or carbon monoxide can be deadly for a human. Tenants might sue you if this part of maintaining your rental apartment in Miami is not done as it should be. The fire extinguisher must also be checked on a regular basis and must have the paperwork that proves that it is functional.

What should you check only if it is necessary?

There are some things you won’t need to do every month, but only when something happens. Water leakage can make a lot of damage but you should check it after the heavy rains, not when it’s sunny. There are many other examples as well. Sometimes, even with your best efforts, tenants just won’t be satisfied, but there are ways to cope with difficult tenants.

Water leaks or damage are what makes it hard to keep maintaining your rental apartment in Miami

Water damage can be a serious problem in the apartment. You should check it regularly, after rainstorms or when the snow starts to melt. Check for traces of leakage on pipes, under sinks, on the walls and floors and similar. Water leakage can damage walls and floors. Also, dangerous molds can develop in vents and walls. It is hard to fix it later on so try to prevent it. Maintaining your rental apartment in Miami won’t be as hard if you take it seriously.

Shower caulking and grout between the tiles

You should look for the cracks or damage in shower caulking and grout between the tiles. If it is missing or is damaged, it’s not waterproof anymore. This means water can enter walls or the floor and create damage to your apartment. Dangerous molds are almost guaranteed in this situation.

Take care of knobs, handles, locks, doors, windows and other

You need to make sure that everything is working well. This way you will keep the tenants happy and avoid getting them injured. Always hire a licensed professional to do this kind of job, even if you are certain you can do it.

Water heater

It’s not necessary to flush the water heater every month or even year. It depends on the water quality in the city how many times it should be done. But if tenants notice anything different with the water heater they should report it and you should flush it.

Taking care of the garden

Don’t allow the grass to grow too much or the trees to get too big. Keeping the garden looking nice and neat will increase the property value.

A butterfly on the flower
Keeping a nice looking garden will increase the                                value of the home

Maintaining your rental apartment in Miami can be difficult job, but it is worth it. Always do checkups on time and always hire a professional to do the job. It is safer and you won’t have to worry if anything goes wrong.



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